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Critical Analysis of the Maslow

Critical Analysis of the Maslow

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Published by sreerama111

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Published by: sreerama111 on Feb 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Maslow gave a hierarchal structure of 
in a pyramid form. It was a structure from bottom to top with physiological needs at the bottom and self-actualization at the top.According to Maslow every human comes under this hierarchal structure andadvocated it will for the purpose of the motivation.But as the time are changing, the environment is also constantly changing, thedemographic structure, the sociocultural environment is changing at a rapid pace. So thequestion arises that does the Maslow’s hierarchical structure covers these changes also?The structure has to be evolved according to the changing circumstances. There is variouslacunae in the Maslow’s hierarchal structure.
Basis of Critical Analysis
Maslow did identify the needs correctly but the hierarchal structure does notfollow in many circumstances. The Maslow’s hierarchal structure does not also define theself-actualization correctly , the definition given by the Maslow was vague and if wedeemed it to be true then the whole hierarchal structure fails.Maslow’s hierarchal structure did not follow on many instances and with thechanging time it is coming more fore and visible.
Some of the instances are given below. After critically evaluating the situations,there is a need to re-define the Maslow’s structure.(1)The army persons, if we critically evaluate them we can see the Maslow’shierarchal does not follow on this situation. According to Maslow thePsychological needs like hunger, thirst comes first then the self-esteem and thesocial acceptance comes, but in the case of the Army personnel’s who are fightingat the border remain thirsty, hungry for many days but they are still willing to dieanytime for the country because of they life for there country.(2)Maslow’s self-actualization said that person who likes to do something and itcomes after all other needs. But Artists like musicians, painter who are doingwhat they like and also the sport persons who may not be known by anyone buttill they do what they look and are in the process of self-actualization. Self-Actualization is a process that goes on for life long so the structure has to be open.(3)There is a set of people like immigrants or refugees who are also seen to notfollow the hierarchal structure. So refugees, now form a huge chunk of  population, if the Maslow’s structure does not follows then it is a huge lacunae inthe structure and it needs to be reviewed. Refugee situation is a very complexsituation because the refugees may have achieved the stage of the self-actualization and because of certain reasons they have to live in camps wherethere is a dearth of food and also devoid of recent example is Sri-Lankan Tamilswho are in refugee campls after being caught in the cross-fire of the war betweenSri-Lankan Army amd LTTE.(4)Maslow’s Structure does not take into account the cultural differences betweenthe countries that exist. There are different cultures with different norms and
according to which the structure changes. Culture is a vast thing and under culturecomes everything that a human does. Different culture gives rise to differentneeds and this will make hierarchal structure change. In India the culture is of nuclear families here marriage is considered as an institution, and feel insecureabout there life, but they still they remain with each other because of the socialacceptance. This is just opposite of the western culture.(5)The saints, sadhu’s can also be said to not the follow the Maslow’s hierarchalstructure. May they come to the stage of the self-actualization befoe evenreaching the stage of the self-esteem. Swami Vivekanda a great saint philospher isthe most prominent example of the self-actulization.
With the above criticism, we could interpret that Maslow’s hierarchal structure.With the changing times the evolution of the model is necessary. So personally I propose two models.(1)Traditional Model(2)Modern Model
This is a traditional model, which follows the hierarchal structure till the Self-esteem; stillwe have to keep Self-Actualization placed apart from the other needs.Self Actualization is the stage where we are aware of inner self and here we dothose things which makes us happy or here is the stage where we are happy doinganything. It is a blissful stage where the craving for the physical desires diminishes if it isnot eliminated.Also the stage Self Actualization can come after any other need, as this does notfollow hierarchal structure.PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDSSECURITYSOCIALSELF ESTEEMSELF-ACTUALIZATION
Self-Actualization is a stage, which is continuous so the box needs to be open asthere is no end to this stage; there is no satisfaction level for this stage. The Self Actualization is just a stage where we are happy internally. As this is a continuous phenomenon it never ends so the closed structure will not be correct, it has to be open.This stage can come after any stage that is why arrows arise from every need andend at the self-actualization. This means that self-actualization totally depends upon theindividual his situations that he is in, his culture; his experience all plays an influence for reaching a stage of the self-actualization. So this does not depend on other needs and isseparated from other needs and placed separately.For example the musicians who do music because they love to do it and they arehappy doing it , they are in a stage of the self-actualization and they may have barelysatisfied the physiological needs before going to the stage of the self-actualization and thegreat musicians donate there lifetime for the music because they regard it as a service.
This is the modern model of the needs that I wish to propose, in this every need isinterconnected to each other except Self-actualization. In this model I want to put forwardthat by taking into consideration the change scenario where the safety has become a prime concern and also the changing mentality of the youth, the advent of the technologyhas changed the living situation that was at the time of the Maslow. So his hierarchalstructure has to be evolved and should be made more flexible to acknowledge the presentchanges and any future change that may take place.PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDSSECURITYSOCIALSELF ESTEEMSELF-ACTUALIZATION

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