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Deek Magazine #10 - The Greed Incident

Deek Magazine #10 - The Greed Incident

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Published by Jesse Hicks

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Published by: Jesse Hicks on Feb 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Greed Incident 
:Nova Keenan
:Matt Stroud
Nonsense management:
Nate Bog(os/uszewski)
Minister of propaganda:
Benjamin A. Edwards
Design overlord:
Doug Crissman
Bob Revay
Masters of copy:
 Jesse HicksMo Mozuch
: Jessica Robyn J.C. Ciesielski
:Rachael Dingfelder
 Artists of submission:
 Joshua Abelow Eric HewsHouston McIntyre Jae RubertoTodd (Hyung-Rae) Tarselli
 Writers of submission:
Greg BeneventZiggy CN John DanielsMaxwell DemonClinton DoggettScabby Doo Arthur FaceDr. G  Aethelbert J. Gainsborough, XVIDelbert Grady Asbestos Jones Joe Laquinte Jessica LearStephanie Maskiewicz Whitey McGeeMichaek Ben’s Mom John MorvaySturm Ragnarok  Abigail Rowland Jason SalinetroChristopher D. SalyersIan Scuffling Nathaniel SolteszThomas VanGemertBones VanPeeblezKeith J. Varadi
 Aprilboice-Terrel AllenKatie BrintonBen ButalaRobin Duster Aaron Hall Joey RocketBethany SmithSara Walling Rianne Woods
Copyright 2004 DeekMagazine L.L.C.Send correspondence toDeekMagazineP.O. Box 7502Pittsburgh, PA 15213 words@deekmagazine.comhttp://www.deekmagazine.com
The material in DeekMagazine is created for entertainment purposes only. DeekMagazine is not responsible for any consequences incurred during or as a result of reading DeekMagazine. Please don’t publish any of Deek’s glorious material in your zine or chapbook or independent press or whatever unless you ask permission.To ask permission, send an email to words@deekmagazine.com with the subject line “YO NEED STUFF URGENT!!! BEN’S CRACK IS CLEAN
 AND DIRTY!!!!!!!!!
and then ask nicely, saying something like: “Nova and Stroud are my dream women so, please, with all disrespect, can I borrow that [name of article]?” The fol-lowing are comments from a bright hole in the sky: You are
the Hamburgler. There is something fucking wrong with Combos. It’s a big Ben’s mom festival.Deek only fucks (loves) the finest of meat. I want to see more bushy tails and sarsaparilla choo-choo fun-fun rub-rub. Ooooh nu-
. My money is not yours.Ostriches make me… Deek Magazine is all about parking illegally. Stains, dude. Stains. Shot through the heart, and you’re a flake / You gave love a pancake. Fuck.Fuck. Fuck. Person 1: He’s a cunt. Person 2: He’s white. If Brian Huffman’s girlfriend bites off his penis and he gives me $800 billion dollars, I will still hatehim. Hanson is here – it’s over. The paint salesperson at Lowe’s informed my mother that she is an enemy of freedom. Greg Benevent wrote a play called “The SeaGnome’s Favorite Modern Fairy Tale” and the world was a better place. Thomas Crown has an “e” at the end of it now. I’m sorry, really. For everything.
The Greed Incident –
 An exercise in arbitrary avarice
October, 2004
Table of Contents
6 Letters – from, to8 Shorts – Newsbriefs, Ziggy’s night out, Shitty panties, More cock, Tea32 Entertainment – Summercon, Chomsky vs. Piper, Zardoz, Sexy Nights of the Living Dead, Haikus, Clutch, Slayer, Bill Clinton, Get Your War On, Xiu Xiu, Dogget’s lists42 Gallery46 Advice – Dr G., AskEmo48 Events50 The Underappreciated Scholar – Cool Yinz-selves Off!
The Big Bag 
“Somewhere over halfway through the big bag, if you’re still with it, the realization comes that you nevershould have eaten so many Combos. By then, it’s too late.”By Michaek 16
My Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds
 An exercise in Greed takes on mythical proportions.By Benjamin A. Edwards22
Billy Jane – All I Want is Death, Fast and Easy
“She is substituting me for something and she doesn’t realize it. Most likely she will never realize it.Even if I scream it into her face, she won’t realize it. Or maybe she will. Whatever.”By Thomas VanGemert26
Specter of the Pornographic Beyond
“Or does it mean that you had enough conviction and you had made it to heaven? A heaven at her feet,constantly in pain, all because you had such amazing conviction…”By Greg Benevent

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