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Supreme Understanding Allah

Supreme Understanding Allah



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Published by alkhemestdagod

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Published by: alkhemestdagod on Feb 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Supreme Understanding Allah
 The following booklet is a brief attempt to elucidate the godhoodof the Black man for contemporary readers. I have made significanteffort to limit the technical vocabulary, so as to ease the pace of reading, and to avoid clogging the passages with overly technicaldetails and footnotes. The following arguments are summaries, and notmeant to cover the immense body of knowledge and wisdom availableon these topics. Although some references are provided, the reader isencouraged to seek further information on their own. Good questionsproduce good answers. To be fair, I have also included a few of thecommon counter-arguments I have heard, as well as brief responses. The reader is encouraged, above all, to read with an open mind.
The Black Man is the Original Man
It is important that we first establish that the Black man is thefirst man, or the original man. Several major anthropological studieshave document this widely accepted fact. All peoples descend fromhim, either naturally or unnaturally. Europeans have even created fakefossils like the Piltdown man to try to discredit and distort the origins of humanity and place the first man in Europe. The earliest fossils of manhave been found in South Africa and East Africa.
Forbidden Archaeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race
by Michael Cremocontains a wealth of evidence detailing the earliest existence of highly-advanced humans throughout the world, far predating even theearliest accepted date of three million years ago.Original means the origin of all that follows. In stating that theBlack man is the original man, many of the references that appear inthe following pages, referring to “man,” can be understood to refer tothe archetype of man himself, the Black man. Some authors haveadvocated that the true human is the hue-man, or man of color, andthat mankind refers to the “kind of man” that followed
The Black Man is the Father of Civilization
Blacks developed the first civilization(s). Throughout the ancientand prehistoric world, Blacks have been the founders of all knowncivilizations. Examples include the first dynasties of ancient China, thepre-Hellenic Minoan and Mycenean civilizations which birthed ancientGreece and Rome, the ancient Egyptians of course, the pre-SemiticChaldeans, Babylonians, Sumerians, and their other middle Easternneighbors, the Kushites and other obviously Black civilizations in thecontinent known as Africa, the Olmecs, the early Mayans and otherBlack pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas (including the BlackIndians Columbus met upon his initial voyages here), the ancient Blackcivilizations of the Indus river valley in India, and the Black civilizationsof ancient Europe.Evidence of these claims can be found in,
 African Presence inEarly Asia
edited by Runoko Rashidi,
 African Presence in Early Europe, African Presence in Early America
, and
They Came Before Columbus
byIvan Van Sertima, and
The African Origin of Civilization
by Cheikh AntaDiop. Further evidence can be found on numerous articles, availableon the internet, authored by Clyde Ahmad Winters or Runoko Rashidi.Much of this information, and more, should also be available online athttp://www.cwo.com/~lucumi/runoko.html 
The Black Man is the Source of the World’s Learning
Until the contemporary attempts by Europeans to discredit thecapabilities of Blacks, the Black man has been regarded as surpassingall people and nations in his wisdom and intellect. Visitors from far-off lands studied among the Black teachers of Ancient Egypt in theMystery Schools. Socrates and other Greeks regarded as the fathers of European philosophy were trained at these schools by Blacks. Plato,Socrates’ student, challenged the Greek concept of God, which was infact a Europeanized version of the Black gods of Egypt. Plato, nothaving met the true and living Gods himself, appeared disgruntled withthe human flaws of the otherwise supreme Greek gods. The Greeks were, until the era of Plato, still praising andworshipping the Black men of Egypt. These facts are documented inGeorge G. M. James’
Stolen Legacy 
and Martin Bernal’s
Black Athena
.Examples include Zeus and Hercules, who were modeled after Osirisand Horus, and the Black god Imhotep, who is revered in the primarycreed of medicine, the Hippocratic Oath. These Black individuals werenot mythical figures, but historical men of note. After Plato, the idea of 
a transcendant, immaterial deity became popular. This is known asNeo-Platonic thought. Most of the religious traditions of this region(Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) were influenced heavily by this wayof thinking.Other examples of the Black man’s reputation as the source forthe wisdom of sages are the famed Library of Alexandria in Egypt(burned by Europeans), and the Universities of Timbuktu. Alsoimportant is the learning of the Black Moors, who ruled Spain for 700years (711-1492 AD) and taught the Europeans much of what theyknow now. It was in fact the Moors who brought Europe out of its DarkAges, much as it was Blacks who brought Europeans out of the cavesto teach and civilize them some four thousand years ago. Books onthese topics include Ivan Van Sertima’s
Golden Age of the Moor 
andPaul Lawrence Guthrie’s
Making of the Whiteman
The Black Man is the Supreme Being
All living matter is subservient to the Black man’s rule. Given thepremise of Darwin’s theories regarding the survival of species, it isevident that all life until this point has culminated in the developmentof the supreme Black man, beginning with the simplest one-celledorganism. All living things are bound to the universal laws of mathematics, the language in which God, as the creator, wrote theuniverse, and in which God, as man, speaks and lives.
The Black man is Dominant
 The Black gene is dominant. Most unbiased human biologytextbooks will explain this assertion in detail. The Black man’s geneticlegacy, even after generations of imposed race-mixed, haveconsistently proven him physically superior. Any observer of contemporary sports can testify to that fact. God upon designing ahome for himself (the universe, and specifically the Earth), chose asupreme vehicle in which to inhabit it. Although flesh, the Black man’sphysical body was designed to be the original and greatest formpossible. This is where the phrase “the physique of a Greek God” camefrom. Keep in mind that the true Greek gods were Black men fromEgypt.
God is REAL, not UNREAL
 The term “Supreme Being” suggests two things, one that God isSupreme, and the other, that He is actually a being that exists. Interms of beings that we can actually validate and verify, the Black manhas never heard, seen, felt, tasted, or smelled anything greater thanHIMSELF. While, there are things that exist that are unseen, they can

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