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Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews by Meir Kahane

Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews by Meir Kahane



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Published by Adamhman

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Published by: Adamhman on Apr 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UNCOMFORTABLE QUESTIONS FOR COMFORTABLE JEWSLibrary of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataKahane, Meir.Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews.1. Israel—Politics and government. 2. Palestinian Arabs—Israel. 3. Judaism—20th century. 4. Israel — Ethnic relations. 5. Kahane, Meir—Political and social views. I. Title.DS126.5.K33 1987 320.95694 87-6503ISBN 0-8184-0438-8Copyright © 1987 by Meir KahaneAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, except by a newspaper or magazinereviewer who wishes to quote brief passages in connection with a review.Published by Lyle Stuart Inc.120 Enterprise Ave., Secaucus, N.J. 07094In Canada: Musson Book CompanyA division of General Publishing Co. LimitedDon Mills, OntarioQueries regarding rights and permissions should be addressed to: Lyle Stuart, 120 Enterprise Avenue, Secaucus, N.J. 07094Manufactured in the United States of AmericaContentsPART IA SADLY NECESSARY PRELUDE1. The Hate2. The Past Is Present3. The Bulldozers of HatePART IIA JEWISH STATE VERSUS WESTERN DEMOCRACY4. Jewish Terror 5. Demography, Democracy and Demogoguery6. Arabs with "Jewish" HeadsPART IIIIN SEARCH OF A NATIONAL COUCH7. The Dream8. The Temple Mount Is ...9. Artists, Intellectuals and ImbecilesPART IVJUDAISM VERSUS WESTERN DEMOCRACY10. Jews and Gentiles11. Jews and Jews12. Father's Grapes and Children's TeethPART VUNCOMFORTABLE QUESTIONS FOR COMFORTABLE JEWS13. No Guilt!14. A Jewish StatePART VIOUTRAGE OF TYRANNY15. Israel16. The United StatesPART VIICONCLUSION17. Conclusion
PART IA SADLY NECESSARY PRELUDE"And I will make thee unto this people a fortified, brazen wall and they shall fight against thee but they shall not prevail against thee. For I am with thee to save thee and deliver thee, saith the L-rd, and I will deliver thee out of the hand of the wicked and I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terrible" (
 Jeremiah 15
).Chapter 1The HateOld witchhunters never die; they return in the form of Israeli liberal-leftist news media people, intellectualsand politicians along with presidents of Jewish Establishment groups and rabbis in the United States.For those too young to have even experienced the late United States Senator Joe McCarthy and his smearingof character and names of innocent people, for those below the age of 300 or so, who never lived in Salem or  participated in the great hunt, "which is witch," regret not. McCarthy and the Salem witchhunters have returnedin full regalia, but this time in the Jewish communities of Israel and the Exile.As I step back and review the events that have occurred since 26,000 Israelis voted that I be their representative in the Knesset, I am overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the screeching hatred of the liberalintellectual mob. "Racist," "fascist," "madman," "pig" were among the kinder epithets thrown out by the liberalhumanists and democrats of the Jewish state and their partisans in America. "Hitler," "Nazi" were the morerelevant, juicier imprecations brought down on my head. And, of course, all from people who pride themselveson their culture, fair play, democratic tolerance and intellectual ability to discuss any and all issues scientifically,calmly, rationally. Their hatred is a poisonous, noxious thing.In the time since my election to Israel's Knesset, I have seen hatred and defamation and lies and shrill,irrational, hysterical bile — all within the framework of a stupefying refusal to debate me on any of the issues athand. I have seen Israel government television and radio rule that Meir Kahane, a Knesset member whom theyutterly oppose, be, therefore, not permitted to appear on programs; to have his statements reported; to have his press conferences covered. I have seen yellow-journalism reporting and blatant, deliberate lies all with intent tosmear and defame. I have seen the armed forces, whose neutrality and non-political status must be assured inorder to unify rather than drive yet another wedge in the fabric of the people, plan a campaign of hate anddefamation against Meir Kahane, a Knesset member, forcing soldiers to attend lectures by leftists that drip hatredand poisonous venom. I have seen the official army radio devote an entire day to a non-stop attack on Meir Kahane, a Knesset member, including the damning of his "crime"—seeking to have Jewish Law obeyed in theJewish State. I have seen the Knesset rules changed more in the space of a year than in the previous 36 of thestate, all in order to limit, as much as possible, Meir Kahane, a Knesset number, from exercising his right tospeak and to propose legislation. I have seen the Knesset pass a rule that allows the Speaker, on his initiative andwithout need to defend his action, to refuse to table any bill that he considers "racist"
when no definition of racism is provided 
. I have seen the power used to ban as racist two bills by Meir Kahane that quoted the greatTalmudic codifier, Maimonides, word for word! I have seen a bill presented, giving a political committee of theKnesset the right to ban a party as "racist," with racism defined as "causing animosity between sections of the people" —a definition that could ban every party in Israel, every newspaper in Israel, every second person inIsrael.I have seen police arbitrarily refuse to grant permits for our rallies or allow a counter-rally within 30 metersof ours, with a loudspeaker blaring and thousands of whistles drowning out the speech. I have seen unashamedand open appeals to physically prevent Meir Kahane, a Knesset member, from speaking, and I have seen hordesof leftist stormtroopers physically assault Jews. I have seen Knesset members walk out as Meir Kahane, aKnesset member, rose to speak, thus justifying the walkout by Arabs, Communists and Third World states onIsraeli speakers in the U.N. whom they consider to be racists because they are Zionists. I have seen liberal, progressive American Jewish Establishment groups join in the lies, the smears, and in the refusals to sit at thesame table and debate issues with Meir Kahane, a Knesset member, thus justifying PLO "hardliners" who will not participate in discussions with Zionists. I have seen synagogues and temples who have hosted Arabs and Black anti-Semites refuse to allow Meir Kahane, a Knesset member, to speak. I have seen Jewish Establishments in theUnited States pressure hotels and halls to cancel contracts for meetings by Meir Kahane, a Knesset member. I

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