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zoology 100 notes 5

zoology 100 notes 5

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Published by Bethany Jane Isidro

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Published by: Bethany Jane Isidro on Feb 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ZOOLOGY 100 NOTES (5).mid
Muscular SystemMYOLOGY Functions of the muscular system
1.For production of movements/locomotion2.Maintenance of posture3.Stabilize joints4.Generation of heat5.Influence body contours6.For expression of emotion7.For storage and movement of substances8.Allows one to manipulate the environment
Properties of muscles
1.Excitability- action potentials2. Conductivity3. Contractility- isometric contraction- isotonic contraction4. Extensibility5. Elasticity
Overview of muscle tissues
Differences of Muscle Tissues
BASISSKELETAL SMOOTHCARDIAC1.LocationBonesVisceral organsheart2. ShapeElongatedFusiformElongated,branched3. # of nucleiManySingleSingle4. NuclearPositionPeripheral CentralCentral5. StriationPresentAbsentPresent6. ContractionRapidSlowModerate7. StimuliElectricalChemicalelectrochemi-calBASISSKELETAL SMOOTHCARDIAC
8. FiberDiameter10-200 cm30-200 um50 100 um9. Organizationof CHONSintosarcomere YesNoYes10. SRPresentPresentScanty11. Gap JunctionsNoYesYes single unit muscle,no for multi-unit12.Authorhythmi-cityNo YesYes13. Source of CaionsSRSRSR and ECF14. Regulationof contractionAcetylcholine releasedby somatic motorneuronsAch,NE for ANS motorneurons,hormonesAch,NE for ANS motorneurons,Hormones,chemicalchanges
Organization of muscle tissue
1.Superficial Fascia- separates the muscle from the integument- made up of areolar and adipose tissue thata. insulate heat and reduce heat lossb. provides pathway and framework for nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels toenter and leave musclesc. stores water and fatsd. provides mechanical protection and prevent physical trauma2.Deep Fascia- with dense irregular conn. tissue that lines the body wall- 3 layers: epimysium, perimysium, endomysium

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