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Don DeGracia - Astral Projection

Don DeGracia - Astral Projection



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Published by LadyLuna1614

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Published by: LadyLuna1614 on Feb 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Astral Projection Class on CompuServe
by Don DeGracia: 72662,1335Copyright 1994None of this materialmay be reproduced withoutexplicit permission fromthe author.
Before saying anything else I would like to thank and congratulate everyone who istaking this class. Whether you know it or not, by taking an interest in achieving thetypes of experience we will discuss here,you are opening yourself up to a greatlyexpanded view of yourself andthe life and world around you. Hopefully, by the endof this class youwill have a deep appreciation of what I mean in saying this. Iwisheveryone the best of luck!
What Is Astral Projection?
Just what exactly is astral projection? Well, we can get very academic and eruditeabout this, and we will do this to some extent below. But for now, for starters, whatwe want to do is lay out a definition of astral projection that is *practical*. There arenumerous ways we can view and define astral projection, but the most central point isthat it is an *experience*, a special type of experience. No matter how you look at it,astral projection is an *altered state of consciousness*.So, what is an altered state of consciousness? Well, it is a state of consciousness thatis NOT our normal waking state of consciousness.There is one altered state with which we are all very, very familiar and that is thedreams we experience when we sleep at night. Dreaming itself is an altered state of consciousness. And, as we will see as we progress, dreaming and astral projection arevery closely related states of consciousness.Now, astral projection goes under a variety of names. Some other names for the astralprojection experience are the following: 1. lucid dreaming, and 2. out-of-bodyexperiences (OBEs). Some people will debate that astral projections, lucid dreams andOBEs are different things. We will discuss these distinctions below. However, I wantto stress that such distinctions amount to splitting hairs, and are not that important.For our purposes, I will use these 3 terms interchangeably. That is, whether I say"astral projection", "lucid dream" or "OBE", I am refering to the same thing. Actually,I will probably use OBE a lot since it is the easist to type. What is really important isnot what we call the experience, but LEARNING FOR YOURSELF HOW TOACHIEVE THIS EXPERIENCE. And everything I will stress here is geared to thisall important end.So, for the sake of gearing all this to helping you actually have an OBE, there are twomain things we will focus on: theory and practice. You need to understand both.Either alone is useless. Theory by itself is just empty talk. Practice without theory just leads to confusion, and in the case of OBEs, it can lead to real psychologicaldanger as well. By themselves, OBEs are NOT dangerous. However, if you don'tknow what you are doing, they can be. So, you need the theory to understand what isgoing on, and you need the practice to put the theory into action. So, in this course,we will cover both: theory and practice. However, as you will see, I personally leanmuch more towards the practical, and this is what I will stress throughout. We willpay lip service to theory, but again, theory is useless without putting action behind theideas. Finally, I want to say this: I will attempt in these lessons to make theinformation I provide as self-contained as I can. That is, I want to really try to providea comprehensive overview of OBEs and really give you your money's worth.However, there is just a tremendous amount of information related to OBEs. Forexample, some related topics are the following: human psychology, dreams,occultism, religion, mysticism and science. I hope, that after reading these notes, youwill get some idea that all of these topics are related to OBEs. I am providing anannotated bibliography of books that I feel provide useful study. And I reallyencourage everyone to look through this bibliography and to actually read some of thebooks listed there.The more you know about OBEs, the better. That's all there is to it!

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