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Write Angles 2-10

Write Angles 2-10

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Cover: Gertrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas, California's most famous ex-pat lovers.
Cover: Gertrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas, California's most famous ex-pat lovers.

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Published by: California Writer's Club - Berkeley Branch on Feb 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   O   F   F   I   C   I   A   L   N   E   W   S   L   E   T   T   E   R  o   f  t   h  e   B   E   R   K   E   L   E   Y   B   R   A   N   C   H  o   f  t   h  e   C   A   L   I   F   O   R   N   I   A   W   R   I   T   E   R   S   C   L   U   B
  W  r  i  t  eA n g l  e  s
   W   r   i   t   e   A   n   g   l   e   s
February 2010
 Write Angles •
TABl E oF ConTEnTs
 The View From the Helm
Upcoming Speaker:Seth Harwood
Circle the Hot Sentences(Past Workshop)
Upcoming WorkshopAmos White
4’Tis Always the Season...For Something! ........................5Member News .........................
Member Proles .......................7Shop Talk: Story of aFirst Draft
Open Positions .......................
Member Marketplace .............
The View Frmthe Helm
 The Berkeley Branch sails intoanother year with an ample cargo of new projects.We’ve managed a complete ret of our venue—bigger room, better parking,more time for our meeting. After acouple of months of frustrating searches and visits to venues thatdid not quite work, the Oakland Main Library emerged as a sitefor sore eyes. It has been around a long time and shows no signsof closing on short notice. The Berkeley Branch has the WestAuditorium at the library for four hours the third Sunday of everymonth. Thanks to Laura Shumaker, we’ve enjoyed a steady lineupof outstanding speakers who have entertained and informed usabout the business and craft of writing. Now our extra time alsooffers an opportunity to honor authors, a project I’ve had in mindfor a while.Beginning in February and for the rest of the club year, we will have an author event in addition to our featured speaker. The rst author will be Liz Wagele, whose book,
, was published by Harper Collins at the close of 2009.Liz goes on at the February club meeting at 3:30 p.m. on theafternoon of the meeting.Last fall I realized our membership growth hinted at somechanges in the character of the club. We are younger, morevigorous, and more successful at getting published. More of ourmembers need support in the marketing of their books.I asked Alon Shalev to chair a marketing buzz groupto exchange ideas and experiences. Alon agreed, and, asa consequence, no meeting has had fewer than a dozenparticipants. Lloyd Lofthouse has joined Alon as a co-leader of the group. Lloyd tells me they plan to practice elevator pitchesat the next meeting. And, inspired by our most recent speaker,Hut Landon, the group is planning a presence at the annualtrade show of the Northern California Independent BooksellersAssociation. The trade show is a chance to get in front of hundreds of bookstore owners and buyers.I predict the marketing group will be a signicant aspect of the Berkeley Branch and grow to be a club-within-the-club. The voyage of the Berkeley Branch through 2010 promises tobe an exciting one.
Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose / Loveliness extreme./ Extra gaiters, / Loveliness extreme. / Sweetest ice-cream. / Pages ages page ages page ages.— Gertrude Stein, 1913
on ThE CovER:
Gertrue stei 1874-1946Aice B. Ta 1877-1967
Bay Area writers who met in Parisin 1907 and became famousfor their forty-year expatriate“marriage.” Gertrude was a writer and poet of “excess of consciousness” and “rhythmic word paintings,” Alice, her museand editor.
 Write Angles •
Sunday, February 21, 2010, 1-4:30.m.
 West Auditorium
of the
Oakland Main Library 
at 125 14th Streetnear the Lake Merritt BART station.
 You can enter the room directly from Madison Street between 13th and 14th Streets.
1:00 .m
. Library doors open
1:05-2:00 .m
. Board of Directors meeting
1:05-2:00 .m.
Marketinggroup meeting
1:05-2:00 .m
. Social time formembers and newcomers 
2:00-2:15 .m
. Club meeting,announcements
2:15-3:15 .m
. Featuredspeaker,
set harw3:15-3:30 .m
. Break
3:30-4:30 .m
. Author event,
li Wagee, Igri stabb
Meet ur w autr:
At the February meeting, CWCmember
Eiabet Wagee
(www. wagele.com)
and her writingpartner,
Igri stabb
, willdiscuss their new HarperCollinsbook,
The.Career.Within.You— How.to.Find.the.Perfect.Job.for.Your.Personality 
. The book usesEnneagram, a personality typingsystem, to help you discoverinherent motivations andtendencies affecting your career.If you arere confused about thecareer you want, are struggling in your current career, or need helpnding a job,
could be the book for you.Stabb is a Yale MBA, hasorganized multiple career workshops andevents, and iscertied to teachthe Enneagram.Elizabeth has ablog on
: http://bit.ly/psychtdy.
sETh hARWood
Exeriment withSight and Sund: TheNew publishing
An acquisitions editor intimidated by the Great Recessionhesitates to look at manuscripts by rst-time authors. Literaryagents mirror the editor’s timidity. Regrettable, but let’sremember: the traditional road to publication is not the onlyroute. “If we know anything for sure about publishing right now,” writes Seth Harwood, our featured speaker for the February21 meeting, “it’s that it is changing. Authors, I believe, mustbecome scientists running experiments with new technology, newpublicity strategies, marketing, you name it.”Holder of an MFA in ction from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Seth has taught creative writing at the University of Iowa, Stanford, UMass Boston, and at the City College of SanFrancisco. More than a dozen literary and crime/noir journalshave published his ction. In July 2006, when he e-posted freeof charge the rst episode of his gritty story
, hebecame the rst crime author to serialize his work as a podcast-only novel. Last May, Three Rivers Press put
into print. Traditionalists can buy the novel as a paperback. Or,promises Amazon.com, you can access the book “on your Kindle”in “less than a minute.” You can also visit Seth’s Web site atsethharwood.com, where
and three more of hisnovels are available to the public in free audio installments.Download the installments to your computer, then, explainsthe Web site, “sync to your iPod, MP3 Player, Zune, iRiver, PSP, whatever. Or you can just listen here on the net.” People hear agood story, want to see it in print, look for the paperback. ThreeRivers Press is not the only publisher aware of this phenomenon.We, too, should take note. The February meeting will be anopportunity to learn about the latest publishing technology. Let’sprepare ourselves to follow Seth’s informed suggestion that we“try things on our own.”

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