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Digital Dilemma: When Technology Goes Where No Man Has Been

Digital Dilemma: When Technology Goes Where No Man Has Been

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Published by: BocephusMontoyaNewandaJackson-WashingtonJr. on Feb 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“What’s wrong man? You sounded depressed when I called earlier. … Hold that thought” BillEarlier in the day, the monotony of my professional life was interrupted by a predictable“So what is going on man? Talk to me.” he said.Nursing the beer I previously ordered, I swallowed what seemingly felt like a hard drink b“This is the new girl right?”“Yeah kind of. We have been dating for almost six months now.”“Really? That long. I am impressed. So what is she on your case about?”“To be honest, I don’t really know. She took a seemingly non offensive joke during love ma“Man I have got to hear this one! What did you say?”“Hold up …” I suggested. The server had returned with our drinks. With a casual smile exteGuys are the eternal opportunist. Though my hyperactivity prevents me from seeing the appeIt was two weeks prior in the same bar at the same table that Bill and I discussed the finAfter all, any interested woman after two fifths of whiskey and seventeen beers is doable.This law however, was later refuted by a Japanese Sexologist who showed that The Law of Av“So get on with it already!” Bill prodded, his attention having waned from staring at the“It started a few months ago.” I stated polishing off the remaining whiskey followed up by“Sounds cool so far.” he stated before hammering back his two shots of whiskey.“Yeah but not really. I don’t know man. The tattoos women get detract from their overall b“Are you seriously still hung up on that?” He cut me off. “Seriously Trent, get over it. T“Not really no …” I countered. “Women are the embodiment of beauty already. The need to ge“Feel better now that you got that off your chest?” Bill said through a hearty laugh. His“Laugh if you want man but you know it is true. Regardless, I couldn’t talk Heather out of“Yeah! I read that. That is some badass shit. I am thinking about getting it done. Have yo“Not until Heather got it done.” I responded before finishing off my beer. “After a week o“Nice! Where did she get it done? How does it look? Wait… didn’t they have to do surgery f“It looks effing sweet! On her lower back like most women. “I sighed. “But yes they had toBill’s eyes glazed over at the idea of getting the procedure done. I have to admit that IA brave new world stood before us with limitless possibilities. The idea of an object bein“That is awesome man! I can’t wait to see it. What did she get?” Within his glazed over ey“A bunch of girly shit … flowers and what not. The doctor said that there is a site online
“Really? How do you do that?”I couldn’t help but smile at his love lust for this new gadget. In that moment, he was not“So why did she get mad at you?” He questioned.“Honestly man, it was all well and good until I read through the brochures that she receivWith another chuckle Bill questioned “And did it?”“Yes but that isn’t the good part.”“Tell me you weren’t watching porn on her back while you were making love!” he said bursti“Hell no! But the thought did cross my mind …” I said through a laugh. “Nah, I was just chBill was in a fit of laughter as I continued. “I even had a mouse set up on the bedside ta“I bet you did. You understand that this puts a whole new spin on …. Cyber sex … Cyber sex“Yeah, probably not but it spiced things up which is never a bad thing. But that is what l“She didn’t know? Are you serious?”“No Bill, she honestly didn’t. And I wasn’t about to tell her either. I was getting laid o“Man you just ain’t right!” he said downing the last of his beer. With a motion of his han“No … You haven’t missed it.” I responded while lining up the empty glasses on the edge of“I cannot remember exactly when or even the how I came to learn that I could watch the gam“Sucks kind of but really where is the harm in that?”“I know right?” I continued. “Nevertheless, for whatever reason, I found my way upon this“Hilarious! Keep going” Bill prompted.“Anyway, as I was watching the SEC tournament on her buxom backside, I made the unfortunat“Really? Really Trent …” he said through a chuckle. The waitresses had arrived with anothe“Come on man!” I replied slurring my words. “It was the prelude to the NCAA tournament! Th“Please do.” he said with a smug grin.“Well … the whole ‘he shoots and scores’ thing became kind of like our thing. Ya know? Nee“Oh that is deplorable!” came from the table next to us. An elderly woman listening in on“Not literally lady! I don’t even have a dog.” I exclaimed as the embarrassment of the mom“It was the NCAA tournament and I had the points on UK in the third round over Michigan. MThrough a sardonic laugh Bill clamored “Our old boy scout master would be proud!”“Yeah right!” I retaliated before continuing. “On one image I had one set of games set up“Why do I feel a train wreck coming?” Bill said through a shared wince. Perhaps it was a u

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