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Breakable Bella (Revised) Part 2

Breakable Bella (Revised) Part 2



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Published by Rachel
Longer, better..definitely recommend re-reading. My replacement for Eclipse. Starts off as Edward loses control after a spat with Jacob. Some later parts may not be appropriate for minors. See author's note.
Longer, better..definitely recommend re-reading. My replacement for Eclipse. Starts off as Edward loses control after a spat with Jacob. Some later parts may not be appropriate for minors. See author's note.

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Published by: Rachel on Feb 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I sat on the rocking chair and sighed. Alice was right, as usual. No wonder Bella could not acceptmy marriage proposal. She did not trust me. How could she? I bailed at the first sign of trouble.
 I’m jealous and controlling. Too serious and brooding. Aside from my physical strength, I’mweak 
.I took a deep breath of her tantalizing smell, then added “heroin addict” to the list.
 But she still loves me despite all of my faults. She just wants me to love her back.
She looked as beautiful as ever now, curled up on her bed like a kitten. I was glad that Jasper calmed her before she ran out of tears. I had no reason to doubt him. I would have to find a wayto apologize later.The absurdity of my “hands off” policy was quite clear now as well. She deserved a boyfriendwho could kiss her. One who could grip her waist tightly without harm. One who could rubsoothing circles on her hand.I had managed all these things so far. My anger towards Jacob was what clouded my focus. If Icould stay calm around Bella, maybe things could go back to normal.Yet she had brought up my intimacy rule again. I had not realized that it was still so much on her mind. But it made sense; it was always on my mind even though I tried not to think about it. Weloved each other so much, possibly more than any two people had ever loved. But it felt like wewere the only couple in the world that could not fully express those feelings.Her graduation deadline was just a month away.
 If she could only wait…
 She stirred in her sleep; Jasper’s effects were long gone by now. She whimpered and tossed.
 Probably having nightmares about me.
But I usually knew how to stop them.I lay down next to her and lightly encompassed her with my arms. She snuggled against mychest and smiled slightly. As I closed my eyes, I felt as close to slumber as a vampire possiblycould.I eagerly hummed her lullaby as my fingers scaled her clothed back. A
sigh of relief left me.
 This plan was the shortest-lived plan in history.
I felt cool arms on me as I started to wake up, so I kept my eyes closed. Maybe I was stilldreaming. Hallucinating, perhaps. I didn’t care.I didn’t let myself think that Edward had really left after promising to stay. He probably justneeded some time to cool down. But his “no touching” rule left me reeling.Could I even stand that? I wished that he could sleep, just so I could sneak and touch his cold,granite skin without being scolded.“Bella,” he breathed against my ear. I jumped. That felt much too real.My anxious eyes met golden ones.“I’m sorry, did I scare you?”I stared at our skin contact and shook my head to myself while trying to make sense of this. HadI dreamed everything up? But my cast was still there.“I realized that neither of us could bear not touching each other,” he explained. “It was one of themost ridiculous thoughts I’ve ever had. I’ll be the first to admit it.”I thought of the electricity we conducted and agreed silently.“And I’m sorry for leaving after I promised you I wouldn’t.”“You were really going to leave for good?” I gasped. He froze and looked like he regrettedmentioning it.“When you went through the list of each thing I did wrong...I thought you were telling me in somany words that you would find someone better. I wasn’t thinking clearly. Alice snapped me outof it.”He kissed my cheek, his lips cooling and smearing the foreign moisture found there.
When did I  start crying?
Now tears sped down my cheeks, burning them as they went along.“Please don’t cry,” he pleaded. “I’m so sorry, about it all.”My hands clutched his shirt, bringing our bodies closer. I just wanted him to hold me. And hedid.I rested my wet face on his chest and closed my eyes, praying that at least this part of the daywas real.
I don’t know how long we were lying there, but we were interrupted before either of us felt likegetting up.“Bella?” Her father knocked on the door.“Yeah?” she answered a little breathless. I was in her closet before he peeked inside a secondlater.“You’re still in bed, sleepy head?” he chastised playfully. “Jacob is coming over in a fewminutes. He wants to see you.” Charlie did not even try to contain his excitement.I cursed to myself. I had not even gotten a chance to talk to her about him yet. I resisted breakinganything in her closet. The door closed and I walked slowly out of the small space. She looked atme apologetically.“I forgot that Charlie was even home. It must be Sunday.”“It’s okay, you go get dressed. Call me when he’s gone.” It was clear that I did not mean Charlie.I slid out of her window before she could respond.I ran straight to the forest where I could enjoy decimating several large trees. After Edward vanished, much to my dismay, I put on some sweats and quickly brushed my hair and teeth.
 I shouldn’t try to appeal to Jacob any more than I already do.
I headed downstairs andshortly after, he knocked.“Hey Jake,” I smiled after I opened the door.He did not smile back. “Hi. Can we go for a short walk?” He looked pointedly towards the livingroom where my dad was watching a game.“Sure.”I followed him outside, neither of us making eye contact until he stopped at the edge of thewoods. I noticed that we were precariously close the
area.“What is going on with you?” Jacob accused, disrupting my frozen thoughts. “I know he washere; I smell him. You’re just going to forgive him for 
you? I’m telling you thatvampires are too dangerous to--”“Right, and werewolves are so much safer?” I shot back unapologetically, my mind now clear.“Yes, actually they are. If you’ve noticed, I have yet to hurt you.”

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