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Bob Doyle_ Law of Attraction Transcript

Bob Doyle_ Law of Attraction Transcript

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Published by misha_apex

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Published by: misha_apex on Feb 09, 2010
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“Ask Bob Doyle” Teleseminar Transcript
Bob Doyle: Okay, I have 7:00 o'clock and so I would like to begin. I first of all, I just reallywant to, to thank you on several levels for being here. Um, first of all, for your enthusiasm andthe great questions I got, we just got a tremendous of so many more questions I could havepossibly imagined came my way with regard to Law of Attraction. Clearly things like TheSecret and just other movement that seems to be going on out there has generated a tremendousamount of interest in the Law of Attraction, learning more about it, learning how to implementit, and also I think a lot of people have from what I can gather from reading the, the emails andthe questions, a lot of people have been learning about the Law of Attraction some times fordecades and just not been able to break through to determine these results. And that is definitelysomething I want to help you with tonight because it is being able to implement the Law of Attraction is such a wonderful and powerful thing to do and there's just a few key things that Ithink are left out of most of the teachings and that's one of the things that Wealth Beyond Reasonprogram, we focus on. We certainly talk about the basics and the science, the Law of Attraction.But then, we want to get right into how you implement it. You know, what are the stoppingpoints, and that's really what my work in this field is really focused and what it's really all about.That's where my passion lies. And so, before we really get started I'd like to if you do haveaccess to the internet, I'd like to invite you to go to a page for me or you can just write this downand go to it at your leisure. Like I said, I will send it out a little bit later, later on tonight after thecall or tomorrow some time. But it'swww.wealthbeyondreason.com/askbobcall.html. So againthat's wealthbeyondreason.com\askbobcall.html, no spaces or dashes or anything like that. And,that will bring you to a page that has links to some of the resources that we are going to betalking about during this call that'll help you kind of get deeper into things that I can touch onwithout really going into full detail. Uh, so I think, I think you'll find that very helpful and if youcould, you could go there now or go there later, that'd be terrific.Now, I want to say upfront, I want to try and be as transparent with you as possible and let youknow what my intentions are for this call. I asked you to ask me the tough questions and Icommitted to you to answer them as fully and completely as possible and that is what I'm goingto do. I cannot be in integrity with myself if I'm giving you half answers or if I'm trying to makethis call into some sort of a tease for my program. That is not my intention. However, it wouldalso be dishonest of me to say I would, that I don't want you to be a part of our program. If youhave come this far and you're on this call or listening to this recording or if you have asked methese questions and shared with me things that are of interest to you, I would like to invite you to join us in the Wealth Beyond Reason program if you feel led to do so after this call.Um, but I think one of the things I'd really like to do here is to let you know a little bit moreabout sort of my story and how I communicate the Law of Attraction because I know a lot of you have maybe heard a couple of audios from me or you've heard me interview people oryou've just read my email. And so, it's really hard to get a feel for a person like that. Um, which,which leads me something else I just want to extend a thanks to. This doesn't apply to everyoneon the call but I have got, since The Secret has really started to explode out there, um, I've gottensome wonderful emails from some people who've said some extremely nice things about ourcontribution to that film and I just want to thank you for taking the time some times just to call to
This document copyright 2007, Boundless Living, Inc.Do not copy or redistribute in any form.
say that or just to write to say that, because this, this is a passion of mine and, and I can onlywish for every single person on this call that if they know what their passion is and they're outthere living their passion but they can get the kind of appreciation that I am blessed enough to begetting for just doing what I do and just being who I am. You know, I don't, I really don'tconsider myself to be, I, I, some times when I go to speak somewhere, someone will introduceme as a, a star of The Secret or a movie star and to me, to me that's just bizarre cause that's justnot how I fell. Um, I do, I'm very passionate about the Law of Attraction and I love to talk aboutit because I love to see it make a difference for people and that is just really what drives me. It'swhy you know we, we have the tremendous amount of information in a program that normallyyou know, people would spend if you, if you bought programs big huge curriculums online withthe amount of content that are, had you know, you can spend a couple of thousands dollars andI'm really trying to make it as accessible as possible for you so I'd like to get you to know a littlebit more about me. But I also want to prove myself to you by delivering on my promise of answering as many of these questions as I can. Now, with 1,200 plus questions, obviously manyof them are very, very similar and so I'm able to sort of group them together by category or typeof questions so while I'm not going to be reading individual questions that I'm getting, you willno doubt hear your question in what I'm doing, how I sort of group them together.Oh, the other thing I'd like you to do is to get, if you have it, the manifestation guide, the dailymanifestation guide because we're going to be going through that at the end of the call. Um,actually it's funny because I was looking at it today, I printed it out for myself and I thought oh,actually I've got a lot of instruction in those, there's not really that much explaining to do except Idid get a lot of questions about what is EFP because of course, I've made this assumption that,because I talk about it so much in some of the emails that I send that everyone would know whatI was talking about which isn't the case. But we will be talking a lot about it today because itdeals with one of the most common issues and that's blocks and limiting beliefs and variousforms of resistance and we'll get to that.So, I think obviously the, the first thing that it makes sense to talk about is probably one of thebiggest questions I got and that is really what is the Law of Attraction and how does it work.And if any of you have ever heard me on interviews or whatever, some of what I say here will befamiliar. I'd like to try and go a little bit deeper because we have the time. And by the way, Iwant to go, I'd like to try and do this for about 90 minutes but if we're on a roll, if I'm just notaddressing, if I haven't gotten to what I want to cover, I'll keep it going for up to two hours. If you can't stay on that long, that's totally fine, I understand but again, my commitment is toanswer these questions and to be as thorough as possible.The Law of Attraction is something that is a lot of times, in this conversation in the personaldevelopment category, we're, we only think about it in terms of well you attract well or youattract relationships, but it's really something that binds, at, at the risk of sounding likeobie1kenobie here, it really binds the universe together. By, it's how everything exists, howeverything works in the universe. I mean it's all, the universe is all energy and I think that weknow that enough these days. Hopefully, we're all open minded enough to understand that whenyou break things down to their, their smallest part that what we all are and what everything in theuniverse is, is energy. And, energy vibrates. Okay? And energy in and of itself, when at thatform, doesn't have any form, it's just this wave length, it's just this vibrating wave length out
This document copyright 2007, Boundless Living, Inc.Do not copy or redistribute in any form.
there. And there are certain, this Law of Attraction which states that, "Energy that is vibratingparticular frequency will attract other energy that is in resonance with it." Now, the problem thata lot of people have with learning love attraction is that it's been oversimplified in its explanationas light attracts light. Or what you focus on, you get more of and while that is some times howthe Law of Attraction occurs, it's just a subset of what the Law of Attraction is all about.Because you can point to things in life and I like to use this example because it's a very commonquestion I get. In relationships, for example, a spouse who is attracted to somebody or whomarries somebody who's their complete opposite from all indication, one person is very quietand, and sort of meek and the other person is really out there, and yet it really works. And thenpeople say well, opposites attract like magnets and all of that's true, okay. So, it's not about lightattracts light and it's not that this, it has to be the same frequency to attract. Because I always saywell if that was the case, then all of the frequencies that are chairs would be slamming together,all the time and that is not how it works. The actual, the actual way that it works is, is morecomplicated probably than we could even explain at a, at a quantum method you know. Wedon't need to know the minutia. All we have to know is that if two vibrations if you will are inresonance with one another and that, what that means is that if it is appropriate for them toattract, then they will.When we talk about resonance, I think one way that I can sort of explain is, let's think aboutmusic, the kinds of music you like. Have you ever listened to music and you just enjoy it. Thetype of music you like, you resonate with and very often you can feel it when you listen to musicand if it's emotional to you or has some other sort of trigger, you can feel it in your body. You'rehaving an energetic response. You are resonating with that music and you continue to listen to itbecause you like it. When you are with a person that you resonate with, you like to be with thatperson whether or not their personalities are similar to you or anything. There's something goingon at an energetic level where your vibrations, your energy is in resonance with this person.Now, it's not just people. It's every single thing in your life including money, your car, yourhomes, your careers, everything about your experience that you can look around and see rightnow. You are resonating with it. Now to try and figure out how, I mean, if, if just you know,you can look around at dust on the floor. You're with resonance with dust on the floor. Thatdoes not mean that you are making lists trying to attract it. You know, if you don't have dust onyour vision board. It just simply means that who you are right now and all the things that you'velearned and what you believe and everything that you know about being a human being has putyou in a particular vibrational state which has attracted everything around you. It doesn't meanyou like it. It just means that you have allowed it at a level of vibration, okay. Your, yourfrequencies resonate with those frequencies and so they are there. And because it, it happened soeffortlessly, you don't take credit for doing it. In other words, you don't understand what, how,how much in control you are of what is there. Now once it, you see, when most of us areattracting by default. We have, we were born into this world and we're just pretty much freshclay and we've been taught all sorts of things about what's possible, what's good and what's bad,what's hard and what's easy and so on. And all of us have learned a little bit differently andbased on what we've learned, it has shifted our feelings, our beliefs, and those are what have the,the direct impact on our vibration, on what we as this cluster of energy that we call ourselves,okay. Our emotions are what control that frequency.

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