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The Dark Animal Within Chapter 2

The Dark Animal Within Chapter 2

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Sorry for not posting for a long time. I was busy with school, testing, studying, and retesting. Hope you like this one and please comment, rate subscribe please!!! Enjoy!!! I will try to post Blood Academy next, but it not going to be a promise but I will try.
Sorry for not posting for a long time. I was busy with school, testing, studying, and retesting. Hope you like this one and please comment, rate subscribe please!!! Enjoy!!! I will try to post Blood Academy next, but it not going to be a promise but I will try.

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Published by: иαтια or Agent Bubblez on Feb 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Dark Animal Within...Chapter 2
Amaya was finishing preparing for breakfast. Makuro, Amaya, Leanna, and Makoto wasliving in Natia's mansion. Natia was a once a royalty, but was disowned after the death of hermother. So, her father abandoned her and kept her brother as the next heir of his place.Amaya walked to each room to get everybody to eat her burnt eggs with burnt waffles.And somehow burnt orange juice, even if it is orange juice. Amaya walked to Makuro's room andtried to wake him up, but epically failed. Plan B. Amaya picked Makuro up and threw him of theupstairs railing. Which ended up with a 'ouch' and 'owie'. That happen with Leanna too, except thather room was infront of the stair so she dragged Leanna close to the stairs and kick the sleepingLeanna down the very,very, long stairs. Amaya knocked on Makoto's door and opened it to findMakoto already dressed. And sitting in his desk, reading."Hey Makoto, time to eat. Don't make me have to Plan B,"Amaya said."So that was what I heard a few minutes ago,"Makoto whispered as he got up and went tothe dining room. Now is the challenge, she has to get Natia up. She walked up to her door andkicked it open and began shouting."Wake up you lazy ass lady and come down to eat breakfast!" Natia sat up on her bed andglared at her with her demon eyes and as she looked around her room, she saw black walls withblood splattered everywhere. There were bodies on the ground. Rotting. No one in the householdhad ever looked into the dark and forbidden room, except Makoto, who left as soon as she saw theroom and left him speechless for a half of years. Now Amaya have gazed into the room of death..."Um...nevermind. I'll just let..um...you go to sleep,"Amaya said backing up with her handup in surrender. Then in one swift movement, Natia was out of bed and had a sword close to herneck, almost breaking skin. Natia made Amaya backed up, still with a sord against her neck. Abouta inch, she made Amaya turn to the railing and puched her. All there was a 'AAHHHHHHH' andsmack. As Amaya got up, she heard Natia's door slam shut. She sighed and walked to dining table.There was some disgusted faces at the table. Amaya sat down with another sigh."What happen?"Makuro yawned."I went into her room to get her for breakfast. But..."Amaya said and Makoto eyes widen."What you see?" Makuro asked."Something that you should never see until your dead," Amaya shuttered.Then, there was a door slamming and a slow footsteps coming down the stairs.The 4 ofthem stared at the door as she made her way in. The door opened slowly with squeaks and then,there was a slam, caused by Natia kicking the double door open. Her head was down and she wasdragging herself to the table. When she sat down and looked down at the burnt food...all wassilent...Then she squinted at the food and the food burns into flames. Amaya yelped and once theflames disapated, only ashes was left on the plate. Stream of tears came down Amaya face..."My food....my beautiful food I worked so hard on...all gone..."Amaya whispered and herhead fell to the table. Natia lie her head on the table to rest, with head pointing to the floor."Ummm, Natia...are you alright?"Makuro asked. She justed moaned. Then, Makuro startedto poke her. After the 2 poke, he stopped scared because there was a sword up against his neck.He had his hand up in surrender. "Ok, ok. I'll stop poking you. Sheesh, joy killer." Her flicker for ahalf a second and the next thing he knew it, he was on the floor on the remainder of what the hadbeen a chair.
"Ow Ow Ow," he said, trying to get up. But, he was stuck in the hole where the seat hadbeen. Makoto just stared as the comotion erupted. After a few minutes of watching them, he tookout his 890 page literature book and read it.Back to Natia and Makuro. Natia was currently trying to stop in Makuro and her was rollingleft and right and covering his head to dodge Natia's powerful stomp that made a indention if notfor the special metal she had place under the marble floor. Makuro changed into a bobcat jumpedout of the way. Natia did the same and into her black demon wolf form. Makuro was a regularbobcat except for his bright yellow characteristics that seperates him from other wild bobcat. Theboth of them growled at each other and crouching."You know you can't beat me," Natia growled."Dosen't mean I can't try," he replied."Your such a fool. You will die if you enter a war like that.""More likely." Then Natia ran forward for a frontal assult. Makuro's fur started to eminateelectric charges. When Natia was a inch close to his own, he let go the charge in front of him. Butshe disappeared before the electric charge could strike her. He looked left to right then stopped.Natia was behind Mukuro, with a handle in her mouth and the blade touching his neck."No fair. You cheated." Makuro said."There are no rules in fighting. Only kill or be killed by your opponent. I thought I taughtyou better then that. If I was really your enemy, you should already be dead by now," she said,lowering her sword slowly. Then, she aimed for Makuro's tail, which was lying on the ground.Makuro noticed in time to remove his tail out of harm."What the hell?! Are you purposely trying to make my life miserable, you crazy old bat!"Makuro yelled. Natia's eyes started to twitch."Crazy old bat? Is this how you treat me after I let you stay in my home? Is this how yourepay me? By calling me a Crazy Old Bat? You should know that I'm a year younger than you andI'm not a bat. I'm a wolf. And you want to see crazy? I'll show you crazy!"she screamed. Makurogulped in nervousness. Her black fur blew into flames, covering herself with fire. Her demon wingsrotted and turned into skeleton wings. Her teeth started to grow sharper and longer. Her eyesturned brighter red. She ran toward him again, then half way, disappearing. He looked around for where she went, turning around in circles. Then he felt a sharp pain on the back of his neck. Heyelled or screeched and fell to the ground. She walked in front of him and pressed a paw on hisfront left leg. She pressed down and snap. There goes a arm or leg. He screeched again in pain.Then, there was a flash of white and there stood a white wolf with golden eyes. " That'senough, anymore and your going to end up killing him," Makoto said. Natia just sighed andreturned to her regular black wolf form. She turned around and walked out. Makoto looked atMakuro. "Hey, are you alright?""Nothing life threating if that's what you mean. But do have a broken arm and a bloodyneck," he replied.Makoto sighed. "You shouldn't say anything bad about her or do something to upset her.You might end up dead next time. If you have seen what I've seen during the time I lived in thismansion with her and what I saw in her room six years ago, you have no clue how dangerous sheis." They changed back and cleaned up.Amaya was sleeping on the dining table all these times. She cried herself to sleep after herfood was burnt to ashes (not that it wasn't bad enough). She was drooling and mumblingsomething like 'Oh Makuro, stop.' and 'AHHH'.....

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