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The Tale of a Doomed Fish Page

The Tale of a Doomed Fish Page

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Published by NinerOnline

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Published by: NinerOnline on Feb 08, 2010
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Got a tip? Give us a call at 704.687.7148
Partially Funded by Student Fees Published twice weekly
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte •
November 5, 2009
Vol 22, No. 17 
Got a tip? Give us a call at 704.687.7148
Partially Funded by Student Fees Published twice weekly
Quentin HolneSS
 Sr. Staff Writer 
A wise man once said “Hip-hop and you don’t stop;” S.U. andthe Universal Family ollowedthat mantra Wednesday night,putting on a concert, to promotetheir newest mixtape release“Volume Wisdom.” With asound only a ew urban kidsare capable o, the bass o hip-hop lled Aterhours with littlecontempt or your eardrums.Now the local scene or hip-hop in Charlotte isn’t too popular(Creative Loang and Examiner.com have both done articlesaddressing this), nor is it highlyregarded, but that didn’t stopthese cats rom doing what theylove most. With a loud soundsystem and a ew mic’s, localartists S.U., Nemesis, and Legeand Sha-Blaze rocked the stageor UNC Charlotte. Promotedby Hip Hop University, LiveRighteous Entertainment andhosted by C.H.A.I.N. Reaction,these musicians gave the audience what they came to see.Beore the perormers got toshow their skills on the mic, theaudience was entertained with ahip-hop quiz. Now, this show wasn’t or the kids (rather, thesheltered kids), the crowd wasn’tspared the proanity, but that’s what makes the show real. Aunny host combined with a coregroup o emcees is what makes agood show.Unortunately, Charlotte’sown talented, budding-artist, Jocelyn Ellis, couldn’t perormas she was eeling under the weather. Her colleague andriend, Arturo Royster a.k.a
S Mp, p 3
Hip-hop perormerspromote “VolumeWisdom” release
KriSten litcHField
Finals are typically a timeo stress and cramming, but ortwo ormer student-athletes, lastspring was a time to discuss a way to put an end to the lack o pride at UNC Charlotte.While studying last semesteror exams, juniors BrendenHoover and Rob McCormick were disturbed by the signicantamount o other school’s apparelon UNC Charlotte’s campus andthe lack o pride the studentbody shows or this university.“Last spring I rememberstudying in the library, and we were talking about howembarrassing the lack o pride isto this university,” said Hoover.“Especially since we both rancross country and track orCharlotte. It was like a slap inthe ace almost because it wasas though we were working ornothing. We had a lot o ideas onhow to advocate UNC Charlotteand increase the pride.”With the determination tomake a change, the Facebookgroup, “I it isn’t 49er gear, getit out o here,” was launched andreceived immediate responserom current students andalumni. Currently the Facebookgroup has more than 600members.With the overwhelmingresponse to the Facebook group,Hoover and McCormick decidedto create a student organizationthat was devoted to benetingthe university, increasing prideand eliminating the disrespectthat comes rom a student bodythat some eel shuns its aliation with UNC Charlotte. Thus theUniversity Advocacy Group(UAG) was born.The UAG’s mission isto increase the pride at thisuniversity, not just throughathletics, but through all acetsthat UNC Charlotte and thesurrounding community has tooer the student body.“A common goal shared bycurrent members o the UAG isto increase pride by eliminatingother schools gear by reducingdisrespect,” said Hoover.Even though the UAGis one o the newest studentorganizations, ideas orpromoting the university areconstantly fowing rom the co-ounders.“We have a great core groupcurrently running the UAG.Rob and I are very thankul orthe dedication and hard workrom Patrick Schallenkamp[treasurer], and Jamey Anderson[Vice President o PublicRelations],” said Hoover.The UAG is currently workingon planning events to promotethe organization. The ocers o the student organization are alsodesigning t-shirts to hand out tothose students who continually wear other school’s gear oncampus.“My personal goal is orsomeone who wears otherschools apparel on our campus;to have them not make it throughthe whole day without someonesaying something to them,” saidHoover.The Advocacy Group is notonly reaching out to the studentbody and alumni who eel verystrong about the lack o pride.The Charlotte 49ers AthleticDepartment is appreciativeo the ounder’s and theentire organization’s eorts toeliminate the lack o 49er prideon campus.“There is no pressure likepeer pressure,” said AthleticDirector Judy Rose. “And thereis no better time to be a Ninerand show support by wearingour school colors and our logos.The success o our alls sportsand the excitement aroundboth basketball teams is reasonenough, but then just thinkabout ootball.”For more inormation onthe UAG or questions, emailuadvocacy@uncc.edu.
cHriS wood
 Staff Writer 
The one time o the year where it is socially acceptable to wear ridiculous costumes and“scare the pants o girls,” as ZacWalker so eloquently put it. OnOct. 29, Chi Phi Fraternity andAlpha Delta Pi Sorority this yeargave Halloween a less creepyand more charitable purpose.Collectively, they helped supportthe Boys and Girls Club o America as well as the RonaldMcDonald House.This year’s theme was“CarnEvil,” that tookunexpected and optimisticHalloween adventurers througha maze in the Chi Phi house thatthen exited through to the twoplus acres o their woodlandbackyard.“The three weeks that bothmembers o Chi Phi and AlphaDelta Pi put in as preparation was hard work, but the greatattitudes o everyone made the‘work’ seem easy. I’ve gotten achance to get to know my ellowbrothers better, as well as meetsome o the many beautiul women o Alpha Delta Pi.”said enior, Andrew McAnultyas he continued to do his part,building sections o the maze.Brian Roseneld, who tookresponsibility or Chi Phi wantedto especially thank SGA orpartially unding the event. “Wecouldn’t have done it withoutthem, and we hope there aremany Haunted Houses as wecontinue to move orward.“I’m really proud o my sistersor working so hard. We allsacriced a lot personally or thebetter o the whole, and it was agreat experience that we will allcherish orever,” said volunteerKim Pham.The Chi Phi house continuesto work towards Greek unity,“we share in the same passions,and even though we weardierent letters, our end goalis the same. We’re glad to hostevents, and we hope to pass onthe tradition o Chi Phi as wecontinue to work together withour ellow Greeks,” said ChiPhi brother and Inter FraternityCouncil (IFC) secretary, WardThompson.This year’s haunted househas been a great success. Notonly did each organization’smembers grow together andhave a great time, but they madea dierence in someone else’s lieas part o the process. With over3,000 community service hoursdevoted to the Boys and Girl’sClub o America and RonaldMcDonald House.
“Increase thepride,” says UAG
Photo/ Micheal GollyPhoto/ Micheal Golly
Chi Phi and Alpha Delta Pi raisespirits, dead at haunted house
Photo/ Micheal Golly
Two volunteers stage a grizzly murder at the “CarnEvil” mazeBodies line the trees of the “CarnEvil” mazeUniversity Advocacy Group (UAG) promotes school pride withinitiatives like “If it isn’t Forty Niner gear, get it out of here.”
The taleo adoomedfsh
pge 10
 We Review UNC Charlotte’sprodction o “The Crucible”
pge 7
november 5, 2009
november 5, 2009
KiMberly PalMer
 Sr. Staff Writer 
Oct. 30, The Evasons spookedand amazed the audience inMcKnight Hall with theirsupernatural perormance. Onthe day beore Halloween, theCampus Activities Board (C.A.B)brought The Evasons back tocampus to entertain the audienceas a little pre-Halloween treat.According to evason.com, Je and Tessa Evason are an“internationally acclaimedhusband and wie MentalistDuo,” who have been entertainingaudiences all over the worldsince 1983. They are consideredtwo o the top mentalists inthe world and have appearedon television shows like “TheWorld’s Greatest Magic” and“Powers o the Paranormal” onNBC and FOX.Acts included cell phone mindreading. Je picking a randomemale audience member. WhileTessa was looking the other way, Je asked the volunteer to withdrawal her cell phone, skimher contact list and stop on anyperson she wanted, as long as,they were not in attendance.Once the person was selected,Tessa identied the audiencemember by her rst and lastname and recited the name andnumber o the person o whomshe chose.Sophomore Jamal Potter who, was chosen rom the audience toparticipate in an act, said, “I wasa little skeptical about all o thatpsychic and paranormal activityI hear about, but right now I’mpretty much convinced. I’venever seen anything like this. It was amazing because she didn’teven know me and she was ableto identiy me out o all o thesepeople in here.”The crowd grew moreengaged as the acts continuedand became more dicult tounderstand. Asthe night wenton, the showseemed to drawthe audience in,leaving them wanting moreand lingering asit concluded.“I wish it was a longershow. Beore Ieven came tothe show, I readthe descriptionand wasimmediatelyintrigued to seei it was true ornot. I wantedto know howexactly theydo what theydo,”said juniorTeresa Herman.“When I wascalled out o the audienceand she knewmy name, it washard or me tobelieve. I guessshe ed o o my energy, buteither way I wasbafed by what happened. All o my doubt towards any o thisstu is cleared, now I’m denitelya believer.” The duo perormedan entertaining show and, whilesome audience members wereskeptical, by the time the show was over, they were not sure whatto believe. The night ended witha monstrous round o applauseand a slew o questions or theEvasons.“This was a good themedevent, being that Halloweenis tomorrow. The Evasons were here two years ago and were so amazing that we hadto bring them back. It was avery interesting show.” saidsophomore Sha-Keieam Downs,the C.A.B director o the event.I’m not saying any o this isimpossible but it’s more alongthe lines o something interestingthan real. I’m not saying it’s notreal either.many stage directors (in thiscase, stage rockers), the showmust go on. A couple urbankids, a beat and a mic constructa dangerous environment whensomeone drops the words “hip-hop.Yes, this was dangerous.I mean blow your minddangerous.Calling upon a riend, Roysterrecruited emcee Nemesis torock a segment in place o Ellis.Nemesis did not disappoint. Withhis mic-rocking rhymes, Nemesislaid down three songs or theaudience with little preparation.Nemesis still sounded like a proand showed that sometimes, thetalent to entertain a crowd justcomes naturally. He denitelyimpressed with his word nesse,and let the stage with theaudience trying to decipher the words he spit.Nemesis sounded like anartist who should be watched,should he get his 15 minuteso ame. A practitioner o thepen and poetics, Nemesis gavea good opening act, and a goodrepresentation o what talent ishidden inside many Charlotteartists.When it comes to hip-hopin Charlotte, there seems to bea lot o controversy within theculture. Local artist Sun 7 said,“I’ve watched Power 98 playeveryone’s music except theirlocals’ music.Sun 7 isn’t theonly artist with something tosay about Charlotte’s seeminglyoverlooked hip-hop scene.In a recent article orCreative Loang Charlotteartists, Johnny Madwreck said itbest, “Charlotte has everythingit needs to have an extremelysuccessul hip-hop scene, butthe problem is everything is toospread out … We’ve got a hugemulticultural university with novenues anywhere near it. We’realso missing the credibility orbeing known or hip-hop. We’remissing that one big rap hit,”The concert put on by S.U.and the Universal Fam showed what Charlotte hip-hop has tooer and with a diverse set o acts, Charlotte’s got a lot.The second act showcasedLege & Sha-Blaze who, in totalrespect, didn’t promote theunique eel the other artists wereeeling. This group producedentertainment, but didn’t reallysound dierent rom everyother musician you nd o MTVor BET. The words hit you,but many ell short leaving theaudience without a great vibe.Overall, they were a good lleror the rst and second acts,but they were missing a keyingredient, originality.The third and nal act was S.U., Mr. Royster himsel.Dropping three songs (one super-explicit) S.U. gave the crowd asample o his diverse capability.Clearly inspired by some o the ounders o hip-hop, S.U.’ssongs dealt with the struggleso urbanites, bad relationship with the benet o good sex, andthe old mantra o power to thepeople. All the acts deservedve mic’s or the eort put intotheir work.The night ended withdistribution o ree mixtapesand a well-wish or the recedingaudience. Charlotte hip-hop hasa lot to oer, demonstrated bythe acts Wednesday night. EvenUNC Charlotte has a couple o budding stars.
 m p 1
“Mentalist duo” Evasonsperform at UNC Charlotte
Photo/Jonathan Beltz
Arturo Royster amps up the crowd in Afterhours. A long list of hip-hopperformers hit the stage Wednesday night to promote “Mixtape Wisdom.”Magic mentalists Jeff and Tessa Evason
Photo courtesy of evason.com

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