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Messages From the Lord

Messages From the Lord

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Published by Rev.A.R.Smith
Messages for life and salvation.
Messages for life and salvation.

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Published by: Rev.A.R.Smith on Feb 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Messages From The Lord.
Messages From The Lord.Message Listing.
The Sins of Our Children.Condemning Sin in the Flesh,The Other Side Of Jesus.Concerning Hell.The Chosen of Christ.The Miracle of Life.The Beginning of The End.Effective Prayer.Being A Light in A Dark World.
Messages From The Lord.
The Sins of Our Children.
Many say that we are held accountable for the sins of our children. But is that so? TheBible teaches that we will be held accountable for every idle word that we speak. Thatwe must seek out our own salvation, with fear and trembling. There is no verse inscripture that states that the unruliness of our children will be accounted to us as parents.Sin is a matter of choice and not hereditary. Its not something that is passed down fromgeneration to generation.There is of course a curse that can be passed down to our children, that the scripturetalks about. Specifically, when Jesus was being tried before the Jews and they called for His execution. Pilot warned them and they said let the curse be upon us and our children.I’ve noticed that some people try to blame their parents, for the condition of children ,that end up on drugs, in jail or dead. They say ,if only the mom or dad, did this or that,then ma-by the child would have turned out different. Is this a true statement or is it anexcuse for the lack of belief and trust in the lessons that the parents tried to teach? I believe that we should put the responsibility where it belongs, on the individual.The Bible states, Teach a child in the way of the Lord and the Word shall not depart fromthem. Does this mean that the lessons taught will save the child later in life? No, this is amisunderstanding of scripture. Again the salvation of each person is based upon their accepting Jesus as their Savior. The word will not depart from them, but they still mustmake the commitment to Christ on their own. Then why does the Bible teach this? Thatthere will be no excuse, when it comes the time for their judgment. The Bible does state,that if a man stand uprightly before God, then He will save his entire household.This is true, but, there goes a responsibility to God, on the part of each child to, endureuntil the end. Those that are saved are saved indeed, but those that endure unto the end,the same shall be saved. There is a controversy here in this statement, where some preach, once saved always saved, but in my studies I find, no where in scripture, whereit ever contradicts, endure unto the end. We must tell our children the truth, they musthold on until death, their faith in Christ. Well show in scripture that the individual is heldaccountable for the word that they have been taught.There is a misconception going around in some teachings, it states that, everyone will beheld accountable for everything in scripture. But this cant be, for we are only heldaccountable for what we have been taught. Lets get into the scripture and sort all thisout. Matthew 27:25, “ Then answered all the people and said,”His blood be on us andour children.” Mark 13:12 “Now the brother shall betray the brother to death,and the

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