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WR Screens

WR Screens

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Published by jmh21

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Published by: jmh21 on Feb 08, 2010
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t is an honor and a privilege to contributesome of our wide receiver screen con-cepts at Lehigh University for the 2000AFCA
Summer Manual 
. We would like tothank Tim Landis, the Summer ManualCommittee and Lehigh Head Coach KevinHiggins for allowing us this opportunity. Inaddition, it is important to recognize theoutstanding student-athletes in our pro-gram whose hard work and dedication hasenabled us to reach the I-AAplayoffs forthe last two years.Wide receiver screens are an importantelement in our offensive scheme.There are five main benefits our widereceiver screen package provides ouroffense
It’s flexible. We are able to run at leastone type of wide receiver screen out of allour formations and personnel groups.
It’s practical. We are able to installand fine tune our screens using a minimumof team practice time.
It’s high-percentage/high yield. Overthe past three years, we have completedover 86 percent of our wide receiverscreens, with an average of more than 12yards per reception.
It slows down an opponent’s passrush. As defensive linemen are forced todefend the wide receiver screen, they areless effective rushing the quarterback dur-ing dropback pass.
Big play potential. Every wide receiv-er screen has a chance to go the distance.
The X Quick Screen
The quick screen to the X or backsidereceiver is easy to install and can compli-ment just about any run game. Like most ofour run and pass game, it can be used froma variety of personnel groups, formations,motions and even from the shotgun. Eachweek we will look to run this screen from aformation which is:
1 .
based on thedefense’s typical alignment gives our line-men a chance to execute their assign-ments successfully and
reflects similari-ties to what we are trying to accomplish inthe run game as it is a play-action screen
Quick Screen Assignments andTechniquesTailback:
If the quarterback is undercenter, fake the toss play to the strong side.If the quarterback is in the shotgun, fakethe inside zone play to the strong side andlook to pick-up the end man on the line ofscrimmage
Fu l l ba c k:
Sell full flow to the strongside and block the end man on line ofscr i m m ag e .
Quick Tackle:
Pull flat down the line ofscrimmage and kick out the cornerback.Work upfield if necessary. Leave the fivetechnique unblocked unless he buzzes tothe flat in a zone dog.
Quick Guard:
Block an outside zonecourse through the weak side B gap, climb-ing to the Will linebacker.
Block an outside zone courseto the weak side. Try to reach a three tech-nique if you can. Prevent initial penetration.
Strong Guard:
Block an outside zonecourse to the weak side. Prevent initialpenetration. Work up to the second level.
Strong Tackle:
Block an outside zonecourse to the weak side. Prevent initialpenetration. Work up to the second level.
Tight End:
Block an outside zonecourse to the weak side. Prevent initialpenetration. Work up to the second level.
If under center, fake tossto the strong side, set and throw to X. If inthe shotgun, fake an inside zone handoff tothe strong side, set and throw to X.
Take an angle to cut off the half orthird defender to your side. Stalk and cut ifappropriate.
Maximum split. Take two steps for-ward, then work back to one yard behindthe line of scrimmage. Turn your numberstowards the quarterback. Once you makethe catch, get behind and read the block ofthe quick tackle. Once you navigate hisblock, understand that the pursuit will comefrom the inside. Work back outside andscore!
Diagram 1
Diagram 2
The Mountain Hawk WideReceiver Screen Game
Dave CecchiniOffensiveCoordinator/ Wide ReceiversCoachLehigh UniversityBethlehem, Pa.Pete LemboAssistantHead Coach/ Offensive LineCoach

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