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The Last Birthing

The Last Birthing

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Published by Anthony A. Castro
Straight, visceral horror! Mankind struggling against...the end of EVERYTHING! Mindbending! Shocking! Disturbing!

Now that I got your attention...go read it!
Straight, visceral horror! Mankind struggling against...the end of EVERYTHING! Mindbending! Shocking! Disturbing!

Now that I got your attention...go read it!

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Published by: Anthony A. Castro on Feb 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Last BirthingBy Anthony A. Castro1D Oak Crest Court Novato, CA 94947(415)897-0305mailto:tcastro09@comcast.net5,543 words
Anthony A. Castro\The Last Birthing \2
They were a team of six – two in the surveillance van, two spotters on the roof and twofield agents that would go into the building. It was summertime, almost noon in San Francisco, but the air felt cold and wintry. Don Cameron had traveled the world over since this had allstarted and, everywhere he went, things felt the same – even when it was out, the sunlight wasweak and sickly. There was a cold and evil wind that circled the globe, a breeze that seemed tospeak of frozen vastnesses beyond the comprehension of men. It brought with it madness anddeath, driving people to hideous acts of savagery and violence. There was precious little warmthleft in the world.Cameron was the field agent in charge and, despite the cold weather, he could feel thecold sweat plastering the shirt to his skin and had to keep wiping his palms on his pants. Hemissed his family in Ohio, his wife and their two boys. He wondered if he’d ever see themagain, if this terror stalking everyone on Earth would ever end. He shook his head and sighed.He inspected his MLA-6 high-capacity gauss rifle, trying to take some comfort from the hunk of steel and plastic that used magnetic linear acceleration to create the most effective anddevastating rifle ever created by man. Besides, it seemed to be the only weapon effectiveagainst…them.The other team members were green, recent academy graduates who didn’t know whatthey were getting into – but Cameron knew. He’d been at Quantico that day, the day the worldstarted to go to hell. For a few seconds, he screwed his eyes shut. He didn’t want thosememories anymore, but it was as if some inner perversities made them unreel in his mind like ademented parody of a cheap horror movie.
Anthony A. Castro\The Last Birthing \3
It’d been about a year earlier, when the FBI discovered a cache of forty-five egg-shaped,leathery things approximately two feet high stashed in a sub-basement of an old Chicagodepartment store. The FBI agents sent them to Quantico immediately, where a team of scientists brought over from the DoD set up a testing lab in the fifth underground level, the deepest andmost reinforced part of the FBI’s headquarters. Hell of a lot of good that did, rememberedCameron. He could barely contain his shudders as he remembered…First, he’d heard a deep bass note. It continued for almost thirty seconds, the deepestnote he’d ever heard, so strong that Cameron grabbed his head in pain. Cameron’s framedPresidential commendation shook uncontrollably, beating out a rat-tat-tat before falling to theground. The glass frame seemed to explode, but the shards were floating in slow motion as theyfell to the ground. The note abruptly ended, followed by a sound like tinfoil being shredded…and then the shockwave hit.In Cameron’s mind, a voice was screaming BOMB. He felt the concussive push of anexplosion on his chest, sending him flying into the wall. It knocked out the lights immediately, but it didn’t go dark. Cameron got up and shook his head, trying to focus his eyes and ignore theringing in his ears. He opened his office door and ran out into the hallway. He found himself surrounded by a multitude of agents and technicians milling around in confusion, everyoneasking what had happened. He’d heard rumors of something strange being tested down on level5, but they were always doing weird science down there.It took a few seconds before he realized why it wasn’t dark. The power was out, therewas a thin misting of dust in the air, but the emergency lights weren’t on. The walls, the floor,

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