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No Friend of Democracy

No Friend of Democracy

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Published by grevicci
A study of Roman Catholic politics --
their influence on the course of the present War
and the growth of Fascism
A study of Roman Catholic politics --
their influence on the course of the present War
and the growth of Fascism

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Published by: grevicci on Feb 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No Friend of Democracy(1941)
 Eugenio Pacelli, later Pius XII, signing a Concordat with Hitler's Germany (1933)
 A study of Roman Catholic politics --their influence on the course of the present War and the growth of Fascism
With a Preface by
 13.The Greatest of all "Non-Interventionists"14.Christian Unity and its Dangers Price One ShillingINTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANYLONDON
This site is a production of theClero-Fascist Studies Project,an on-going research and public information projectexploring the convergence between certain strains of Christianity and fascism in the 20th century. In part, thisproject is a response to attempts by some of the parties responsible to cover up, erase, or cleanse their history.Our goal is the preservation, not the purification of history.
the student of History the struggle which now wraps the globe in the flames of war and hatred isnot a tragic and mysterious revelation of new forces or new diseases. It is the inevitable further, perhapsfinal, phase of a struggle that has reddened Europe since it awoke from the slumbers of the Dark Age.First, the rights of man against the privileges of priests had to be vindicated, and freedom of consciencewas at last born amidst the ruins of the Thirty Years' War. Then the rights of man against the usurped privileges of corrupt rulers and their hireling politicians had to be won; and from I789 to the recentdays, when we allowed or encouraged alien Powers to force despotism for the sixth time upon the people of Spain, more than a million men, women, and even children died to secure them. But thestruggle was inconclusive. All privileges based upon the exploitation of others -- the privileges of wealth, of nobility, of royal or bureaucratic power -- must sooner or later be challenged.The tragic irony of this phase of the struggle is that it was inaugurated by a group of rogues who, totheir own amazement, successfully perpetrated the most colossal swindle that is recorded in history.The Hitlers and Mussolinis, meeting over slopping tables, had at first a hope that was modest incomparison with that of the Tammany politicians who once captured New York. They were astonished

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