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Short Sale 101

Short Sale 101

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Published by fernandocoqueiro

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Published by: fernandocoqueiro on Feb 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TFT 2008
By Marty SchultingTop Foreclosure Training co-founder and coach
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TFT 2008
Table of Contents
Welcome Page 3Military Aircraft and Short Sales Page 4Real Estate and Short Sales Page 5Short Sales 101 Page 6What is a Short Sale Page 7Where You Fit In Page 8The Foreclosure Process Page 9Homeowner’s Options Page 11The Process, Simplified Page 13Find a Seller Page 14Contact the Lender / Negotiate Page 15The Short Sale Package Page 16Loss Mitigation / Loss Mitigator Page 18The BPO Page 20Selling the Property Page 22Closing the Deal Page 24Conclusion Page 25
TFT 2008
Welcome to Short Sales 101, the first of a three part series that will change yourfinancial life forever. My name is Marty Schulting, and on behalf of my businesspartner David Corbaley, we would like to welcome you to the beginning of awhole new life; one filled with endless time, energy, potential, and money!What you are about to read has the ability to change your life; should you sochoose it. It is the core of what Top Foreclosure Training has spent years learning,designing, and doing.David and I both started in real estate long ago, and we saw many investorssucceed, but even more fail. As we progressed in our own businesses, we oftenwondered what a successful investor was madeof. Was it talent? Was it luck? Was it money?David and I have found the answer, and we willshare that with you in this three part series. Whatis unfortunate about the investors who failed, is that they had no idea how closethey were to making it big in this business. For some, all that was needed was alittle tweaking to make the business run smoothly. For some, a complete overhaulwas required. For both, the financial rewards would have been well worth theeffort!
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