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Human Rights in Islam

Human Rights in Islam

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Published by kareem_815226

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Published by: kareem_815226 on Feb 05, 2010
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 Human Rights in Islam And Common Misconceptions
Abdul-Rahman al-Sheha
Adaptation by:Abu Salman Deya ud-Deen Eberle
Human Rights in Islam and Common Misconceptions
All Praise is due to Allah and may Allah exalt the mention ofHis Prophet and render him and his household, hisCompanions, and those who follow their way safe from everyevil, and grant them security on the Day of Resurrection.Every society must ensure for its citizens the rights thatguarantee for them their basic needs and security, and enablethem to feel a sense of belonging and attachment to the largersocial group. Individuals need to feel security and a sense of belonging in order to perform their tasks and duties in asatisfactory manner.Presently, three distinct trends are discernable in our globalsociety. The first trend exaggerates the right of the individualover the society. This trend gives the individual full freedomto do as he pleases with minimal restrictions. Unfortunatelythis leads to a chaotic social situation because when unlimitedfreedom is granted to the individual, selfish desirespredominate and bring conflicting results. The entire societysuffers immensely from greed and selfishness. This trend isfound in the liberal democratic capitalist society.The second trend, contrary to the above, advocates the rightsof the society over the individual. The latter is stripped of hisindividual rights. Only rights that serve the ruling regime aregranted to the individuals, according to the dominant ideologyof the ruling class or group. This trend is prevalent incommunist and totalitarian societies.The third trend, ideally neither emphasizes the right of thesociety over the individual, nor the right of the individual overthe society. Each is given its due right in life according to the
Human Rights in Islam and Common Misconceptions
given system. Rights and obligations are governed andcontrolled by strict rules and conditions. In this trend, thepublic interest is given priority over the interest of anindividual only in case of a serious conflict.In this booklet we shall address human rights in the light ofperfectly balanced system of laws and principles of Islam.These rights are based on revelations from the Divine Book ofMuslims, the Glorious
and from the
 , thepractice of Allah
s Messenger (
) the two main sources ofIslamic life and jurisprudence. Both the Glorious
aim to produce an ideal individual in an idealsociety: all interact with each other to produce the harmony ofthe individuals with Allah their Lord and Creator, withthemselves, others, the society in general, and other societiesall over the globe.We firmly believe that the application of the individual andsocial principles of the third trend, when guided by the perfectrevealed law from Allah in the
Qur'an and Sunnah
 , willdefinitely make humanity happier and more prosperous. Theapplication of these principles will enable the society toachieve peace and security. These social rights and principlesare not a result of previous experiences, social ideologies,temporary and immediate needs and/or political drives andmotives: rather they are from the Beneficent
and the
Omniscient for man
s progress to happiness in this life andsalvation in the HereafterOur firm belief in the truth and justice of the Islamic rightsand principles is due to the fact that Allah, the Most Mercifuland only Creator of man, reveals them. He knows well whatsuits His creation at all times, what benefits or harms man,what makes him happy or sad, what makes him successful or

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