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NetApp Data ONTAP 8 7-Mode Data Sheet

NetApp Data ONTAP 8 7-Mode Data Sheet

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Published by eacsmedia

Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode Operating System
Taking unified storage to new levels of scale
THE CHALLENGE Managing growth and change In today’s rapidly changing business climate, your enterprise demands cost-effective, flexible data management solutions that can handle the unpredictable and explosive growth of storage in your heterogeneous environment. As your business expands, you need your data to work for you. You’re looking for efficiency. You want data management that’s able to grow with

Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode Operating System
Taking unified storage to new levels of scale
THE CHALLENGE Managing growth and change In today’s rapidly changing business climate, your enterprise demands cost-effective, flexible data management solutions that can handle the unpredictable and explosive growth of storage in your heterogeneous environment. As your business expands, you need your data to work for you. You’re looking for efficiency. You want data management that’s able to grow with

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Published by: eacsmedia on Feb 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Data ONTAP 8.07-Mode Operating System
Taking unied storage to new levels o scale
KEY BENEFITS Adapt to change
Maximize service levels or yourbusiness and technical applicationswith fexible provisioning that enablesyou to adapt your storage to t yourevolving requirements.
Enhance data availability
We help protect your mission-criticaldata while keeping it instantly availablethroughout your organization.
Save storage, power, and space
Store more inormation on less diskspace, saving power, cooling costs,and space.
Increase productivity
Maximize sta productivity andget to market aster with ouroperating environment, optimized orvirtualization.
Lower TCO
Lower your total cost o ownershipthrough simplied deployment,administration, and management.
THE CHALLENGEManaging growth and change
In today’s rapidly changing business climate,your enterprise demands cost-eective,fexible data management solutions thatcan handle the unpredictable and explosivegrowth o storage in your heterogeneousenvironment. As your business expands,you need your data to work or you. You’relooking or eciency. You want data manage-ment that’s able to grow with you as yourstorage needs explode. It’s got to be fexibleenough to adapt to and protect your diversebusiness environment. You want a systemthat allows you to eectively manage yourresources—something simple, and somethingyou can aord.
THE SOLUTIONImplement our scalable, fexible DataONTAP 8.0 7-Mode operating system
storage solutions help you managedata in your enterprise environment with ascalable and fexible operating system wecall Data ONTAP
8 7-Mode.Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode provides:More ecient storage
High availability
Business continuance
Quality o service
Reduced storage management
Meet diverse needs
Our Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode architecture,which is an evolution o our innovative DataONTAP 7G, works together with our storagesystems to meet your needs, rom smallworkgroups to enterprise data centers. Oursotware integrates seamlessly with UNIX
, and Web environments. You getscalable perormance and a fexible storageenvironment with solutions that store andserve your applications, consolidate yourdata, and provide reliable data accessthroughout your enterprise.The Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode operating systemsimplies your management and optimizesstorage utilization by combining our patentedle-system technology and a microkerneldesign, giving you the ollowing benets.
General-purpose deduplication or removal oredundant data objectsReduces the amount o storage you need topurchase and maintain
Caches NFS volumes or accelerated le accessin remote oces and or server compute armsImproves your system’s perormance, responsetimes, and data availability or particular workloads
Instantaneously creates le, LUN, and volumeclones without requiring additional storageEnables you to save time in testing and develop-ment and increases your storage capacity
Prioritizes storage resource allocation to highestvalue workloads on a heavily loaded systemProvides you with better perormance or designatedhigh-priority applications
Creates fexibly sized LUNs and volumes across alarge pool o disks and one or more RAID groupsEnables your storage systems to be used at maximumeciency and reduces your hardware investment
 An integrated high-availability/disaster recoverysolution or campus and metro-area deploymentsEnables you to have immediate data availabilityi a site ails
Securely partitions a storage system into multiplevirtual storage appliances Allows you to consolidate multiple domains andle servers
Manages multiple NetApp systems rom a singleadministrative consoleSimplies your NetApp deployment and allows you toconsolidate management o multiple NetApp systems
Backup and replication management sotwareor NetApp disk-to-disk environmentsLets you automate data protection, enabling youto have mistake-ree backup
System Manager
Provides setup, provisioning, and congurationmanagement o a Data ONTAP storage systemSimplies out-o-box setup and device managementusing an intuitive Windows-based interace
Provides host-based data management o NetAppstorage rom Windows, UNIX, and Linux
servers Allows you to initiate error-ree system restoresshould servers ail
Write-protects structured application data leswithin a volume to provide WORM disk storageProvides you with worry-ree compliance withrecords retention regulations
Provides host-based data management o NetAppstorage or databases and business applicationsLets you automate error-ree data restores andprovides you with application-aware disasterrecovery
Enables automatic, incremental data replicationbetween systems: synchronous or asynchronousProvides you with fexibility and eciency whenmirroring or data distribution and disaster recovery
Enables rapid reassignment o disks betweencontrollers within a system, without disruptionLets you load balance an active-active controllersystem with no disruption to data fow
Rapidly restores single les, directories, orentire LUNs and volumes rom any Snapshotcopy backupInstantaneously recovers your les, databases,and complete volumes rom your backup
Makes incremental, data-in-place, point-in-time copies o a LUN or volume with minimalperormance impactEnables you to create requent, space-ecientbackups with no disruption to data trac
Maximizes data integrity or Oracle
DatabasesAllows you to enhance the resiliency o Oracle Data-bases so they comply with Oracle HARD initiative
Exports Snapshot copies to another NetAppsystem, providing an incremental block-levelbackup solutionProvides you with cost-eective, long-termbackups o disk-based data
Maintains two online copies o data withRAID-DP protection on each side o the mirrorProtects your system rom all types o hardwareoutages, including triple disk ailure
 Adapt to change quickly and easily
Flexible volumes don’t require prepartitioning.Now you can more easily tailor the data tot your needs. And, even better, you cando it more quickly with smaller overhead. A quicker response means a more nimblebusiness. With Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode,we extend the volume sizes by supportingaggregates based on 64 bits, resulting in atheoretical size o up to 1000PB.
Improve quality o service
With FlexShare™ you can consolidatedisparate applications, prioritize specicdata sets, and dynamically adjust prioritiesas the needs arise. You can use FlexShare tohost multiple workloads on a single NetAppsystem and then assign individual prioritiesto each.
Reduce costs
Now you can store more data in lessdisk space because we integrated datadeduplication and thin provisioning. FlexVol
 technology enables you to use your storagesystems at maximum eciency, thus loweringyour hardware investment to a minimum. Notonly do you reduce the amount o physicalstorage, but you can also see signicantsavings in power, cooling, and data centerreal estate costs.
Buy less storage
You can consolidate hundreds o terabyteson a single storage system because ouroperating system is so adept at takingadvantage o multiple processors. It’s theperect t or any business or technicalapplication.
Share heterogeneous data throughout your company
With Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode, you haveseamless access to data using block- andle-level protocols on a single storage system.We provide block-level data access over aFibre Channel SAN abric using FCP andover an IP-based network using iSCSI.Our SecureShare
cross-protocol lockingtechnology helps keeps you rom having tocompromise security, compatibility, or peror-mance when sharing heterogeneous data.
Enhance data availability
We also help you reduce costly downtime andmaximize access to your mission-critical data.Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode standard eaturesand optional capabilities that contributeto this high level o data availability include:WAFL
(Write Anywhere File Layout)le systemSnapshot™
Multipath high availability
 Active-active controller ailover
Patent-pending block-level checksum
Business continuance and compliance
We understand that lengthy disruptions toinormation access and noncompliance withrecords retention regulations are simply notoptions in your business. Data ONTAP 8.07-Mode includes innovative, disaster-tolerantdata protection and recovery eatures. Youget business continuance and disk-baseddata permanence eatures or regulated andreerence data.
Extend data protection
With NetApp Snapshot technology you canprovide near-instantaneous le-level or ulldata set recovery. You get up to 255 data-in-place, point-in-time images per volume.Unlike snapshot implementations rom othervendors, NetApp Snapshot copies are nearlyinstantaneous, and they require minimal diskspace overhead. They are uniquely suited orprotecting your production data.

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