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The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece

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Published by Abby
It's been a year since the concert. Lyla and Louis are married and live in New York with Evan, everything is great until they find out Lyla was really pregnant with twins. Will they find their other child? Continuation of August Rush.
It's been a year since the concert. Lyla and Louis are married and live in New York with Evan, everything is great until they find out Lyla was really pregnant with twins. Will they find their other child? Continuation of August Rush.

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Published by: Abby on Feb 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1Lyla
s POVIt has been a year since I found Evan and Louis, we had gotten marriedand decided to stay and live in New York, the apartment is beautiful and big with warm colours and a homey atmosphere.Evan
s now 13 years old we celebrated his birthday a week ago byspending sometime in Louis
s hometown in Ireland, his family were stillso sweet and kind to us. His brother was also there and was a great laughtelling us embarrassing stories about Louis when he was little, thoughLouis wasn
t too happy about it.Louis is still a lawyer by day and by some nights the lead singer of his band. Me I am now performing a lot more as well as teaching others to play the cello with Lizzy since she and her husband also decided to movehere too.Even with all this deep down I felt like something was missing, call mecrazy but it
s true.Me, Louis and Evan were at Central Park since it was a nice day in thesummer and we needed a family day out, we had brought a picnic andwere currently eating our lunch talking about Evan
s progress in Juilliard.
“That’s great Evan I am so proud of you”. He gave Evan a proud fatherly
smile and carried on eating his sandwich, for such a short time Louis hadtaken on the father role amazingly.I was cut out of thoughts as my phone went off, I looked at the ID caller Mr. Jeffries flashed on the screen, we had become good friends since hefound Hope at the concert a year ago, despite age Hope and Evan had
 become good friends. I flipped open my phone, “Hi Mr. Jeffries”.
“Hi Lyla, listen do you think we can meet up and talk somewhere privateit’s important?”. Strange, he seemed so unsure and sad?
“Um, sure, um look we are in Central Park, so how about we meet atSheepMeadow Café?” I said, still confused as to why he wan
ted to seeme.
“Great see you there in 10 minutes thanks for doing this on short notice”,
he thanked and cut off. I closed my phone.
“Everything alright Lyla?”, asked my concerned husband, looking at himI replied “Yeah just have to have a quick talk to
Mr. Jeffries then I will be
 back. You too stay here and have some father son quality time.” I told
him while getting up and grapping my bag.
“Ok be safe”. He got and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I heard Evansay “Ew” as we kissed. Smiling I lent dow
n and kissed the top of his head
“Love you too”, I said to him.
I arrived 5 minutes later at the Café, and sat down at a table by thewindow inside. While watching the people go by outside, I didn
t noticethat Mr. Jeffries had arrived until he sat down opposite me. He face
seemed drained with a dead pan look. “Is everything ok?”.“Lyla I have some news”, he started.
“Ok?”. It came out more of a question than anything.
He opened his mouth to say something but closed it, “Just read these itwill be easier to explain if you do”. Pulling out a file out of his shoulder 
 bag and pushing it across the table to me.Casting him a curious glance I opened the file and started to read:
“Baby: Girl”“DOB: 12
“Weight: 5lbs”“Allow adoption…”“Release signature from all parental rights: Lyla Novacek”
Looking at Mr. Jeffries I asked quietly “What is this?”.
“Lyla I think you may have had twins without even knowing… it’
s the
same forged signature meaning your father also signed this too”. Oh my
God this can
t be true it
s a joke, but no I didn
t have a ultrasound
sincefather thought it was unnecessary.
“Oh my God” I whispered, my hand came and covered my mouth and
fell from my eyes. I have another child I didn’
t know about, whydidn
t father tell me, I remembered the night I went to see him and he toldme about Evan.
“Lyla I am so sorry I didn’
t tell you, but this could of ruined your future Idid what I
thought was best for us please understand that” he pleaded in a
quiet, tired voice, while holding my hand as tight as he could which wasvery little since he was seriously ill.
I pulled my hand out of his and stood up anger filled me “No you did
what you thought was best for you, you didn
t like the fact that peoplewould look at you differently because you had a young pregnant
daughter”. turning and leaving for the door.
“Lyla wait please there’s more!”. I heard him call out, well I don’
t care if there
s more it
s just going to be where his will and prized possessionsare.An hour later the hospital called and told me he had died of a heart attack 
 but before was mumbling “daughter” and “two” they thought he hadwanted me with the “daughter” part but never understood the “two” part.
I mumbled another “Oh God”. So that’
s what he meant another child whydidn
t I stay and listen to him.
“My father was trying to tell me something before he died in hospital”.More tears escaped my eyes, looking up at Mr. Jeffries I continued “Hewas trying to tell me I had had twins”.
Chapter 2 Nadine
s POVWell we are finally moving again back to New York, since you don
tknow what I am on about you see the old orphanage we went to in NewYork got burnt down, so we moved to Ireland where the orphanage wasoriginally set up, and now since it
s been rebuilt we are moving back. Itscomplicated I know.Let me introduce myself, my name is Nadine Wilson of course it
s not myreal last name since I don
t know who my parents are, I am 13 years old, I

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