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Cnn Larry King Live With Joe Biden

Cnn Larry King Live With Joe Biden

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Published by: tuffstuff49 on Feb 12, 2010
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Interview with Vice President Joe Biden; John and Teresa HeinzKerry Interview; New "We Are The World" Version to OpenOlympics
Aired February 10, 2010 -
21:30 ET
 THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITSFINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED.LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, Vice President Joe Biden sits downwith me to talk money and jobs.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)JOSEPH BIDEN, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I think. You're going to see a net creation of jobs every month.(END VIDEO CLIP)KING: And what the future holds for every American during these tough economic times.Plus, Senator John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry exclusive -- here on their first interview together on the private heartbreak that they'renow making public -- her battle with cancer.And then --(SINGING)KING: -- they brought us "We Are the World" and are making history again, all for the people of Haiti. Quincy Jones and Lionel Richietake us behind-the-scenes of their incredible new version. We've got a preview of what the planet is going to see in just two days.Next on LARRY KING LIVE.A great pleasure to welcome to LARRY KING LIVE Joe Biden, the vice president of the United States. It's going to be hard to call youMr. Vice President because we go back a long way --JOE BIDEN, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We do.KING: But I've got to do that.BIDEN: Joe is fine.KING: That's the rules. OK.Let's begin right from the top of the get-go. Jobs -- so many people are out of work. People are angry. A basic question, what are youand the president going to do to turn this thing around? BIDEN: Well, the first thing we're going to do is sort of keep us from goingtotally off cliff. And that's why in the Recovery Act, we went out there and everyone acknowledges that we created somewhere between1.6 million and 2.4 million. But there are still seven million people who lost their jobs this year. And so what we're doing now isfocusing -- and hopefully with some Republican help this time -- on job creation; focusing a lot on small business, because they'rethe ones who create jobs; doing everything from eliminating capital gains to offering a $5,000 tax credit for hiring new employees tomoving in the direction of future oriented things too, Larry.It's not just enough to create the job that right this minute, which is the -- which is our -- our primary responsibility -- but to lay thefoundation for creating good decent jobs in the green economy and dealing with the -- you know, everything from broadband to makingsure that we have a -- you know, a new system of energy production in this country.KING: It seems overwhelming.Like, does it wear on you?BIDEN: Well, you know, Larry, I'm vice president, not president. I get to give a lot of advice. And I get responsibility, but the guy who hasto make the decisions is the president.And I'm -- I'm -- I mean it's remarkable how centered this guy is. I mean, this -- he is -- he gets up every morning, puts both feet on theground, as my dad would say, knows what he's about to do, goes out and does it and seems unfazed by it.KING: You recently swore in the new senator from Massachusetts --BIDEN: Yes. I like him.KING: -- the Republican, Scott Brown. And just after he's sworn in -- right after, he walks outside and he says this.Watch.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)SEN. SCOTT BROWN (R), MASSACHUSETTS: The last stimulus bill didn't create one new job. And in some states, the money that
was actually released hasn't even been used yet.QUESTION: It didn't create one new job?BROWN: That's correct. We -- we lost, what, another 85,000 jobs again, give or take, last -- last month?(END VIDEO CLIP)KING: OK, it didn't create a job?You just told me you created -- what did he -- where did he --BIDEN: Well, I -- I -- I don't know whether -- well, let me -- let me just say what the facts are. The facts are that this --KING: Were you shocked at that?BIDEN: Well, I'm not. Look, he's -- he's a new guy. He ran on -- on two things. One, that we're not handling the economy well andhealth care. And so I think that's part of the shtick.I hope he doesn't really believe that. You can just go to Massachusetts and see the thousands of teachers that still have their jobs andfirefighters and police officers, the new jobs created as a consequence of investments in new technologies and the like.So, again, I don't know one single serious econometric model, from the conservative to the liberals, who would acknowledge anythingother than we created a minimum of 1.6 million jobs to -- and the estimates from the CBO, which is really a, as you know, the goldstandard -- no Republican or Democratic questions it -- that say we created or saved over two million jobs.KING: How about, Mr. Vice President, all you spent to save them?BIDEN: Yes, well, look --KING: Is it $787 billion?Is that what --BIDEN: Well, we're about halfway there. We -- we -- we spent about half of that so far. It's a two year program. But, you know, it wasn't just creating jobs, Larry. A third of that money went to tax cuts. A third of that money went to tax cuts to businesses and to individuals.So everybody who collected a paycheck -- and people don't even know this. If they collected a paycheck and they had withholding taxtaken out of it, they had $60 to $80 less withheld. So they had $60 to $80 more a month in their paycheck.KING: In the last year?BIDEN: In -- in the last year, from the day we came in. And that -- that was billions of dollars pushed into the economy in their pockets.They went out and spent that money for everything from a hair cut to helping pay for the electric bill. And that has impact on theeconomy.Secondly, what we did was we made sure that we invested in not just tax cuts, but in the ci -- as they call it -- a fancy word --countercyclical help. A lot of these states are in deep, deep trouble. So we provided significant help for the states in everything frommaking sure -- look, for example, all of those people getting health care, Larry, who -- the people who lost their jobs, lost their healthcare, got dumped into Medicaid, those states wouldn't have been able to provide that health care for them.So a lot of it's not seen and a lot of it's misunderstood.KING: You know, it's been one -- it's the one year anniversary of the Recovery Act next week.BIDEN: Yes. Yes, it is. It is.KING: Did it go fast?BIDEN: Well, it did go fast. But I'll tell you what, I've spent most of my time making sure that there are no big boondoggles. If you notice,for all the criticism of the Recovery Act, no one has come up and said they wasted $50 million here, $100 million there, $90 millionhere. That dog never bit.And so we -- I'm very proud of the way we've done it. And you can -- I've talked to every single governor now at least once -- most ofthem twice -- for a half hour at a shot. Once a week, I'm on the phone with five governors to seven governors and seven to 12 mayorsor county executives. I've yet to have one say to me anything other than thank you for being responsive, thank you for the help.KING: Next more on the economy.And then later, the woman who wanted his job, Sarah Palin, has had a lot to say lately.We'll see how he responds, right after this.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)KING: In this economic back and forth, are you ever going to get bipartisanship?BIDEN: Well, we met yesterday, Larry, the president and myself. We went and met with the Republican leadership and the Democraticleadership in the House and Senate. And I think there is a realization that we -- we -- we have to do something about jobs, forexample.There's an agreement. They said, well, by the way, OK, we support no capital gains for taxes for small business. We think thehealthcare system is broken and has to be fixed. So there -- it's the first time any of that has occurred.Do I think there's going to be the kind of bipartisanship I'm used to as all the years I served in the Senate?Not likely. But I do think there will be some more movement, because there's a dual message being sent out there. It's not just thatpeople -- that Massachusetts election wasn't just about Democrats, it was about Washington is not working. And I don't think that theRepublican leadership is going to continue to conclude that the way they win is if the country loses.KING: You're the majority party.BIDEN: We are the majority party.KING: You've got all of the balls in your court.BIDEN: Well -- well, that's true, Larry, except take a look at that. I was a senator for 36 years. I got there when I was 29 years old. So I've
been through seven presidents -- eight now. And I've never seen a time when the operating norm to get anything passed was a supermajority of 60 votes. No matter what -- no matter what the bill is, it's filibustered. It's required to get 60 votes.You can't rule by a super majority. You can't govern if you require a super majority. And I think it's getting to the point where it's beenabused, this idea of the filibuster or the threat of extended debate.And I think the public is taking it out -- the -- the Congress as a whole, Republicans and Democrats, are -- are extremely low on thepolls, in the Congress.And -- and I hope it's sinking in to everyone that the American public sent us all here to solve certain problems. And everybody knows -- it's a little bit like the Middle East, everybody knows the outlines and the final settlement. It has to do with a two-state solution that's(INAUDIBLE). Everybody knows we have to change our energy policy. We have to change our education policy. We can't lead the worldwith the (INAUDIBLE) --KING: Are you optimistic about a jobs bill?BIDEN: Well, I am optimistic, I think now. The jobs bill, I think, will be probably less than is needed initially, but it will be very helpful. Ithink it should -- the House already passed a jobs bill. I think the Senate will pass a jobs bill. And I think -- Larry, look, by the spring, Ithink people are going to begin to have more confidence in the policies we've put in place. I think. You're going to see net creation of jobs every month. I think. You're going to see -- now it's not going to be seven million jobs in the next six months, but I think you'regoing to move from we lost 20,000 jobs last month -- I think you're going see it move to -- I'm making a number up -- 50,000 created or12,000 and then 20,000 and then 100,000 and --But I think what people need now -- when you're sitting at your kitchen table, Larry, in the neighborhoods I grew up in and you don'thave a job or you're about -- the rumor is you're about to lose your job and your company is about to go under or you can't pay themortgage on your house, let me tell you something, that's a depression for you.And my grand pop used to have an expression, from Scranton. He'd say the guy up on Alophin (ph), when he's out of work, it's aneconomic slowdown. When your brother-in-law is out of work, it's a recession. When you're out of work, it's a depression.Well, it's a depression for millions of Americans. And it's understandable why they're angry and frustrated and concerned. But we tookthis job knowing we were facing a gigantic hole we would fall into.KING: Yes, you inherited it.BIDEN: We inherited it.And by the way, we can argue -- that old expression, the proof in the pudding will be in the eating.KING: Yes.BIDEN: We'll -- we'll find out if what we're doing makes sense.KING:vice president in 60 seconds.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)KING: Now let's rat-a-tat a bunch of things --BIDEN: OK.KING: -- while we have some time here in this segment.Did the president waste too much time on health?BIDEN: No. No, look, you cannot get control of the deficits unless you deal with entitlements. One of the biggest entitlements isMedicare and Medicaid. Forty-seven cents in every dollar is spent now -- for health care nationwide is spent by the government. Thecost curve is going up like this. You've got to bend it. The only way you can do that is reform health care.KING: Are you going to get a health bill?BIDEN: I think we will.KING: You really think so?BIDEN: I really do. I think we will.KING: You don't -- you don't agree with the Republicans, start from the beginning again?BIDEN: Well, I don't care what they call it, as long as they -- it does three things. One, bends that cost curve so it doesn't go up 40percent a decade and we -- it just makes it impossible to gain control of our fiscal house. Two, make sure there's a fighting chance forpeople who don't have insurance to get it. Three, make sure those who have it are not subject to the kind of thing Blue Cross out inCalifornia just announced, a 39 percent increase in health care costs. And four, make sure that there is a -- a circumstance wherepeople are not able to be whipsawed by the insurance companies.Imagine if you went through what you and I went through with our health problems and we were 40 years old and we lost our job. Howdo you get insurance, Larry, with a preexisting condition?KING: We share that club.BIDEN: Yes. No, we are part of that club.KING: All right. All I have to say is say her name -- Sarah Palin.BIDEN: I like her.KING: She wanted your job.BIDEN: Yes, well, you know, everybody keeps (INAUDIBLE) --KING: Do you like her?BIDEN: I do. I like her. She's an engaging person. She has a great personality. I don't agree with what she says and I think some ofthe things she says are not -- well, I -- I -- I -- I -- I --

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