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The Shoes that Charlotte Wore: Pt 4: A Feast Upon a Beauty

The Shoes that Charlotte Wore: Pt 4: A Feast Upon a Beauty

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Published by Alice V.

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Published by: Alice V. on Feb 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Feast Upon a BeautyThe radio in the bedroom went off loudly, shocking her out of sleep to She WantsRevenge’s “Tear You Apart.” The sun was setting outside and the orange rays gentlyspilled into the apartment with the day’s kiss goodbye. She felt groggily from the nap shetook. At first she hesitated to take one but upon laying on the couch for a rest succumbedto sleep’s bidding. She took off the latex gloves she still had on and tripped over the glasscleaner bottle on the floor.“Damn it.” She cried under her breath as she grabbed her foot and bit her bottomlip in hopes to subside the sudden shockwave of pain through her foot. “Who knew a plastic bottle could hurt that bad.”She wiggled her toes and proceeded to the bedroom to turn off the radio. Silenceagain as she looked at the clock and noticed it was already 5pm and she still had not goneout for the groceries she desperately needed. Not wanting to eat Cup O’ Noodles againshe put on her coat and shoes.The grocery store was packed with people carting their young children in the baskets as they filled up on pop tars, lemonade, and fruit snacks. Jennifer had never thought about having children of her own until she seen a cute little blond girl withShirley Temple curls and dimples. She was sucking on a lollipop while her mother, anequally impressive blond picked out some diet ice cream from the freezer. The little girleyed Jennifer as she grabbed some Oreos off the shelf a few feet away from them.Jennifer waved at the little girl whose mouth, teeth, and tongue was tinted red from thesucker. She smiled and waved back with her little hand.It was getting late. She wanted to be home by 7pm, have dinner by 8pm and beready for work by 9pm. Jennifer wasn’t sure if Nimai was going to come back because hedidn’t say anything about returning when he left. She wondered if it was better that way.Besides, her life with a kid that thinks he’s immortal didn’t seem like a good one to her.She was starting to regret what she had done. Even though she wanted to believe him, shecouldn’t. Reality wouldn’t let her and perhaps he was just a kid looking for thrills and perhaps the night before was nothing more.She still had not called Ian back. He had called again that day but didn’t leave amessage. She wasn’t sure what to say to him or how she really felt about their date yet for that matter. The fact that he let Leslie ruin it and didn’t stand up for her bothered her butshe wasn’t sure if she was sad or mad about it either.By the time she finished her shopping and headed back to her apartment it wasdark. The streets were started to become busy again with cars, people, and prostitutes. A bottle fell and crashed on the sidewalk across the streets as two bums fought over a placeto sleep. Jennifer was instantly transported to the alley again and her heart raced. Ignoringwhat just happened she forced the memory from her mind and continued into the buildingand up to her apartment.
As she exited the elevator she took a few steps into the lobby and stopped cold inher tracks. Her apartment door was wide open and as she slowly neared she could seesomeone broke the deadbolt. She put a hand over her mouth to muffle her soft scream asher eyes filled up with tears she blinked them away. She moved backwards towards theelevator slowly trying not to make a sound and took her cell phone out to call Ian. As shehit send on the cell phone a ghostly male in a fitted grey suit stood in the doorwaywatching her with a disturbing smirk. His eyes big and round petrified Jennifer with a power that forced her to drop the cell phone and the bag of groceries as she was locked ina trance by his stare. He preyed on the vulnerability of her terror and sensing it helaughed showing treacherous shark like teeth that were like razors in his twisted mouth.Unable to move to save her life the killer darted towards her and threw her intothe apartment effortlessly. As if she weighed nothing to him she went flying and landedhard on the carpet. In seconds she regained consciousness, as she tasted the blood in her mouth. She had bit her tongue in the fall. He stood over her, his eyes racing with anunimaginable frenzy as if he were intoxicated with a potent drug. The saliva dripped fromhis open mouth and landed on her hand. She tried to move away but again the fear caughther in a trance as he picked her up by the neck and slammed her into the wall.The pain surged through her body as she wondered how much longer she wouldhave to endure it until he tire of her and kill her. Thoughts of her mother flashed in her head. Again the sinister eyes darted back and forth wildly and somehow words escapedher mouth.“What do you want from me?” Her voice was frail reflecting the pain in her body.The killer said nothing as he continued to smile and drool. Her eyes felt heavy like shewas drifting into unconsciousness again as he tightened his grip around her neck. Weak from the blows she could not defy his cradle as he lapped at the blood on the side of her mouth like a ravenous fiend. His breath smelled like a rotting corpse, like Charlotte. Theradio in the bedroom went off again.“I want to hold you close,Skin pressed against me tight,Lie still and close your eyes girl,So lovely it feels so right….”Her mind raced as the first stabbing pain struck her limp body. He sunk his teethinto her neck, biting hard, piercing her flesh and tearing it apart. She screamed in agonyhaving been forced back into the reality of her demise. He was going to kill her.“I want to hold you close,Soft breasts, beating heartAs I whisper in your ear I want to fucking tear you apart…”
A blow to the head and her tormenter fell over her but it did not stop him as heswung around to attack the person who threatened his feast. For a second she thought itwas Ian and feared for his safety but in an instant she heard the voice of Nimai. She couldnot speak as she tried to call out to him in vain for help.“Did someone call for an exterminator?” He asked casually as if he was unawareof her dying on the floor. The killer hissed and swung again but again Nimai was faster than he. Taunting him, Nimai stood like a statue as again the killer tried to deal another  blow but missed and receiving a kick from the back and landing face down.The minion got up and made a b-line for Jennifer who lay helpless on the ground.Upon picking her up Nimai tried to free her but the killer thrust him back and threwJennifer out the window. Her feeble body crashed against the glass with an unstoppableforce and then landed on the cold hard pavement with a single thump. The blood splashedon the ground and her head cracked open when it hit the ground. She was dead.Ian raced to her apartment with the siren on to get through traffic faster. He heardher screams through the phone when she called him. His mind was crazy with thoughtsthat someone could be killing and he needed to get to her fast. As his neared her apartment building his eyes could not prepare him for her lifeless body in disarray on thesidewalk.“Oh God no!” He said under his breath and hurried out of his car to her.“Jennifer!” He said racing, turned her over to see that half of her neck was missing andthat she was in fact dead. He raced back to his car and radioed the murder with frenzy.The battle was not over as this minion was stronger than the last one Nimai hadfought. He threw a fireball from his hand at the creature but missed. “Damn. He’s fast.”The Minion returned the attempt with a charge, knocking Nimai to the ground.“Why fight me guardian when we are on the same side?”“We are not on the same side.” Nimai quickly got back on his feet and while hecame around to charge at him again, Nimai grew a sword from his hand and cut theminion’s head with a single sweep, a proficient slice to end his life.Afterward: Nimai returned to the place of his upbringing, his home. He did not stay to see thefrenzy of police officers and investigators. He did not stay for them to find the body of the minion in her apartment. He would not testify in court or give a statement to the police. Jennifer’s murder was not a concern of his. He knew her murder would probably

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