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Vedic Jyotish : Libra & You : A self-intro

Vedic Jyotish : Libra & You : A self-intro

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Published by ParasJain1940
It is a talkative, positive, airy and semi-fruitful sign. Its talkative characteristic provides the person capacity to communicate, including the use of body language and facial expressions for making the communication more effective.
It is a talkative, positive, airy and semi-fruitful sign. Its talkative characteristic provides the person capacity to communicate, including the use of body language and facial expressions for making the communication more effective.

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Published by: ParasJain1940 on Feb 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vedic Jyotish : Libra & You : A self-intro
Vedic Astrology is the light of life and it is based upon the movement of signrising at the horizon at the time of the birth of the native, and also most importantly, thesign in which the Moon is located. The Western Astrology is based upon Sun sign andthe Vedic astrology is based on Moon sign which is more accurate in timing an event.Check your horoscope if you are a Libra native, as follows: a) The centre top(square) of your horoscope contains the number 7, and/or b) the slots (square or triangle) containing Moon contains the number 7, and/or c) if you do not have ahoroscope, then if your name starts with any of the following alphabets : ‘raa’, ‘ree, ‘roo’,‘rey’, ‘rou’, ‘ta’, ‘tee’, ‘too’, ‘tey’.The sign Libra is ruled by the planet Venus.1.It is the mooltrikona sign of Venus.2.It rules lumbar region, skin, kidneys and bones of the lumbar region.3.The sign Libra rising in the ascendant gives a magnetic personality, if Venus is fully strong.4.The person makes use of the body language for communicating withothers.5.If Venus is weak and/or afflicted in a Libra nativity, the person suffersfrom diabetes, venereal diseases, arthritis, gout pains and renal diseases.It is a talkative, positive, airy and semi-fruitful sign. Its talkative characteristicprovides the person capacity to communicate, including the use of body language andfacial expressions for making the communication more effective.Its positive characteristic makes the person a contributor instead of being only aconsumer. Its airy characteristic makes the person a thinker. Its semi-fruitfulcharacteristic blesses the native with affluence and resourcefulness in life.The sign Libra signifies sense of justice, clarity, strong will power, optimism andis highly sensitive. Librans are intelligent, restless and good natured and have apleasant disposition. They want to win others with love and hate violence. They havekeen interest in performing and fine arts.The weakness and affliction to Venus can turn them into depressed, stubborn,argumentative and annoying persons. Librans are cautious, confident, interested inlearning, gentle, artistic, and capable of getting out of difficult situations.Libra is a comparatively fortunate sign to be born in. The lord of the sign is anaffluent planet and is significator for enjoyments and comforts. It gives advisory roles inthe fields of finance and law, makes the person a life saviour through the practice of medicine and gives tremendous growth in business activities.The reason is, that apart from Rahu and Ketu, Mercury is the only planet that acts asa functional malefic for Librans.1.As Mercury is a fast moving planet, obstructions caused by its transit over natalpositions are short lived.
2.A strong and unafflicted Venus blesses all good things mentioned herein before.3.Endeavours of Librans are signified by Jupiter as per its strength in the nativity.4.Strong Saturn, being yogakaraka planet for this nativity, makes the personworldly wise and shrewd.5.The life and business partners of Librans are highly active as they are signifiedby Mars.6.They easily conduct their professional affairs as their tenth house is ruled by theMoon.7.The eleventh house, signifying income, elder brothers, friends and desires, isruled by the royal planet, the Sun.8.They think big, and enjoy successes of a high order. They enjoy the patronage ohighly placed friends, elder brothers and governmental authorities, whenever theSun is strong in the nativity.9.This is the reason why big industrialists are always friendly with top politicalbosses.10.Strong Mercury assures a disease-free and happy married life for Librans.Weak and afflicted Planets Effects1.SUN Deficient income, weak heart and discontentment, trouble tofather.2.MOON Changing professional activities time and again, loss of mentalpeace, trouble to mother and wife.3.MARS Steals dynamism, loss of spouse early if Venus and Moon, too, are weak,tender health4.MERCURY Disturbed married life, more physical ailments in later part of thelife, and of nervous nature5.JUPITER Lack of happiness from male progeny and younger brothers, lessenterprising and lack of fame. Lack of communicative power.6.VENUS Weak health, rheumatism and renal diseases, lack of affluenceand lack of charm7.SATURN Difficulties in academic and professional career, lack of mentalpeace and intelligence, spinal problems.Libra natives can safely wear Diamond or Blue Sapphire or Emerald as adjudgedby an able astrologer with detailed reading. The three gems can be studded in a locketand worn in the neck, under advice. If a benefic planet turns weak it must bestrengthened by wearing gems or correctly prescribed rudraksha and also recitingplanetary mantras. If a planet is adverse, it must be propitiated, and the relevant deitymantra or jap may be useful to alleviate sufferings.
P.D.Jain, Jyotish & Vaastu Consultant,C-587, Sushant Lok I, GurgaonE-mail:
Blogs:http:// jyotishgurgaon.blogspot.comhttp://mywishlistguru.blogspot.comWebsite:http://

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