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Test Cases Test Plan

Test Cases Test Plan

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Published by bibhu0506

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Published by: bibhu0506 on Feb 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Test Cases
S NTest case IDTest case DescriptionExpected ResultsActual Result1AddClickMessage Add Mode2Add EmpnoEnter duplicate valueError Duplicate ID3Add EmpnoEnter NULL valueError Enter value4Add EmpnoEnter CharacterError Only Numeric Value5Add EmpnoEnter 4 digit numberError Invalid ID tooshort”6Add EmpnoEnter 13 digit numberError Invalid ID too long7Add EmpnoEnter 5 digit numberAccepts Input8Add EmpnoEnter 12 digit numberAccepts Input10Add EmpnoEnter negative valueError Invalid ID11Add EmpnameEnter NULL valueError Enter value12Add EmpnameEnter more 30 charactersError Name too long13Add DOBEnter NULL valueError Enter value14Add DOBEnter CharacterError Only Numeric Value15Add DOBEnter negative valueError Invalid Date16Add DOBEnter dd-mm-yyyy formatAccepts Input17Add DOBEnter other date formatError Invalid Date Format18Add DOBEnter year 1975Accepts Input19Add DOBEnter year before 1975Error Invalid Date20Add DOBEnter Valid DateAge should be displayed21Add DOJEnter NULL valueError Enter value22Add DOJEnter CharacterError Only Numeric Value23Add DOJEnter negative valueError Invalid Date24Add DOJEnter dd-mm-yyyy formatAccepts Input25Add DOJEnter other date formatError Invalid Date Format26Add DOJEnter year before 2000Error Invalid Date27Add DOJEnter year after June 2003Error Invalid Date28Add DOJEnter year 2001Accepts Input29Add SalaryEnter NULL valueError Enter value30Add SalaryEnter CharacterError Only Numeric Value31Add SalaryEnter 7 digit numberAccepts Input32Add SalaryEnter 8 digit numberError Invalid salary toolong”33Add SalaryEnter negative numberError Invalid salary34Add OkClickIt should update database35Add CancelClickShould clear the input formitems36ModifyClickMessage Modify Mode37Modify.empnoEnter duplicate valueError Duplicate ID38Modify.empnoEnter NULL valueError Enter value39Modify.empnoEnter CharacterError Only Numeric Value40Modify.empnoEnter 4 digit numberError Invalid ID tooshort”
51Modify.empnoEnter 13 digit numberError Invalid ID too long52Modify.empnoEnter 5 digit numberAccepts Input53Modify.empnoEnter 12 digit numberAccepts Input54Modify.empnoEnter negative valueError Invalid ID55Modify.empnoModify empno aftedisplaying dataError “Empno cannot bechanged”56Modi.EmpnameEnter NULL valueError Enter value57Modi.EmpnameEnter more 30 charactersError Name too long58Modify.DOBEnter NULL valueError Enter value59Modify.DOBEnter CharacterError Only Numeric Value60Modify.DOBEnter negative valueError Invalid Date61Modify.DOBEnter dd-mm-yyyy formatAccepts Input62Modify.DOBEnter other date formatError Invalid Date Format63Modify.DOBEnter year 1975Accepts Input64Modify.DOBEnter year before 1975Error Invalid Date65Modify.DOBEnter Valid DateAge should be displayed66Modify.DOJEnter NULL valueError Enter value67Modify.DOJEnter CharacterError Only Numeric Value68Modify.DOJEnter negative valueError Invalid Date69Modify.DOJEnter dd-mm-yyyy formatAccepts Input70Modify.DOJEnter other date formatError Invalid Date Format71Modify.DOJEnter year before 2000Error Invalid Date72Modify.DOJEnter year after June 2003Error Invalid Date73Modify.DOJEnter year 2001Accepts Input74Modify.SalaryEnter NULL valueError Enter value75Modify.SalaryEnter CharacterError Only Numeric Value76Modify.SalaryEnter 7 digit numberAccepts Input77Modify.SalaryEnter 8 digit numberError Invalid salary toolong”78Modify.SalaryEnter negative numberError Invalid salary79Modify.OkClickIt should update database70Modify.CancelClickShould clear the input formitems81ViewClickMessage View Mode82View.EmpnoEnter duplicate valueError Duplicate ID83View.EmpnoEnter NULL valueError Enter value84View.EmpnoEnter CharacterError Only Numeric Value85View.EmpnoEnter 4 digit numberError Invalid ID tooshort”86View.EmpnoEnter 13 digit numberError Invalid ID too long87View.EmpnoEnter 5 digit numberAccepts Input88View.EmpnoEnter 12 digit numberAccepts Input89View.EmpnoEnter negative valueError Invalid ID90View.OkClickAll fields except view.empnoshould be inactive
91View.CancelClickShould clear all the fields92DeleteClickMessage Delete Mode93Delete.EmpnoEnter duplicate valueError Duplicate ID94Delete.EmpnoEnter NULL valueError Enter value95Delete.EmpnoEnter CharacterError Only Numeric Value96Delete.EmpnoEnter 4 digit numberError Invalid ID tooshort”97Delete.EmpnoEnter 13 digit numberError Invalid ID too long98Delete.EmpnoEnter 5 digit numberAccepts Input99Delete.EmpnoEnter 12 digit numberAccepts Input100Delete.EmpnoEnter negative valueError Invalid ID101Delete.OkClickShould delete record from db102Delete.CancelClickShould clear all the fields
Test Plan
Field Name Type of Unique Null / Num Length Neg Default DateCheck NotnullAdd.Empno FLC / FLV Y Y Y Y Y N NAdd.Empname FLC N Y N Y N N NAdd.DoB FLC / FLV N Y Y Y N N YAdd.Age FC N N N N N N NAdd.DoJ FLC / FLV N Y Y Y N N YAdd.Salary FLC N Y Y Y Y N NAdd.OK FC N N N N N N NAdd.Cancel FC N N N N N N NAdd.Add FC N N N N N N NModify.Empno FLC / FLV Y Y Y Y Y N NModify.Empname FLC N Y N Y N N NModify.DoB FLC / FLV N Y Y Y N N YModify.Age FC N N N N N N NModify.DoJ FLC / FLV N Y Y Y N N YModify.Salary FLC N Y Y Y Y N NModify.OK FC N N N N N N NModify.Cancel FC N N N N N N NModify.Modify FC N N N N N N NView.Empno FLC / FLV Y Y Y Y Y N NView.Empname FC N N N N N N NView.DoB FC N N N N N N NView.Age FC N N N N N N NView.DoJ FC N N N N N N NView.Salary FC N N N N N N NView.OK FC N N N N N N NView.Cancel FC N N N N N N NView.Delete FC N N N N N N NDelete.Empno FLC / FLV Y Y Y Y Y N NDelete.Empname FC N N N N N N N

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