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The Illuminated Night

The Illuminated Night



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Published by Asimo
A short story about a man, a women, and their unusual encounter.

There are some grammatical errors in here that I am aware of, I just haven't had time to upload a working revision.
A short story about a man, a women, and their unusual encounter.

There are some grammatical errors in here that I am aware of, I just haven't had time to upload a working revision.

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Published by: Asimo on Aug 31, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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These two had never met, although they saw each other every day in the hall oftheir apartment building. It was by chance that they happened upon one another inthis diner. He gazed from the doorway at the girl who he had dreamt about numeroustimes. Finally, after going over every possible scenario in his mind, heapproached her. As he walked up to the booth where she was seated, she turned her head and lookedtowards him, starting into his jacket, up, past his crooked collar, up, past histhick neck, and finally arriving at his face. She stared at his strong jaw, hishigh cheek bones, and his autumn hazel eyes, which could barely be seen throughthe mask of brown hair he wore draped across his face. His eyes fell upon her hair, a shade of golden blonde which fell at shoulderslength, shimmering in the glow of the fluorescent lighting, paralleled by thedarker streaks of brown, which seemed as if they were shadows, cast by greatwonders. Her eyes were reflecting pools, clear blue, testaments to the fountainsof Rome. Her mouth was petite, and her lips seemed soft, like the most luxuriousof cushions. He stood there for a moment, then asked if he could sit with her. She fixed hereyes back on him, gave the slightest of nods, and shifted over in the booth. Hesat, and was paralyzed with confusion. He couldn't decide on what, if anything, tosay. Finally deciding to let loose and improvise, he began to speak, and just ashe did, the waitress arrived."Here ya go, hun." she announced, as she placed the cup of warm coffee and theplate of cold pumpkin pie in front of her."Thank you.", she replied meekly. She began to sip slowly at the cup of coffee,not only because it was hot, but also because she needed an excuse to not speak. The diner at this point was nearly silent, save for the hum of the lighting, thesizzle of the grill, and the two bells above the door, which jingled as the lastcustomer departed. Two minutes had passed since he had sat down, and not a wordwas said except for the brief exchange with the waitress. At last, words spillingout of his mouth like the breaking of a dam, he said,"My name's Jason." these three simple words were what he used the finally teardown the wall of silence between them."I know"."And yours?""It Samantha-", she began, "but my friends call me ‘Sam’.”"Heh, ok 'Sam'. ", he half chuckled through the sentence."I said my 'friends' call me 'Sam', I never made any mention of you.""Oh..."A feeling of gloom superseded the adrenaline induced boldness within him.He looked towards the door, thinking it would be best if he were to merely get upand leave. Just as he began to leave the booth, she burst into laughter."Don't worry, Jason, I was only kidding." He looked back her, and could not helphimself from joining in. For the next two hours, they sat in the diner and reveled, until around 12, AM,the waitress asked them to leave so they could lock up. They walked hand-in-handback to the apartment building, the street lights illuminating the ground below,reflecting in the moist asphalt of the road.They entered the apartment building, a large edifice of old brick, still standingsince 1949. He had moved into this particular building because the rent of seemedfair at the time, especially to someone who's total income in a single yearamounted to zero. Samantha, however, had moved in because it reminded her of thebuilding she was raised in. Same age worn bricks, same number of floors, sameleaky faucet, and same temperamental heating system. Though it matter not whatbrought them there, but rather, the fact that they were together now.

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