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Standard processes implementation success factors

Standard processes implementation success factors



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Published by cherapa
I would like to share idea about how to ensure that you will succeed in implementing the standard processes.
I would like to share idea about how to ensure that you will succeed in implementing the standard processes.

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Published by: cherapa on Apr 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2008 Copy rights by MS.Cherapa Wannasuk Page 1
Standard processesimplementation success factors
By Ms.Cherapa WannasukPosition: Senior ConsultantGosoft (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.E-mail:cherapa@yahoo.com, cherapa@gosoft.co.thTel: +6626779471Mobile: +66981408022
We all know that there are a lot of IT processes announced from many organizations.The world most popular are ISO, ITIL and CMMI. Many IT organizations would like toapply the standard and some have planned to certify. Our organization is currentlydoing. I am one of participates in this implementation.It is not easy to apply standard. There are many ways to make it happens. First of allsupport from top management. How about the other key success factors and howthey are significant to do it. This paper will have some answers.It is not showing the complete lists but I do show the way to find them for you.
2008 Copy rights by MS.Cherapa Wannasuk Page 2
Standard processes are the best practices that the well-known organizations hasestablished and announced to public. The success stories of implementation bestpractice are wild spread. In Thailand, our government would like Thai IT companiesto certified standard processes. It is one of many ways to promote your organization.The government really supports us. If your company successfully implemented andget certificated your company name will be on the list of the government web siteand at the same time your company will get announcement in the certificationorganization.I would like to say that it will help the company to do positioning and at the sametime do marketing and advertisement. Of course, we need to pay some money andnormally we gain more.Establish objectives of implementation to be matched with business objectives is thefirst concerned. Do we really know that how standard processes help you?I would like to start with the word “standard”. From http://dictionary.reference.com/,Standard (noun) is (1.) something considered by an authority or by general consentas a
basis of comparison
an approved model
. So when you implement standardprocesses then you have the measurement processes at the same time. You shouldmake sure that you set up the suitable processes to your organization. The data thatyou get from the processes is really helping you in decision making. I really mean it.That is the reason why when you finished the processes development you shouldpilot, review and improve them.Let me show you the simple steps and give you the success factors at the last topic.
Start the development processes
The standard processes are a lot to choose. I let this decision to management. Whenthey select one they must totally support with confident. We as the follower have tofind the way to implement it. If you start with nothing, hiring the well-knownconsultant firm is one of my recommendations. You will get the basic processes howto implement the processes and you get the experience hands to help you tocompare your processes with the standard.From introduction, objectives should be set up and followed. Then you go thefollowing.1.
Establish the full time implementation project team with formalannouncement from management2.
Project manager of the team create the plan and get approved frommanagement. From the study, CMMI level 2 has 7 processes, and level 3 has11 processes, level 4 has 2 processes, level 5 has 2 processes. There aremany processes to be written and implemented. If your organization wouldlike to certify stage or continuous. Before you make a plan you should makedecision that how far the management would like to go. It is your scope of work. It is the input to make the detail planning. Then you start your plan.3.
Perform kick-off meeting. After your plan was approved, you should do thefirst meeting, announce the team members, and assign tasks to them.
2008 Copy rights by MS.Cherapa Wannasuk Page 34.
Execute the plan. Process implementation is not liked software development.They are related to the detail work of the employees in every level. You willdevelop the processes base on the normal work process. I mean write whatyou do and do what you write.5.
Monitoring and control. It is about the processes development. The monitorand control here are about monitor the process team work compare with planand control the output (it is the process). The output process must becomplied with the standard that we select. When you finished each one youhave to stay in the group, invite the team members who will use to review.You have to ensure that you understand the standard and can explain theuser deep in detail to many related questions during review.6.
Assess the organization processes. I know that if you hire consultant they willhelp you a long the way to here. They will assess your processes and reportthe finding to you. You will know how you process deviate to the standardmodel that you would like to comply.7.
Evaluate the processes and perform the improvement. When you get thereport you have to come back to understand the finding and do theimprovement.It is not difficult but it is not easy too. Many efforts will be put to make sure that allstaffs in your organization buy in the idea of the processes. I am confident thatmanagement support will drive you team 70% chance of success.The final processes will be announced as baseline to the entire organization. Thenyou are ready to the next step.
Execute the processes
This process is very important. You have to implement the process to the team thatthey support the idea of success first. They know how important of the process andthey are ready to measure their progress.We will develop training for the processes and templates to the pilot team members.Then let them check out the process to use. During the pilot you have to do the nextstep. I suggest that at least 4 pilot projects are executed with different size,schedule and effort.
Monitoring and control the processes
We should monitor how the pilot team follow the processes, how they use thetemplates. Non-conformance report is the tool that implementation team will use.These are the contents.1.
NC ID.2.
Project ID. Enter the ID of the assess project.3.
Process ID/Name. Give you the ID and name of the process.4.
Execute role. Specify the role that does this process.5.
Execute by. Determine name of the executed team member.6.
Task performs. Describe detail task during observation or interview.7.
Finding. Specify what we find out. What is different from the processes?What is missing?8.
Recommendation. Give the instruction to the executer.9.
Next review. Specify the next review date.

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