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Truth About Energy and Matter - ABCs of the New Physics

Truth About Energy and Matter - ABCs of the New Physics

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Published by Richard Lloyd Jones
Another excerpt to stimulate discussion and reflection from Claudia Pacheco's ABCs of the New Physics.
Another excerpt to stimulate discussion and reflection from Claudia Pacheco's ABCs of the New Physics.

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Published by: Richard Lloyd Jones on Feb 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2The Truth about Energy and Matter
Excerpt from,
The New Physics 
, by Norberto R. KeppeI have written twenty-two books about human and socialpathology. In this one I analyze the experimental sciences and thephenomenon of inversion as it applies to the study of Physics andbiology (especially genetics) so that there can be a better understanding of psychopathology, and as a consequence,sociopathology here in the twenty-first century. In my research onthe relationship between Physics, biology and psychology, I havenoticed that I was right on target with my previous hypothesesabout pathology—which is that the fundamental problem is man’sopposition to the energetic vibration at the center of life, an attitudewhich impedes/destroys the functioning of the DNA within thecells, causing the RNA to fabricate an artificial psychogenome, andresulting in disease, corruption and death. Geneticists have a namefor this process whereby RNA-based viruses (retroviruses) replicatethemselves to form a kind of anti-genome: reverse transcriptase. Anidentical phenomenon occurs in substantial vibration, whereauthentic
are replaced by artificial ones, generating aninverted psyche with inverted emotions and ideas.
I’d like to suggest that we pause for a moment and ask Alexander Frascarito provide his thoughts about the previous paragraph.
We have to remember that all of our science is based on Aristotle’smetaphysics. We
that what we are studying is pure science, but it’s not. For example, the Physics that is studied today is based completely on Aristotle’s ideas.Scientists are not conducting scientific experiments that stand on their own becausescience has been oriented totally by Aristotle’s philosophy and metaphysics. For example, when we study Physics, we hear a lot about potential—more specifically,potential energy. The word potential has even become a part of our everydaylanguage, as in, “This person has the potential to do something”—the thought beingthat this person has some reserve inside him that he can put into action. It’s the samething in Physics when they speak about potential energy. To physicists, this is like areserve of energy that we can develop. Matter is seen as potential and physicists thinkthat energy comes from this matter, and then they go on to suggest that it’s this
Psychotype: According to Keppe’s theory of Transconscience, psychotypes correspond to universal ideas captured bythe human consciousness, which are expressed in terms of individual, social, cultural and religious behavior.
potential energy that gives movement to the bodies. This is what Keppe refers to as aninversion because real metaphysics shows that it’s not the potential that providesaction or provokes movement, but that potential is like an opposition to movement.It’s not matter that creates energy as we think, but the opposite; it is energy thatforms matter.In Physics, the focus is on how to extract energy from matter—for example, if youput fuel in your car then the car moves. Or the discussion is about how to breakparticles apart so the energy can be released. The approach is the same in biology.Biologists think that the genes are the basic structure of the human being, and that if we can control them then we can control all the aspects of the human being. Some of the ramifications of these inverted ways of thinking are that scientists think thatmatter is the basis of everything. Geneticists say that everything is 100% genetic, andthat the environment affects us 100%. The truth is that the environment is an
environment, not only a social one. This means that our thinking and our feelings affect the development of our genes. We are born into a society that believesthat matter is the basis of everything and is also the source of energy. We need to seethat the opposite is true: it’s the
that affects the matter.
Exactly right, Alex. Normally we think, “What shall I eat? What shall Ido with my body in order to have a healthier life and even a healthier body?” Butwhat you are suggesting is that our genes, our genomal or genetic structure, is actuallyformed, created and transformed many times and the mutations occur from thisenergetic source. The creation, control and behavior of the genes is led or oriented byenergetic factors, not the physical or material factors that people usually give creditto.Keppe explains in the beginning paragraphs of this reading that his hypothesisabout human pathology has been confirmed by the genetic studies that show thatRNA can cause either positive or negative mutations in our DNA. Things actuallywork the other way around from what scientists have thought for so many years: theway we think, the way we feel (and this is all mostly energetic) is influencing our DNA, our material aspect. We can even say that DNA is not solely matter but isactually formed from this essential energy. The DNA helixes are fed by this energeticaspect of the being, and this is a metaphysical phenomenon.
When I was studying at school, I learned that the center of the atom is theproton. This theory is inverted because the proton is matter. In fact the proton, theneutron and the electrons are all orbital, meaning that they go around the nucleus,which is an energetic center. There is a prior energetic nucleus that gives orientationto these material components. Because of their inversion, physicists have totallyfocused on the material part of the atomic structure and missed the essential energeticpart.The same thing happens in our galaxy. The planets don’t go around the sun butaround an energetic center and an energetic nucleus. The sun is not matter but
energy. To use a wave as an example, is it the wave that creates the energy or is it theenergy that forms the wave? When the tsunami occurred in Indonesia, it was not thewave that generated this energy; the wave was created from prior energy. And whereis this energy coming from? Possibly from an increase in the sun’s activity or maybeanother planet that is moving closer to Earth, but something generated this energythat provoked the earthquake which then provoked the wave.
For those who did not study Physics, let’s try to see how this impacts our everyday lives. It’s not our genes that determine the way we think and feel; it’s our spirits, our minds and our feelings that determine the way our genes will behave. Our spirits or our metaphysical realms can improve or destroy our genes. This is theinvisible aspect which has dominance over the material. Our minds, thoughts,feelings, intentions—all of these things are determining how our genes will behave.Disease is a problem in our chromosomes, in our genetic or genomic functioning,in the functioning of our DNA and of our cells. Any disease! According to the currentview, all diseases are a genetic problem. But if it were not possible to interfere withour genetic makeup by using the energy of our minds, we would not be able to healourselves without medicine. However, we see many times through theconscientization process in psychoanalysis that people often heal many kinds of diseases. Consciousness brings or generates a powerful energy that feeds our body andcorrects the genes. We have the ability to correct many diseases, sometimes evenrestore tissues, just through the energy of our minds—not the energy of our brainsbut the energy of our souls or our beings. Metaphysical energy transcends thephysical act and we use this metaphysical part of ourselves to feed or destroy. This ishow we can heal an ulcer with no drugs or surgery because the energy of the spiritacts through the RNA and even directly in the center of the cell. We can harmonizewith the essential energy and bring the right vibration for that cell or organ to heal.
The wave I referred to previously rises from this energy that has formed thestructure of matter. Our bodies and organs are sustained and supported by energy andthe energy that our bodies receive is controlled by our minds. Our minds regulate theamount of energy that we either accept from the outside or not. Everything is relatedto our action and our consciousness.
Let’s continue with our reading.This book is an attempt to unify Physics with biology andpsychology under the inspiration of metaphysics, in order to arriveat a true understanding of man. To understand ourselves, we haveto not only understand these scientific disciplines, but we mustformulate correct ideas within them. We are also obliged tounderstand the ideas in other fields; for example, psychology isbased on biology and Physics and inspired by metaphysics.

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