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Healthy Referral Newspaper Winter Games 2010 World Edition

Healthy Referral Newspaper Winter Games 2010 World Edition

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Published by Thomas
Three Time Olympian and 2002 Silver Medal Winner US Bobsled Bill Schuffenhauer featured in the country' only full size newspaper on holistic health, natural health, whole foods, raw foods, eco health, spiritual development, evolution, healthy travel, financial health, diet, nutrition, vegan, charities having a social impact, restaurants with vegan foods, book, music review.
Three Time Olympian and 2002 Silver Medal Winner US Bobsled Bill Schuffenhauer featured in the country' only full size newspaper on holistic health, natural health, whole foods, raw foods, eco health, spiritual development, evolution, healthy travel, financial health, diet, nutrition, vegan, charities having a social impact, restaurants with vegan foods, book, music review.

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Published by: Thomas on Feb 12, 2010
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•Holistic Health •Good News •Cancer Update
(National and International Edition)
Growing up in Salt Lake City, I was born to twoparents whom were in and out of prison andheavily addicted to drugs. We lived on the streets,and many times growing up, I often didn’t knowwhere my next meal was coming.
Finally I found mycalling in sports and it changed my life! I have competed and succeed-ed in every level of competition, and am ready to represent my countryonce again in the sport of Bobsleigh for my 3rd Olympics, and hope- fully bring home the gold.
Bill was named to the US Bobsled team forthe 3rd time Jan. 17th, 2010! Healthy Referral supports his efforts.Bill was on the 2002 Silver Medal team in Salt Lake and on the team inTorino, Italy. Contact Healthy Referral for speaking engagements foryour company, school, charity. Product promotions and endorsements.00 1-440-519-1889 866-99-GRAND. info@healthyreferral.com andhealthyreferral@gmail.com
Charlotte Gerson, age 84 Daughter of Max Gerson, M.D. Physician for Nobel Prize Winner Albert Schweitzer Featured onNatural Living Channel
Hear Samples of 15 Life Changing Power Packed Lectures on Natural Health andHuman Development from 15 Years at the International Natural Foods/Health Expo
You can order all 15 lecturesfor only $15. Send $15 to: Healthy Referral Foundation, Box 271, Chagrin Falls,OH 44022 or visit online to hear sample lectures www.naturallivingchannel.com andorder. Proceeds to help support inner city youth and build an international tennislearning center modeled after the Arthur Ashe Center and the Israel Tennis Centers.Contact: 440-519-1889 info@healthyreferral.com and tom.tennis@yahoo.com
Whether you’re an Olympian or just athletically inclined, fuel your phy-sique with premium ingredients. Your engine won’t perform with dirty oil.So it is with cuisine; Keep it conscious… convenient, and keep it simple tomake this transformation doable.
First, let’s dene CONSCIOUS CUISINE …it’s free of toxic ingredients:
MSG [monosodium glutamate], GMOs [geneti-cally modied organisms], bleached/rened ours, high fructose cornsyrup, synthetic sweeteners [Aspartame/Phenylalanine, Sucralose, Saccha-rin], hormones, antibiotics, articial colors/avors, trans fats, hydrogenated fats. cont p 3
Minerals, Inammation andJoints - The Science BehindNatural Joint Health
Sarah Holvik, B.Sc. Nutritional Science
. Nutritionist / Health Edu-cator Healthy joints are not just a product of getting enough exerciseand maintaining a healthy weight; nutritional factors play a large rolein developing and protecting our joints against pain and inammation.Dietary minerals are the building blocks of human tissue, and withoutsufcient levels in our diets, healthy tissue production becomes interrupted. Studies show that decien-cies in minerals such as manganese, copper, selenium and boron, lead to joint inammation and cartilagedegradation which can signicantly hamper athletic performance and post exercise recovery. Nutritionalsupplementation with these minerals is an excellent way to fuel your joints and ensure your athletic per-formance is at the top of its game. cont. pg 22
Lymphatic Massage Can Lead to Peak Performance
Dr. William N. Brown, Ph.D., D.Sc., L.M.T. is the Founder and Director of THEFOUNDATION FOR HOLISTIC HEALTH THERAPY
How many athletes havefailed to reach the winners podium due to a 24 hour u, and unable to perform at theirhighest level due to the stress on the immune system. Performance anxiety, travel,change in environment, and climate can have a massive impact on the immune systemand athletic performance. Athletes in this era acknowledge that massage and physicaltherapy helps with muscle strength and endurance and are widely accepted as necessarymodalities. cont. pg 5
Subscribe: $24/yr to: Healthy Referral, Box 271, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022. 866-99-GRAND. (440-519-1889) info@healthyreferral.com
www.healthyreferral.com (est. 1989) (ofcial www.wholelife.com pub.) Winter Games Vancouver/USA/World Edition 2010
¡El mundo de la salud holística y de las buenas noticias!/
Il mondo di salute olistica e di buone notizie!/
Le monde de la santé holistique etdes bonnes nouvelles !/
Die Welt der holistischen Gesundheit und der guten Nachrichten! (watch for future translation of articles)
It is an age-old truth that eating fruits and vegetables improveshealth. But not all produce is created equal.Meet the superheroes of produce: super-foods, which offer superior disease-ghtingcapabilities, boost the immune system, ghtfatigue and much more.
by “Dr. James Krystosik is theauthor of Carbs from Heaven Carbs from Hell and the host of theweekly health talk radio program, “The Other Side of Medicine.” For more information on superfoods, visit www.DrGoodCarbs.com.”
It’s a bird; it’s a plane…no, it’s a superfood! Considering that a recent sur-vey revealed three out of four Americans don’t have a clue of what super-cont. p. 8cont. p. 20
Brain Health
(in photo Tom Collura, Ph.D, founder Brainmaster Technologies)
Terry Chappell, MD
(both articles p. 3)
Book Review“7 Fires”by Bearcloud
To say that Bearcloud’s “7Fires” is magnicently donewould be an understatementto say the least. When I readthru the information aboutthe book on his website I wasdrawn instantly to the manyamazing messages that I couldhear coming out of the pagesof the book.I’d like to share the note fromBearcloud that is at the begin-ning of the book. He says:
cont. pg 5 and see p. 24 for his breathtaking artwork.
The Forgotten Foods…Remembered offers usthe oldest documentedhealth care system inthe world.
see p. 2 and 15
Vegetarian & VeganRestaurants inVancouver 
(from www.korus.com)
3G Vegetarian Restaurant3424 Cambie St. 604-568-9008The three Gs stand for Gra
cont. p19
NaturalHealthcare.ca is Canada’s Largest Online Resource for Com-plementary and Alternative Health Information
We focus on the ve pillars of natural health: Fitness, Nutrition (including supplements), Bodywork & Manipulative Therapies, Energywork, and the Mind-body connection. Last year, over 2 million peo-ple used the site to nd: * News & Research * Directories of practi-tioners, products, and services * Local and national events listings* Classied ads * Reference guides & glossaries * Listings of books,magazines, links * Articles, videos, and audio and so much more.NaturalHealthcare.ca: Natural. Healthy. Canadian.cont. p 19
The Power of Food Dehydrating:The Natural Way to Improve Your HealthExcalibur® Food Dehydrators
have changedthe way health conscience people all
It is likely thatyou have alreadyheard the musicof MatthewSchoening
(Shane-ing) through a friend, onthe radio, or on a mixed CD thatsomeone shared withyou, and possibly without evenrealizing it. If you havenʼt heardit yet, you will soon, and perhapsyou will join (cont.p6.)
The Importance of Anti-Aging Medicine
By: Dr Robert M. GoldmanMD, PhD, DO, FAASP (Ameri-can Academy of Anti-AgingMedicine www.worldhealth.net)
Anti-aging medicine is aclinical specialty is founded onthe application of advanced sci-entic and medical technologiesfor the early detection, preven-tion, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disor-ders, and diseases. cont, p. 9
Saving, Feeding andHealing the PlanetFoundation ProvidingEconomic Independenceto the World – Ask us how
Millions of People and Distribu-tors Needed to Help Save theWorld...and ThemselvesDr. Albert Sanchez, the crusaderwho has spent most of his adult
 What’s Inside
•p. 3 Marine Phytoplankton are responsible for making up to90% of Earth’s Oxygen-now for human use!•p. 3 Emily Jerry Foundation, Providing Safety for Children inHospitals•p. 3 Regenerate new skin?•p. 5 We don’t have to ght when it comes to Healthy Relation-ships•p. 6 The Chameleon Project The largest project on Earth toassist the spirit of humanity•p. 9 Vegetarian Diets for Children: Right from the Start• p. 9 DSHEA TURNED 15 LAST FALL FDA is incapable of act-ing on behalf of Americans’ health given that it is controlled byspecial pharmaceutical interests that spend approximately $6million per day lobbying Congress and the FDA.•p, 10 What is the Thyroid, Anyway? by Keith Ungar, DC•p. 16 Increasing your brand value and equity as a leader.•p. 18 From Harvard Medical Newsletter 
Powerful Natural Energy boosting chia seed!
“As an athlete training for the Olympics with the day in and day out wear and tear on your body, when I try to gain anedge with relaxation, reha- bilitation, peace of mind, I look to
Steam Planet Products.” 
Bill Schuffenhauer-Member 2010Olympic USA Bobsleigh, 2002, 2006Olympian, Olympic Silver Medalist,2002 Team USA Bobsleigh
cont. from Bill...”The Utilization of Saunas, Steam rooms, dry saunas and whirlpools are of great importance tome (athletes etc). While on tour withthe USA Bobsled team, we look to use many of these products to help regenerate our-selves after a long day of training or to help sooth aching sore muscles. Athletes greatlydepend on having these tools at their disposal in many cases just to simply help releive thestresses of traveling, training and major competitions. You will nd the use of these stressrelief methods very benecial to athletes not only in the Bobsleigh World, but throughout most major sports around the world! I truly depend on the rejuvenation in a well designed steam room for my success in sport and mental well-being!”
(easy to install in any home or ofce)-see article p. 9
Steam Planet:
Head Ofce: 22900 Miles Rd.,Cleveland, OH 44128 Phone: (216)-587-6790Toll Free: 866-STEAM-61email: sales@steamplanet.com
Family Focus-Ardyss International is a growingfamily business that’s changing lives
by David Lee
rdyss International knows people want instant results. That’s the philosophy behindthe company’s agship product, Body Magic – a garment designed to reshape yourbody and help you lose up to three sizes in minutes. But Body Magic isn’t the extentof how the company wants to reshape and revive people’s lives.Dig a little deeper into Ardyss International’s product portfolio, and you’ll quickly realize thatthere are plenty of other ways to improve your health, from the inside and the outside. The nutri-tional products are designed to help give you more energy, provide vital antioxidants, and sup-port the digestive system, among other things. It’s all part of a system that Ardyss has designed tohelp you lose weight and be healthier.
The Body Magic products give you the instant resultsand motivation that so many people seek, while the nutritional products help to get youhealthier on the inside. Ardyss believes health is wealth.
216-759-9080 * 216-371-4529BodyMagic@adih.biz www.ardyss.com
DROP 3 SIZES IN 10 MINUTES Without Diet,Surgery, Exercise or Pills
In addition to looking great andhaving a healthier lifestyle,
If Icould show you a way to invest$100 a month in yourself andin return be able to make hun-dreds, even thousands of dol-lars Every month from home,  would you be interested?If yes, Call Now.216-759-9080 * 216-371-4529
Why should we burn Beeswax and not Paraffin?
First of all, do some research and as we have found, paraffin begins asthe grayish-black sludge which oozes from the backside of the petroleumrefineries. This crud is bleached and processed into ‘solid’ white paraffinusing carcinogenic solidifiers. It is coloured with chemical dyes and scentedwith synthetic fragrances. When burned, these fragrances create fluralcarbons which destroy your olfactory senses. Paraffin burns with a harshwhite flame while emitting an invisible black smoke which coats your walls,furnishings and your lungs. Paraffin costs upwards of a dollar an hour toburn because it burns so fast and so poorly.Beeswax, on the other hand, is a natural wax produced exclusively by beesfrom harvesting of the nectars and pollens of flowers. There is no processingother than ‘rendering’, which is a basic filtration process to remove naturaldebris. Pure cappings beeswax candles burn with a golden flame and halo,no smoke and the negative ions clean the air each time you use them*.Pheylonian Beeswax Candles cost only pennies an hour to use and will burnefficiently all the way to the bottom. Pure beeswax is ultimately cheaper touse than paraffin, it is healthier and actually improves the physical air andenergetic balance whenever used.
The Candle of Choice for Conscientious consumers for 37 years
* The Positive Side to ‘Negative Ions’ *
(Indepth description available online)
are responsible for holding particules in the air where theyare inhaled. This includes dust, pollen, odours, toxins, along with virusesand bacteria.
are the good ones in this case. The scientific principle atwork here is that negative ions bind with the positive ions, creating completemolecules which have a heavier weight mass. Hence, the positive ionscarrying toxins, dust, odours, etc., no longer float where they are inhaled,they simply fall to the ground.
*For extensive information and a full color pdf catalogue, please visit:
or call
to request catalogue and candle sample ($4.95-redeemable with purchase)
Healthy Referral Winter Games Nat./Int. Edition 2010 p.2
More than ever before, people are taking advantage of preventive health treatments and regiments andseeking education for long term wellness and inner strength. Spas and athletic centers all over the worldare beginning to make a dramatic difference in people’s lives, improving the way we manage stress, eat,and protect our health.The Forgotten Foods…Remembered helps us remember not only that our foods and medicines come fromMother Nature but also that natural beauty and true health comes from within. We are only as healthy asour immune systems remain strong and resilient and our blood supply is cleaned, vitalized and regener-ated regularly. We are only as young as our organs remain young and hearty. Optimum health and truetness require a natural regiment of Mother Nature’s essentials…without the use of DRUGS OR ANA-BOLIC STEROIDS!The Forgotten Foods…Remembered offers us the oldest documented health care system in the world.Chinese herbalism is the system of herbal healthcare developed in Asia over the last 5,000 years. The Chi-nese have chronicled their discoveries and have passed the knowledge along from generation to genera-tion creating the most fully developed sophisticated herbal system in the world.Today, we have the unique benet of timeless proven tested and tried herbal formulations joined withtoday’s alchemy of pure wellness…introducing The EDGE to the 2010 Winter Olympics… the wonder-ful world of The Forgotten Foods… Remembered.
ADDRESS: 4540 BOISE TRAIL SW, ATLANTA, GA. 30331EMAIL ADDRESS: longlife@theforgottenfoods.com -or- forgottenfoods@aol.comTELE: 770-573-0488FAX: 770-783-2106see p. 15 for more Forgotten Foods!
seear-ticlep. 19
cont, from p. 1 Helene Berk, M. Ed. R.D.Next, let’s break it down to categories:
is nutrient-dense, phyto-nutrient rich, potentially hydrating, ber-rich, and ideally, low glyce-mic. Fresh vegetables, fruits and green drinks are wise choices, butnot always readily available. These snacks are easy to prepare & carryalong:
1. Breads Sprouted grains are protein
-rich & nutrient dense. [bestrefrigerated]
2. Breakfast cereals
or bars must have 3 grams of berper serving, are often carbohydrate-rich [4 grams of carbohydrate = 1teaspoon of sugar] so, balance with a protein-rich beverage.
3. En-ergy bars are higher in protein, 
nutrients and bers than breakfastbars.CONSCIOUS PROTEIN encompasses phytoplankton, legumes,hemp powder, omega 3 rich eggs, hormone free dairy, anti-biotic freepoultry, sh, grass-fed omega-3 rich beef 
4. Hormone free dairy
: milk, chocolate milk, cheese, yogurt
5. Legumes “soup to nuts”
: peanuts/butter. Soups: lentil, black bean,pea
6. Protein Shakes:
hemp protein/hemp nut butter, soy, whey,rice, egg white… CONSCIOUS FAT includes dark chocolate, coconutoil, ax, hemp, extra virgin olive oil.
7. Organic coconut oil
con-tains medium chain fatty acids boosting metabolism. People enjoy it ontoast.
8. Raw walnuts are rich in omega
3’s. Keep refrigerated. Com-bine with raisins.
9. Avocado is rich in fat-burning
carnitine. Goodfor long distance events.
10. Dark chocolate releases
Conscious Car-bohydrates...endorphins, feel good hormones and is super nutrient rich.TRANSFORM old habits or diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascu-lar disease, hypertension, an eating disorder, with my on-line counselingservice http://healthypeople.com I’ll guide you onto the right track for aCONSCIOUS NEW DECADE!! Follow my tweets on http://twitter.com/healthypeople4u “Friend me” http://facebook.com/healthypeople …andnd this article reprinted http://rxgroceryguide.blogspot.com
 Loyalty ConsiderationResponsibility/
LINES OF BUSINESSFrom a sustainable platform, we provide the following services to ourcustomers: Furniture Solutions/Records Management/Move Manage-ment/ Sustainability Diversity Supply Chain Man-agement. Our target customers are both for protand not-for-prot entities, including businesses of various types and sizes, colleges and universities,municipalities and hospitals. For more informa-tion, visit www.lcrenterprisesllc.com or call us at216.595.1923.
The Emily Jerry Foundation
has been established onthe premise that each and every child born into this worldis truly a miracle.
With that thought in mind, we believe that everychild on this planet should be treated and cared for as such. Everybaby that is born is truly a gift from God!
Thecore of the Emily Jerry Foundation focuseson protecting our nation’s babies and chil-dren from the all too redundant medicalerrors that keep occurring over and overagain in hospitals across the nation.
Thesecountless mistakes are killing our children andare most often avoidable. We are increasingpublic awareness of these issues and striving toget better legislation in place across the UnitedStates. The Emily Jerry Foundation is helpingto save countless lives, as well as, make ourworld-renowned medical facilities much safer. Christopher S. JerryPresident & CEO The Emily Jerry Foundation 7665 Mentor Ave. #343Mentor, OH 44060 chris@emilyjerryfoundation.org
Marine Phytoplankton are responsiblefor making up to 90% of Earth’sOxygen-now for human use!
Marine phytoplankton are the food utilized by some of the world’slargest and longest living animals and sh. Blue Whales, humpbacks,baleen whales and more all eat plank-ton and live between 80-150 yearswhile maintaining great strength andendurance and are sexually activeuntil they die. [ClickPress, Thu Nov10 2005] Tom Harper, a sea farmer innorthern British Columbia, has cre-ated a 30 million dollar facility on theedge of the northern Pacic Oceanto grow marine phytoplankton yearround to feed his shellsh. His pro-cess recreates the “Spring Bloom”of marine phytoplankton 365 days ayear. The sea farm gives back in a very unique way. In photo TomHarper with co publisher Healthy Referral Newspaper, Marchia Car-nicelli Minor, at the no fences program with over 30 countries, SaltLake, 2009.
Details about marine plankton and a superfoodsdrink: 866-99-GRAND. 00 1-440-519-1889.www.whyplankton.com a short amazing video. And visitwww.75720.myforevergreen.org and order convenient whole rawfoods from land and sea to your door!Healthy Referral Winter Games Nat./Int. Edition 2010 p.3
Brain Health and News
“If you want to change your life, master your brain” is the slogan for BrainMaster TechnologiesInc, a Cleveland, Ohio (USA) manufacturer of electroencephalogram devices (EEG) used for biofeed-back and related software and products. EEG biofeedback is best known as Neurofeedback or brainwavetraining as it monitors brainwave activity with the use of a computer, electrodes to the scalp and speciallydesigned brainwave protocols. And, with specially designed reward based software becomes a relaxationlearning tool guiding clients as they “play” and “learn” to improve and self regulate their brainwaves atwill. (Neurofeedback or brainwave training is for young children to seniors).
Over the past 30 years Evidenced Based research studies has continued to conrm the va-lidity and credibility of Neurofeedback (brainwave) training.
And, more research is needed! Neu-rofeedback (brainwave)training has been usedby licensed practitionersfor brainwave relaxationtraining for a myriad of symptoms and for per-formance improvementwhich seems to relatedirectly to dis-regulationof the relaxation/concen-tration cycle within thebrain. When the brain isefciently ring neuronsa state of balance occursoftentimes equated to ahigh state of mental or“mind” tness. Whenthe brainwave activity is not within the normal ranges various types of physical symptoms or inconsistentperformance and behavior can occur.
Mind tness is the key to feeling good, having appropriate attention and concentration states of mind, more efcient learning capability, memory improvement, appropriate behavior, diminished health re-lated symptoms, enhanced meditation, and improved peak performance.
The challenges and exciting breakthroughs in brain science over the past decade only conrmthe original “vision”, “intent” and “goals” of the BrainMaster Project which began many years ago.
“The BrainMaster Project is based on the belief that the last, most important frontier is the mind. It is not space, not the oceans, or even the conservation of the earth. It is not medical breakthroughs. It is themind, individually and collectively” says its founder Thomas Collura, PhD. “The vision is that we canbecome as aware of our minds as we are of our surroundings and bodies. That mental well-being, and mental tness shall be as important as physical well-being, and physical tness” said Dr. Thomas Col-lura decades ago.
Today, more and more neuroscientists and researchers are agreeing that the brain is not stagnate aspreviously believed, but that it has the power to learn, change and heal itself and does so continually.
“Theconrmation of brain plasticity is by far one of the most important discoveries of this century” 
says TerriCollura, Vice President of BrainMaster Technologies Inc. “Brain plasticity helps us understand how andwhy the brain can change from brain state to brain state as well as on a permanent basis”. Many neuroscien-tists and mental health practitioners believe that the brain stores basically everything that it learns over ourlifespan and continually builds neuro-pathways which allow memory to be more accessible and permanent.Riding a bicycle, skiing with perfect balance, speed and agility or remembering how to play a mu-sic instrument after many years or even decades comes back to us because the original neuro-pathways inthe brain associated with those skills can be accessed at will --even in later years. Meditators learn how toget into deep alpha, theta and even delta states without effort over a period of time. Why? Neuro-pathwaysare created and reused in the brain as we repeat the same patterns or behavior over and over (practice).Basically everything we do, our personality, behavior traits, cognitive skills, physical agility etc.,is “learned behavior”. The more we practice the more ingrained the information becomes in the brain and isexpressed in many ways through brainwave activity. Neurofeedback (brainwave training) is a learning toolwhich more quickly and efciently helps us learn how to self regulate brainwave activity and re-educatedis-regulation within the brainwave activity. The athlete who strives to “get into the zone” knows that whenhe or she is “in the zone” their actions become natural and effortless and all the past practice sessions payoff as mind and body become one. And, most importantly, the mind remains quiet. No internal chatter, nodistractions, no interference. Intent and Action coalesce into perfection without effort.
Neurofeedback(brainwave training) is fast becoming popular with astronauts as focus and concentration is essentialfor these peak performers. The US Archery team is also smiling since they began learning to focusand “get into the zone” with Neurofeedback.
Ask the Italian soccer team, who won the World Cup how important Neurofeedback training wasfor their team win. Neurofeedback (brainwave training) was acclaimed as their “top secret training pro-gram”! If you want to change your life, master your brain.
Visit www.brainmaster.com for more infor-mation about this growing science and life changing assisting learning tool. Available to or by the or-der of a licensed healthcare practitioner. BrainMaster Technologies, Inc. 195 Willis Street Bedford, OH 44146 Phone: (440) 232-7300.
For more information and research on neurofeedback visit www.isnr.org (International Society for Neurofeedback and Research) andwww.aapb.org (Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback).
Terry Chappell, MD Celebration of Health Association Bluffton, Ohio419-358-4627 www.healthcelebration.com
Memory loss and inability to think clearly are common complaints, especial-ly co-existing with fatigue. Usually they are associated with toxicity (especiallylead, mercury and aluminum), yeast imbalance, or food and chemical sensitivities,These are all easily detected through testing, but frequently the tests are not per-formed and thus the patient’s complaint is inadequately treated. Proper treatmentcan be highly effective, if done comprehensively. Chelating agents, anti-fungals,probiotics, special diet and desensitization are common therapies that must be of-fered. After a few months of these therapies, plus good nutritional supplements,and sometimes much sooner, major changes might be detected by the patient.Autism therapy is guided by the Defeat Autism Now protocol that is avail-able on the internet. Some of the common additional treatments include methyl-cobalamin (B12 shots), a grain-free and milk-free diet, homeopathics, amino acidsorally or by shot, and hyperbaric oxygen.Alzheimer’s, Parkinsonism, and Multiple Sclerosis can be treated effectively by balancing neurotrans-mitters and improving cell membrane receptor sites. Intravenous glutathione given in high doses at homecan be helpful. Oxidative scavengers are useful. High doses of CoEnzyme Q10 and vitamin E might help,as can low doses of Naltrexone, which is a medicine that reverses narcotic overdoses. Intravenous phospha-tidyl choline can be useful, as can very high doses of B12 intravenously and vitamin C. The latter formulais particularly helpful for various neuropathies, including diabetic neuropathy.Helpful oral preparations include niacinamide, lipothiamin, CDP choline, curcumin, Neurotone,and various substances that enhance glutathione production in the body. Medications are available to slowthe progress of degenerative brain function, but they are not greatly effective. Not infrequently, they causeside effects.A brain that is not functioning well often needs a comprehenisve approach that is individualized.There are many potential causes and there are many solutions, some of which must be given together inorder to get the best result.
News and Notes
Tips For Lowering Your LDL Cholesterol
from: Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa 8755 NW 36th Street, Mi-ami, FL 33178 Phone (305) 935-7131 or (800) 327-4914www.pritikin.com for full article.
To avoid a heart attack, more andmore research is nding that your #1 strategy is getting your LDL(bad) cholesterol not just down, but way down. Striving for LDL lev-els of 100 and below is good, but dropping to 80 and lower may beeven better. LDL levels of 81Avoid all foods with trans fats. Limit your intake of foodswith saturated fats and cholesterol (no more than 3½ ounces of sea-food, poultry, or lean meat daily).ALL beans, including pinto beans, black beans, lentils, redbeans, and soy beans, are full of nutritional riches – and are a veryhealthy, protein-packed alternative to meat or poultry. Beans help lowertotal cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, blood sugar, and insulin levels, andmay even lower cancer risk.Atherosclerosis is the #1 killer of Americans, and the prima-ry cause of most heart attacks and strokes. Steer clear of these fats:*Trans fats (such as margarine, vegetable shortening, and partially hy-drogenated oils) cont. p. 19 * Saturated fats (such as butter, palm oil,coconut oil, meat fats, and milk fats) * Cholesterol (found ONLY inanimal products such as meat and cheese, not plants)
1. JAMA, 2005; 294: 2437.2. New England Journal of Medicine, 2004; 350: 15. 3. Archives of Internal Medicine, 2005; 165: 2671. 4. Archives of Internal Medicine, 1991; 151: 1389. 5. American Journal of Cardiology, 1997; 79: 11126. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, The China Study: Startling Implications For Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health,Benbella Books: 2005
Inspiring Minds
Founded in April 2006, Inspir-ing Minds is the result of a com-passionate idea drawn and sowntogether by its founder DeryckToles. Toles, a Warren residentand former football standout en-visioned starting an organizationthat would benet children of allrealms with the motto to “dreambeyond their expectations.”Since 2006, Inspiring Minds hasprovided area youth with enrich-ing opportunities and experiencesto enhance their education andcommunity participation. Theyhave provided an after schoolprogram for grades K through 12.Their students and parents haveparticipated in college visits, -nancial workshops, poetry, youthsports teams, community eventsand raised funds for children inneed during the holiday seasons.Additionally, as a method to re-warding area students, InspiringMinds holds a yearly banquet inwhich the students are recognizedfor their achievements and havean opportunity to earn scholar-ships for post-secondary educa-tion.
“Inspiring Minds has showed me that I really can be anythingthat I want to be.” I.M. Student “Deryck has been like a father tome. I can talk to him about any-thing, and he’s always there for me.” I.M. Student “Inspiring Minds taught me howto be condent in myself and how to dene my own success.”  I.M. Student 
What if You Could Regenerate New SkinCells 4 Times Faster? 
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