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roro jonggrang

roro jonggrang

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Published by Muetzz

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Published by: Muetzz on Feb 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ASKAH RARA Jonggrang STORY DRAMADisebuah beautiful village there lived a woman with her child named Bandung Bondowoso. They lived inpeace, until the point when they are busy telling Bandung Bondowoso ask a thing to his beloved mother Bandung: Mom, what mother would not be lonely if we stayed were alone in this beautiful village.Mother: Loneliness siap to le? Mother seneng wis nang kene ana kowe. We're living on easy street, happilyithout disturbing anyone, would ask that how this mother again.Bandung: Yes, maybe the mother wanted to have a husband again out there. My mother was beautiful, would bea lot of people who want to marry the mother.Mom: (with smile) Kowe say ki ora opo to.Ora .. .. Mother's okay to live like this widow. The important thingour mother had (he said, stroking his hair.Bandung: Why, saestu Bu. Mother's need to co-live.Mother: Complementary life? Lakyo kowe Sakjane not sing worth ngono kuwi takoni my patches. Kowe ikuis gede, moso kowe wae dewean bun.Bandung: (mesem) Ah, menawi kula, Boten not have in mind. Bu, saktemene kula ajeng tanglet kalih mother,kepenak Boten Nanging kula, ma'am.Mother: Kowe bun takon opo? Kok nganggo ora kepenak goods. I'm your mother opo iki udu. Takon bun opoto Le?Bandung: Mrs. Ngeten lho, Rama saktemene Sinten menika kula? Kula Ngantos sakniki kok taksih confused.Mother confused to answer, his eyes shifted far to the rice fields in front of his house.Bandung: Bo, why Mendel mawon? Wonten penggalih menopo to bu?Mother: My son Bandung (he said as he drew his chair). Wetu iki sing Sajake pantes. Kowe saiki wis gede, orakowe wedi karo story. Mother Réti, kowe must iso ngerteni iki.Bandung: Ana what, Mom?Mom: Your father kuwi sakjane Aduh noble area of Kono ong.Bandung: So my father's mother was still alive?Mother: Yen kowe nemoni pengen Ramamu pancen, yo ora opo-opo. Ramamu kuwi Golekana, mung isonanging pesen mother. Listen to the messages of this mother.Bandung: Yes, ma'am.Mother: I could sing iso kowe dongakake what would karepake Intersection tock. If you already menemukaRamamu, immediately kissed the soles of his feet as a sign of respect. Out there in the world, would be a lot of strangers who would you meet, and they must have the will of each. You are a warrior, do like a knight. Face all
the problems that confront the cold head. Ojo seneng muscle contest, my neat iku ora. Ojo Waton konotumindak ing, ora liyo kanggo botor njaga keslametanmu.
Bandung: inggih, ma'am.Mom: Lan amanatku meneh Siji (then entered the house and took a red scarf bewarna). Show the object onRamamu so he believes that you're his son.Bandung: Thank you, Mother. Mother, mother nanging kepripun kula menawi wander. Secure gesang Menapamother earth piyambakan ingkang ing Boten temtu niki (as he lifted his hand signs equating the vastness of thisearth).Mother: I would ora opo-opo keno. Mother may nyangoni slamet iso yo son tresnani not sing.Then Bandung went wandering. She walked through valleys, forests, rivers and other natural landscape. In thatay, he managed menakhukkan supernatural creatures and now the slaves.After long wandering, he reached the kingdom Pengging and became king there. Wanting to expand the power bandung Bondowoso to unite the kingdom with the Kingdom of Prambanan Pengging.Prambanan Kingdom led by a giant named King Boko. Hearing His empire was captured by the authorities toanother, Prabu Boko not stay silent. He prepared and equipped army to fight the royal food Pengging.Prabu Boko: Hey Bandung Bondowoso! If you want to master the Prambanan, is not that easy you have it.Prambanan Kingdom is a great kingdom. And I do not want you memporak-subjects that have been devastatingserene and peaceful!Bandung: Hahaha ... Yes. Prambanan is the kingdom of the great empire and soon I will master it. Hahahah ..Prabu Boko: Thphoo (spit)! If you are able, langkahilah my dead body!Bandung: I'm stepping over your body! Hahahaha ...ever mind stepping over your body, draining the ocean even I can!Prabu Boko: Basic wong kumalungkung!Come fight me!Then they fought heavily in Pengging Kingdom. But the king Boko dipeperangan punctured by a keris ownedBandung Bondowoso. Knowing King Boko was killed on the battlefield, Regent Gupala returned to theKingdom of Prambanan and reported it to the Roro Jongrang.Patih Gupala: nyuwun sewu Princess.Jonggrang: Ana what Patih. How wis bali saka njenengan war, ana ngendi Ramaku?Patih Gupala: (bowed their heads and worship) nyuwun sewu Roro. (think-think) Prabu Boko ...Jonggrang: Rama!? Ana what karo Rama? Panjenengan opo ora duwe to sing the news penak Patih?Patih Gupala: inggih Roro.Jonggrang: Ana ngendi Ramaku? (confused and almost cry). Story karo .. I Patih ramaku pot?
Patih Gupala: Prabu Boko menika fall ing war, Roro.Jonggrang: HA? What ngendikanmu kuwi bener. Boten Goroh opo Patih panjenengan?King Gupala: Saestu Rara. Kula ingkang ngertosi piyambak, Bandung Bondowoso nusukkaken kerisipun.Jonggrang: Sir ... (crying)Bandung iku Wektu Bondowoso cry ing theca ngarepe Jonggrang Rara. Bandung pour thinkers-thinkers, saysQueen ayu ngarepe ing iku? What selire King Baka pateni not want to sing?Bandung: (walking closer Roro). Got what grief kowe cah ayu?Jonggrang: Sapa kowe royal woman iki ing puzzle?Bandung: Hahaha ... I Sopo? Opo ora kowe recognize me, king of the Kingdom Pengging ing, Ian saiki singsing gede duweni iki kingdom (with menelentangkan hand with pride, then down again and walked aroundJonggrang). I Bandung Bondowoso duweni sing iki kingdom. Hahaha ..Ayu tenan koweDid not gelem dadekake kowe bojoku!Roro Jonggrang menehi are confused what the answer. Bandung iku sing wong wani sekti.Ra maybe I refused.
Atiku Nanging tresna ora. Wae durung know, how I dadi bojone njaluk. Penak tenan. I maneh, uwong iki gaweI sing kelangan gudeg Rama.Bandung: alah .. accept it .. I'm not so bad. I ngganteng kok. What happened kowe gelem ora? Opo kowe isinkaro I? Hem? (Karo nggoda)I Wah.Apa sing lakokake.Aku mumet bun.Sprinkle Jonggrang thinker thinkers.Jonggrang: Ngene wae, yen kowe duweni pengen pancen I, syarate sitik wae. Give me a thousand temples in 1night. Yen kowe kasil, I gelem bojo pitch outs.Bandung: .. Weh weh weh .. .. Well, kowe bener kok ki farce! Sewengni Wektu Sewu temple! 10 temples wae,hat conditions njaluk kowe mending n arsietwae Languages. Moso con .. Sekarepmulah gawe 1000candi.Arep tock siap nggo iku temple.Jonggrang: Kula tetep sewu digawekke pengen temple. That's my will. Verify if you love me Bandung ..Bandung: Wis, sakiki ngene wae. Pase, njalukmu piro?Jonggrang: I nyuwun sewu temple!! (karo bun nglungani)Bandung: Y owes .. .. yo wes Aja mutung to! Kanggo buktekake love you, I'll make a thousand a special templeto love this. (He said, holding his chest a sign promised)Finally, on second thought, Bandung Bondowoso will get the genie who had ditakhukkannya to help. When the

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