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Consultant Newsletter Feb

Consultant Newsletter Feb

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Published by Marilyn Clark
Here is your Feb newsletter... thanks for a great month... we were #2 in our National Area for 2 months in a row... I have a great unit!
Here is your Feb newsletter... thanks for a great month... we were #2 in our National Area for 2 months in a row... I have a great unit!

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Published by: Marilyn Clark on Feb 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Those who Dared
Those who Shared
Amy Andres
Terina Stenger
Elizabeth Byford
Marilyn Clark
Carol Cadwell
Marilyn Clark
Carol Dillon
Marilyn Clark
Elaine Ellis
Marilyn Clark
 We Celebrate You In
Lois Falkenberg 3thSandra Haberman-Melvill 14thLinda Babiuk 15thHeather Blair 21thDenise Buteau 23thLouise Campbell 24th
 Anniversaries Years
Louise Campbell 14Heather Blair 11Erica Enns 11Heather Clyne 8Shirley Heck 8Suzanne Jacobsen 8Karen Barnstable 5Wendy Hiebert 5Maureen Kenler 5Lacara Biddles 2Darcy Hagan 1
Team Leader
Doreen Cliff 
Star Team Builder
Rosemarie Selinger
Terina Stenger
Welcome New Business Owners
 A Limitless Dream
Turn obstacles into opportunities!
Be a Star Consultant every quarter; earn the Queen's Court of Sales Ring; earn aCareer; and build you team and earn wholesale production commission.
So how do you do it?
 "Believe in the Company and the products – and share that with everyone youmeet. The opportunity is life-changing. Reach out and enrich the lives of womenby sharing how the products and the opportunity can change your life for thebetter.""Dream big, focus on consistency, always be a Star Consultant and never letothers say anything to limit your dreams!"By working full circle: booking, selling, coaching and sharing the opportunity –and setting both short and long-term goals, you too can determine the altitudeof your Mary Kay business.
Future Director
Sandy Haberman-MelvillJanina Czerniecki Christa Knight Connie Biddles Vangie Esau Anita Labossiere Patricia Sales
Senior Consultants
“Black and White MK Attire”: Black Skirt & White Top, or Dress or Business Suit, black or neutral hose, and cuteshoes. Mary Kay logo pin.
(1-2 active team members)
Same attire as MK Consultant, with MK Senior ConsultantEnhancer.
(3-4 active tm)
Black skirt, white blouse, RED Jacket with MK TeamBuilder Enhancer, black or neutral hose, and cute shoes.
(5-7 active tm)
Same attire as Star Recruiter, except Team Leader Enhancer is worn.
Black skirt, BLACK blouse (DIQ only), REDJacket with Future Sales Director Enhancer and SCARF, black or neutral hose, and cuteshoes.
January 2010 Results & Recognition
February 2010 Newsletter
What are Your Mary Kay Pins saying about You?
To qualify in Court:• Court members must achievea total of $30,000 or more inpersonal Section 1 Retail salesduring the contest period.Contest Period:July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2010To qualify in Court:
Introduce 24 or more qualified team mem-bers during the contest period.Contest Period:July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2010
Name Seminar Qualified Recruits Remaining Goal Total Recruited Seminar YTD
Terina Stenger 1 23 1Marilyn Clark 1 23 7
NameTotal SeminarSalesRemainingGoal
Stenger, Terina $19,854.00 $10,146.00Clark, Marilyn $10,142.20 $19,857.80McMullen, Heather $9,042.00 $20,958.00Labossiere, Anita $6,525.50 $23,474.50Biddles, Connie $5,168.00 $24,832.00Sales, Patricia $4,679.00 $25,321.00Jack, Kathleen $3,745.00 $26,255.00Ellis, Elaine $3,603.00 $26,397.00Scott, Peggy $3,515.00 $26,485.00Selinger, Rosemarie $3,495.00 $26,505.00
Ellis, Elaine Golby, LindsayMcMullen, Heather Santos, Maria Andres, Amy Martin, JackieStenger, Terina Labossiere, AnitaPapafilis, Angeliki Lee, TracieLarcombe, Diane Wells, TerriStrileski, Marina Collison, KarenCzerniecki, Janina Campbell, LouiseBrebner, Deborah Fera, StephanieKlassen, Glenda Hauser, IngridJack, Kathleen Eburne, PatriciaSang, Alice Wright, JeanetteBiddles, Connie Vanderheide, PhyllisEnns, Erica Sales, PatriciaKruger, Catherine Suderman, SusanSelinger, Rosemarie Esau, VangieLangerud, Kathryn Hiebert, WendyCliff, Doreen Fitterer, DebbieRennich, Michele Oaks, ReniceFalkenberg, Lois Ruiz, KarineClark, Marilyn
Strategies to Success
Looking for ways to climb the ladder of success?Start here!
Learn all your scripts and use them!
Get sufficient inventory and be consistent.
Believe and have faith in yourself and theopportunity.
Remember that sales, phone calls and follow-ups can all be learned. All you need is practice!
Make unit meetings a priority and be willing tolearn something new every day.
Treat your business with the same respectthat you would a typical job with a boss.
Call your Independent Sales Director everyday for a motivational boost. She's already walkedthe journey and can help you walk yours.
Things to do in February:
Mark all Training Events inyour datebook!
Who can you/we do acareer talk with?
Call every client to tellthem about the new EvenComplexion Mask. Theydeserve to know and youcan book them for anappointment.
Save $25 each week topay for Career Conferenceand Seminar.
Enroll in PCP right away,you can always add moreclients thru February 15th.
Move into
this month.Mary Kay once said: “It isimportant to realize that you donot have to change a certainnumber of lives in order to makea difference in the world; you cando it by reaching out to just oneperson.”The goal of thispromotion issimple. To make adifference insomeone’s life.When you reachout to one person – from
August 1
, 2009,through June 30
, 2010
Let’s each reach out to one person!
Mary Kay Wisdom 
 “There aretwo types of thinking:positive or negative. Thepositive thinker is anoptimistic, faith-motivatedperson who habitually projectspositive pictures and attitudesevery single day; sendingcreative, positive thoughtsinto your world. These strongthought vibrations conditionthe surrounding world posi-tively; and as a result, a flowof positive outcomes isactivated, and positiveachievements are manifested.A good way to look at it is thatit’s either a boy or a girl—there isn’t anything else.
Mary Kay Ash
Time is ticking. So go ahead and wrap your wrist in the smooth sensation of satin!
New Bag Offer For Skin Care Bundles
We're pleased that your customers just can't get enoughof our customized skin care solution bundles! In fact, youand your customers love them so much that we've runout of the
Classic Zippered Pouch
that comes free withthe purchase of any one of the four bundles.But here's some great news! We'reoffering this fabulous new bag soyour customers won't miss out onthis great dealHere's to continued selling successthrough therest of thequarter!

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