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15 Inch Macbook Pro Manual

15 Inch Macbook Pro Manual

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Published by crutili

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Published by: crutili on Feb 05, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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      R      E      P      A      I      R       G      U      I      D      E
MacBook Pro
Our guide will showyou step by step howto take apart yourMac. Each step willbe given in greatdetail and aided withhigh quality picturesof each step.
It will also show you what needs to be donefor each ailment yourMac may be having. It will explain why it isdoing it and where tofind the parts to fixit.
The hardest part abouta repair isreassembly. With thisguide, it will assistyou in getting thosescrews back where theycame from.
MacBook Pro 15-inch Repair Guide
 Your Mac. Our Patient.
 At PowerbookMedic.com, we treat eachcustomer and each Mac like a patient. Weunderstand the importance of your Mac inyour life, as they are equally important inour own lives. Whether your Mac is healthyor sick, we hope you choose us to be yourMac’s doctor.
Customer Support.
You aren’t a tech. We understand andwe’re here for you.Live Support ( Online 9AM - 4PM CST)Phone Support - 1-866-726-3342Email Support:support@powerbookmedic.comCommunity Forums
555 Sparkman DR STE 1620Huntsville, AL 35816
Disclaimer3Introduction4Opening up the MacBook5Replacing the Memory6Removing the Top Case6Replacing the Hard Drive8Replacing the Bluetooth10Replacing the Superdrive11Replacing the Airport12Replacing the Keyboard13Removing the Speaker Assembly14Removing the MagSafe Board15Removing the Logic Board16Removing the Display17Opening the Display18Replacing the Inverter Board19Replacing the LCD20Replacing the Display Cables21Replacing the Bottom Pan22
 Any portion of this manual may not becopied, reproduced, or distributed withoutthe written consent ofPowerbookmedic.com. Violators will beprosecuted.This manual is presented as a guide inorder to help you repair problems with yourMacBook Pro. Working on a MacBook canbe dangerous if not done properly. We atPowerbookmedic.com take no responsibilityfor any damage or harm done to yourself oryour MacBook as a result of reading thisguide. Apple manufactures several revisions ineach line of their products. This guide will tryto cover each of these revisions, but youmay find subtle differences between ourmanual and what you see in your unit. Thismay require small adjustments to the repairprocedure as described in our manual. If youare confused at what you are seeing in com-parison to the manual’s description and pic-tures, you may contact us by phone or emailand we will try to assist you. As of the writing of this manual, Apple’swarranty policy denotes that opening up your Apple product will void the warranty. If youare still under coverage by Apple for yourMacBook Pro, we would suggest contactingthem first.
Repair Center
Powerbookmedic.com offers a repairservice if you do not feel confident on per-forming the repair yourself after reading thismanual. The repair service is a flat laborcharge plus the cost of the parts needed.You can view our labor fees on ourwebsite by clicking on the repair center linkat the top of the page.
If you see any problems with the man-ual, tips you would like added, or any sug-gestions to make the manual better, don’thesitate to email us with your ideas to...support@powerbookmedic.com 
Phillips #00 ScrewdriverTORX (r) T6 ScrewdriverSpudger
Other tools...
There are more tools that may come in handy duringthe repair. Needle-nosepliers, a slotted screw-driver, and a flat toolsuch as a small puttyknife may help in someareas of the repair. Theguide will go into moredetail when these items may be used to help easethe repair process.
"TORX(r) is a registered trademarkof Textron Inc."

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