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Paul’s Indictment of the Jews

Paul’s Indictment of the Jews

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Published by: Grace Church Modesto on Feb 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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\u201cPaul\u2019s Indictment of the Jews\u201d
(Romans 2)
I. Introduction.
A. Paul began by introducing himself to the Roman Christians.

1. Considered himself foremost a bondservant of Christ.
a. Some glory in their high position.
b. Paul gloried in his humility \u2013 a servant.

2. Secondly, he was called by Christ to be an apostle.

B. He wanted to be faithful to this call, so after a brief introduction concerning
himself, he introduced the Gospel he brought: God\u2019s Gospel.
1. The good news promised years before \u2013 since the Fall \u2013 by the prophets.
2. Concerning God\u2019s Son, born in the line of David, according to promise,

declared by God to be His Son by resurrection.

3. Concerning God\u2019s promised Messiah who came to save His people.
a. Through this Gospel Paul received grace, and those with him.
b. Through this Gospel Paul received apostleship to go to the Gentiles.
c. Through this Gospel the Roman believers had been called \u2013 as we saw, both

on the Day of Pentecost, as well as those converted through their testimony.

C. He then directed his letter to the church \u2013 to all beloved of God in Rome, called
saints \u2013 gave them the apostolic greeting and blessing from God.
1. Paul expressed his thanks for them, because their faith was strong and lively.
2. He expressed his prayer and desire to see them.
3. But most of all he expressed his hunger to complete that which God had called

him to: to preach the Gospel to those in Rome.
a. Paul had not yet come to them.
b. He wrote them this letter to explain the Gospel: that it is the power of God

for salvation to both Jews and Gentiles.
D. But why did they need salvation? To know, they had to see the problem.
1. Paul indicted the Gentiles in 1:18-32. Natural revelation left them without
2. Now in chapter two, he focuses primarily on the Jews.
a. They thought they were safe because they had the covenant of God, the Law
and circumcision.
b. These things actually made them more guilty because they didn\u2019t keep it,

showing that they were really uncircumcised in heart.
c. Chapter two focuses primarily on how the Jews fell short.
d. Let me preview the chapter: Paul makes the following charges against them:

(i) First, they were practicing the sins they condemned in others (vv. 1-3).
(ii) Second, because of their sin, they were storing up wrath in the day of
God\u2019s judgment (4-8).
(iii) Third, they thought God would be partial to them because they were His

covenant people \u2013 but He doesn\u2019t show partiality to any (vv. 9-11).
(iv) Fourth, they were merely hearers and not doers of the Law (vv. 12-16).
(v) Fifth, through breaking the Law they gave the Gentiles an excuse to

blaspheme God (vv. 17-24).
(vi) And last, they might have been circumcised in their flesh, but their
hearts were uncircumcised (vv. 25-29).
(vii) They were relying on their covenant relationship with God \u2013 their
membership in the church \u2013 for their salvation \u2013 rather than on Christ.
(viii) Since this is a very real danger for the church in all ages, you can see
how relevant this passage is today.
(ix) We have counterparts: the Law/Word, read, preached, Bible studies,
prayer meetings, baptism.
(x) But unless we have something more, we won\u2019t be any better off. That
something more must be Christ: faith in Him and His righteousness.

e. Romans appears to have been addressed primarily to the Jewish believers.
(i) To Gentile converts as well; it contains God\u2019s plan to save them.
(ii) But most of his comments are addressed toward Jewish belief, how they

were wrong, and the status of the Jews now in the eyes of God.
(iii) Paul uses Jewish misconceptions to make the Gospel clearer.
(iv) But in doing so, he first shows how all men are condemned outside of

Christ, that the blessing of the Gospel might come to them all.
II. Sermon.
A. This morning, we\u2019ll only look at the first point: the Jews were without excuse
because they were practicing the very sins they were condemning in others (vv. 1-

1. Now Paul\u2019s charge in verses 1-16 certainly applies to everyone who is guilty of
these sins \u2013 to both Jews and Gentiles.
a. But it appears to have been directed primarily against the Jews, since they

were quick to judge others guilty and themselves innocent.
b. When Paul addresses them directly in verses 17-29, he will charge them with
exactly the same thing.
2. The \u201ctherefore\u201d at the beginning appears to transition us from the Gentiles
having no excuse to the Jews not having one either.

a. Perhaps they weren\u2019t giving hearty approval to those who practiced the sins
listed in 1:29-32, but from the charges Jesus made against them \u2013
whitewashed tombs, serpents, brood of vipers (Matt. 23) \u2013 they certainly
seemed to be practicing them.

b. The Jews might have joined Paul in condemning the Gentiles for these sins.
c. But he shows them that they are without excuse, because they do the same.

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