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The Affair

The Affair

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Published by Elisa
Riley has always been selfish. Looking for her own personal gain in any situation. Now she has to make the ultimate decision when it comes to others she cares about.
Riley has always been selfish. Looking for her own personal gain in any situation. Now she has to make the ultimate decision when it comes to others she cares about.

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Published by: Elisa on Feb 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“So what do we do now?” I asked into the awkward silence that was my new bedroom.After we had made love, we had just laid there quietly. I was too ashamed to start theconversation, but I knew we had to eventually. It was to awkward not to.“Not sure love. I mean, what could we do?” he was just as clueless as I was whichdidn’t really help us. His hair was a mess, and I could tell he was happy to have just beenwith me intimately.A light layer of sweat could be seen glistening off both of us. And the room smeltof a sweet scent only known to those who had just made love. My lips felt swollen, and Iknew they probably were, and the sheets were soiled beneath us.We had just committed the ultimate taboo, resulting in me cheating on my loyalmarriage worthy boyfriend. I was worse than scum.“Will I be staying here?” I say as I close my eyes and try not to picture what had just been done. It was flashing in front of my eyes, the scenes from the latest screw up of my life like some cinematic story.“Until your affairs are in order,” I cringed at the word he used, and he knew I wasdepressed by it, “then yes. You can still have the house in California. Tom doesn’t need toknow you’ll be here. We can keep it between us and our friends.” He decided as he placed a light kiss on my lips.He then rose from the bed, grabbing a pair of boxers with him, and walked off tothe kitchen. He left me here so I could reflect about what was done, to realize what Iwould have to do, and make sure I knew my options.Stay here with him, and leave Tom. Live a life with magic and friends. Killingtime by doing what I love every day and making love with him every night. Gettingmarried and having as many children while we could. Being the perfect family. My parents loved him, his loved me. We were first loves.Or leave him, and stay with Tom. Who had understood my lifestyle, got alongwith Drake, Justin, and all the other friends and men in my life. Stood by me when I wasat my worst point, and wanting me to be with him for as long as I could. Being alone attimes, or staying with him when he had to go away for business. Have one or two kids,and live a fabulous life.Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath. I needed to calm down before I lashed outat either of them for my mistake. But it wouldn’t be long till it somehow got out. Till Ihad to make a decision on whom I wanted.Till then though, I would try to be happy. Try to seem like nothing is wrong, andhope everyone would understand. They needed to if they wanted me to still be sane.“Drake?” I whispered into the room, feeling my eyes mist up as I thought aboutwhat his would mean. What I would have to do. My breathing was ragged, and I couldfeel tears falling down my cheeks slowly.“Riley? Riley what’s wrong?” he asked as he dashed into the room for me. Heeyed me up and down, trying to see if I was hurt, or if something had happened when hewas away.“Please don’t hate me after all of this.” I told him as I pulled him to me and criedinto his chest. It was like I was a young girl all over again, always emotional and cryingover the smallest of things to others, but big things to me.“I would never Riley.” He said as he pat my head and held me tighter. I could tellhe meant it, but that didn’t make it easier. “Why don’t we go and get you some food, then
talk to Justin about all of this. Maybe he has some idea on how to handle this situation?”He smiled down at me; generally sure that Justin would help.But he didn’t know how Justin was now. He had other girls, and I was no longer his responsibility. I was just a girl he lived with time to time, and left so he could helpother girls. We were more like roommates now then partners in crime.“Don’t tell Justin about it yet. I want to tell everyone else when I’m ready. So please don’t tell anyone else what I told you.” I ordered as I calmed myself down more.He nodded, reached for a shirt off the floor, and helped me out of the bed. I was amess, and I knew I would need another shower again. But it would have to wait. I hadother things to worry about. Like how I would pull this all off.“God Tom!” I screamed with joy as I ran into his arms. I was in the condo, with nothing but some skimpy new thing I bought from Victoria’s secret, on. It was baby doll tullewith satin for fabric.“You look amazing.” He whispered as he kissed me hard. The emotion of desireand lust was radiating off his body in full force. Everything about him wanted me, andyet; I felt like a whore who didn’t deserve any of it.I had just gotten back from Drake’s after two weeks of sex and pleasure. Hewouldn’t allow me to do much, for fear I would have a meltdown. So he did it all for me.Emily would pop in every now and then, as would Alice.Both said I was the worst thing they had ever seen, because of what I would do toTom and Drake. But only Emily knew why I was doing it. She then got Alice to her side,so now both were warming up to the idea. Our other classmates didn’t ask why I wasthere, but I had a feeling that Drake may have let it slip to one of the other former classmates of ours. His friends would be nicer to me than ever.“I missed you.” I told Tom, speaking the honest truth. I did miss him, he was theonly thing that kept me sane while I was over there. Drake may be going nuts at themansion, knowing I was willing to make love to my public boyfriend, but it was his fault. No, not his fault; mine. If I was going to do this, I had to keep in mind that I wasthe one willing to go along with it. Not blame either of them.“I need you Riley.” Tom murmured as his hands wandered my body. Each touch,caress, pressure on my body; all of it was screaming at me for my body to take him.“I want you Tom, I need you.” I replied to his body and emotions. I started tomove out of his arms, inching my body down so I was on my knees in front of hisgrowing cock.Oh how I wanted him. His lust was taking over, his emotions acting like a drug tomy own. All of me wanting him like he wanted me. I would suffocate if I didn’t fuck himnow.I nuzzled his growing erection, working his jeans down as fast as I could. Fuck Ihad to have him in my mouth. Had to feel his pulsing cock over my tongue, as I sucked ithard and slowly.“Riley.” He groaned as I forced his jeans down. His dick stood out in his boxers,making me want him more. To fuck him with my mouth as best I could. Damn it I neededhim in me now.I couldn’t wait for the boxers to come off, so I took the head of his dick in my
mouth, licking the tip of it thru the boxers. He shuddered at this, a groan like soundcoming form the back of his throat.I licked it lightly, teasing it. I knew he could be bigger, and I wanted him as big asI could get it before I pulled him into my mouth. I had wanted to do this for days. Noteven Drake could kill the urge I had for my public boyfriend.“Fuck, Riley.” His accent got heavy as I sucked gently. The fabric was gettingmoist form my saliva, and I knew he would explode if I didn’t touch his bare flesh soon.So I moved my hand to the lower part of his member, rubbing it and stroking the bottomof his dick.His hands found their way to the back of my head, winding their way into myhair. Gripping it like I would disappear; like some pathetic teens wet dream. He forcedmy head lower, trying to make me take the rest of him in my mouth.I pushed off his dick, glaring at him form where I was. He should know not tomess with me when I’m doing what we both wanted. And I’ll be dammed if he thinks I’llobey him now. I was in control, and I wasn’t backing out.“Don’t make me stop.” I state as I raise an eyebrow at him.“Don’t fucking tease me Riley. I want you over my dick now. I need you to fuck my cock like only you can.” His voice was strained, and I liked it. His accent was thick and heavy with pure lust.“Ditch the boxers when I say.” I then bent my head back to sucking his headlightly. The boxers were getting thinner with each suck, each bit of moister and liquidcoming from my mouth, mixing with his pre cum.“God…Fuck Riley.” His breathing was becoming ragged, he was so close, and Ihadn’t even touched his dick yet. He was now more erect, showing he was close, how hewould burst any minute.I raised my hands up to the hem of his boxers, stopping the slow pumping I had been doing seconds ago. Teasingly, I lowered the flimsy piece of fabric, enjoying hisreactions as I brought it down his body.His dick sprung out of his boxers, showing his full erect form. Small drops of precum could be seen at the tip of it, showing how close he was. Dipping my head close toit, I licked the tip lightly, enjoying how he bit his bottom lip to keep from moaning outloud in pure ecstasy.This did not settle well with me, seeing as how I wanted to hear him. The soundsof showing he enjoyed what I was doing to his hard cock. I sucks the head slowly, mytongue going up and down on it. Making it wet from my mouth.“Shit.” He cursed as he grabbed the back of my head and forced me all the waydown on him. His member going as deep as it could in my small mouth. My gag reflexreacted as I felt how deep he was, and I knew he felt bad for that. But I didn’t care.With his hand on the back of my head, gripping my hair tightly, I bobbed mymouth up and down. Loving the sound of his gasps and moans. His hand tightened,gripping my hair fiercely as I felt his cock pulse in my mouth.My tongue went up and down faster, licking his hardened member as I suckedfaster. His body shuddering as he finally came into my mouth, causing me to swallow hisfluids. He pulled his soft cock out of my mouth and stared down at me in awe.“What the hell have you been doing these past few days love? That wassomething I didn’t expect first.” His breathing was hard, and I could tell he enjoyed it.

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