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The Humanoids of Vravrona

The Humanoids of Vravrona

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Thanassis Vembos report of UFO encounter
Thanassis Vembos report of UFO encounter

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: albert-s-rosales-1657 on Feb 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Humanoids of Vravrona
: end of August 2001
: around 21-22:00
: Hamolia area, near Vravrona, Attica, Greece.
: 3 (Mr I.B, Mr D.K and D.V), all of them seasonal firemen.The witnesses were working in the night shift on a small observationpoint, on the top of a small hill, with good view over South EvoikosGulf and the area of Perati (Vravrona). Practically they were doingthat every night during the summer season to guard for forest fires.On the top of hill there is a small kiosk and an old abandonedhelicodrome with a tattered landing platform made of concrete. Thewitnesses were sitting in the kiosk having parked their vehicle nextto it.Suddenly, a disk-shaped light-colored flying object was seen comingtowards them, flying low and soundless over the sea, from NEdirection. Their mobile phones, radio and the vehicle’s CB ceased tofunction (after the incident the batteries of the portable radio wereempty, event though I.B. remembers well that they were brand new).The CB, which is always buzzing with voices or static every now andthen, was silent during the incident.When the UFO approached them, it was emitting a light sound, like “asmall electrical motor”, as I.M. described afterwards. This sound wasnot heard after the UFO landed (see below) or during the rest of theincident.The UFO approached and landed softly on the old concrete platform,about 15 m away from the kiosk where the witnesses were sitting. Itwas shaped “two plates stuck together on their lids”, was about 3 min diameter and seemed to have a whitish or metallic color (it wasdark). It seemed to land on its “belly” and not on landing legs orany other system –nevertheless from the kiosk the landed UFO waspartly hidden by small bushes. Also its surface was smooth with noprotuberances, antennas or any other characteristic. When landed, itstop was about 1 - 1.10 m high from the ground.The reaction of the witnesses was astonishment and fear. The mainreaction was the question “what to do now?”. I.M. said that he feltstrange because he was witnessing something that he had read about itand seen on TV. As he said, he was amazed to see an UFO that was “sosmaller than the classical UFOs”.After a while a door opened on the side of the UFO “like the door insome airplanes which is also used as a ladder”. The opened doorformed a ramp leading to the ground. Inside the opening there a dimlight was observed.After that, three small occupants emerged from the inside one afterthe other. They were humanoids, 80-90 cm tall, with normal bodies andlimbs, resembling “small kids”. The beings were wearing tight-fittingand seemingly metallic uniforms or suits, like the ones used in scubadiving, ending in a “hood” that was covering the head but not theface. The witnesses could not see their faces in the dark, butseemingly the humanoids were not wearing a visor, or faceplate or

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