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Medford Cemeteryjr1a

Medford Cemeteryjr1a

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Published by cunningb

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Published by: cunningb on Feb 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Medford Cemetery...County Road 1301 Rusk Texas,Cherokee CountyMedford Cemetery was first brought tomy attention, by my brother, Donald Gene Rawls.While working for Rusk Rural Water Supply, he would pass by this very old overgrowncemetery, from time to time.One day he decided to stop, and look at the cemetery. Needless to say, trying to even " walk ", through this cemetery was almost impossible. It was completely grown over with heavy brush and thorn vines. He eventually made his way to a Headstone Marker.It only had a singlename hand carved on it. " MEDFORD ". My brother made a note of this, and eventually one day, when I came for a visit, he mentionedthis cemetery to me. He is the "Caretaker ", of another cemetery, himself. I told him I wouldlike to see it someday.Let me say at this time: The Medford Cemetery I am referring to, is not a " MedfordCemetery ", that once existed in the Salem area. This cemetery, near Salem, is nowknown by another name. From what I understand, and was told to me, there is acemetery in the Salem area, once referred to as the: " The Medford Cemetery At this time Iwill relate to you, the storyI was told:The Medford Cemetery in the Salem area, is an African American Cemetery, of freed slaves.The " slave owner ", established this cemetery for his " slaves ". When this gentleman died, hewanted to be buried in this cemetery. At that time it was not a proper thing, for a " white man", to be buried with his " Negroes ". This gentleman when he passed was buried, just outsidethis cemetery. At a later date, the cemeteries' boundary was moved to include this gentleman.This is what he had originally requested. The gentleman that relayed this storyto me, is veryhonest. An honorable man.My name is Albert Joseph Rawls...Native Texan.!I have loved Texas' History, ever since I was a child. I am veryinterested and fascinated by the Moses' and Stephen F. Austin Land grants, that led up tothe Texas Revolution, and its' Independence. I have researched the Texas Revolution prettyextensively. I can even pretty well tell you, what was the first flag, that flew over Goliad was.I know, another story, at another timeI moved back to Rusk, Texas on March3rd, 2009. One day my brother, Don, mentionedMedford Cemetery again to me. He told me it was very, very old, from what he saw, havingexperience dealing with old cemeteries, and the one he is the " Caretaker ", of. One day Iasked him if he would showthis cemetery to me. We drove out to Medford Cemetery, andmyfirst impression was...What cemetery..? The only thing I saw was a sign, that said:MEDFORDCEMETERY We made our way through the brush, and he showed me a, nativestone, handcarved Marker. It read MEDFORD. Nothing more.! 

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