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Pawns in the Game (International Banksters Conspiracy Exposed NWO World Government Secret Services Insider William Guy Carr 1958)

Pawns in the Game (International Banksters Conspiracy Exposed NWO World Government Secret Services Insider William Guy Carr 1958)



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Published by crossx14
Book "Pawns in the Game" (1958), by the former British Intelligence Agent William Guy Carr.
Book "Pawns in the Game" (1958), by the former British Intelligence Agent William Guy Carr.

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Published by: crossx14 on Apr 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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William Guy Carr, Pawns in the Game (1958)
 Pawns in the Game
 About the Author
 At the early age of twelve theauthor was thoroughlyindoctrinated into the Bolshevik ideology by two revolutionarymissionaries who travelled on thesame ship with him out to theOrient in 1907. Unlike manyothers he didn’t swallow the baitthey offered him ‘Hook, Line,and Sinker’. He decided to keepan open mind, and to investigatematters thoroughly, beforereaching any conclusions. Hisinvestigations and studies of allangles of the InternationalConspiracy have taken him to nearly every country in the world.Commander Carr has had a distinguished naval career. DuringWorld War One he served as Navigating Officer of H.M.Submarines. In World War Two he was Naval Control Officer forthe St. Lawrence; then Staff Officer Operations at Shelbourne, N.S.; then Senior Naval Officer at Goose Bay, Labrador. As anOfficer on the staff of Commodore Reginald Brock he organizedthe 7th Victory Loan for the twenty-two Royal Canadian NavalTraining Divisions.As an author he has previously published the seven books listedabove. Some were specially bound for inclusion in The RoyalLibrary; The Library of The Imperial War Museum; and the SirMillington Drake Library (which is bequeathed to Eton College),and the Braille Library for the Blind. Several of his books havebeen published in European languages.
Books previously published by same author.By Guess and by God.Hell’s Angels of the Deep.High and Dry.Good Hunting.Out of the Mists.Checkmate in the North.Brass Hats and Bell-Bottomed Trousers.
http://yamaguchy.netfirms.com/carr/pawns_index.html (1 of 3)5.4.2006 12:12:43
William Guy Carr, Pawns in the Game (1958)
Commander Carr is known to many Canadians who have attendedhis public lectures. He toured Canada for the Canadian Clubs in1930-31. He warned people of the existence of an InternationalConspiracy. He foretold that the conspirators would, unlesschecked, drag the World into another Global War. In the yearsbetween 1931 and 1939 he addressed Social and Service Clubs allover Ontario. In 1944 and 1945 he was sent on another lecture tourof Canada by The Naval authorities. He explained why it would benecessary to win the Peace, if the fruits of military victory were notto be thrown away again.Commander Carr is determined to inform as many people aspossible regarding the Evil Forces which adversely affect all ourlives, and the lives of our children. His book will be an eye-openerto parents, clergymen, teachers, students, statesmen, politicians,and labour leaders. 
 Pawns in the Game
 Here is a
storyof internationalintrigue, romances,corruption, graft,and politicalassassinations, thelike of which hasnever been writtenbefore. It is thestory of howdifferent groups oratheistic-materialistic menhave played in aninternational chesstournament todecide which groupwould win ultimatecontrol of thewealth, naturalresources, and man-power of the entireworld. It is
http://yamaguchy.netfirms.com/carr/pawns_index.html (2 of 3)5.4.2006 12:12:43
William Guy Carr, Pawns in the Game (1958)
explained how thegame has reachedthe final stage. Thelnternational Communists, and the International Capitalists, (bothof whom have totalitarian ambitions) have temporarily joinedhands to defeat Christian-democracy. The cover design shows thatall moves made by the International Conspirators are directed bySatan and while the situation is decidedly serious it is definitely nothopeless. The solution is to end the game the InternationalConspirators have been playing right now before one or anothertotalitarian-minded group impose their ideas on the rest of mankind. The story is sensational and shocking, but it iseducational because it, is the
. The author offers practicalsolutions to problems so many people consider insoluble.The Publisher 
Special Announcement
The Red Fog Over America
was published December 1955. ThisBook, by the same author, is the story of the CommunistConspiracy in North America from 1920 to date. The Ottawa SpyTrials only exposed
spy ring. “The Red Fog” exposes fourothers and explain
subversive ‘Cells’ have infiltrated intoevery level of Government and into every class of society. Itexposes their activities in Politics, Labour, Industry, Education,Religion, the Armed Forces, the Civil Service, and Veteran affairs.“The Red Fog” exposes the hook-up between the Legal and Illegalsections of the Communist party... The affiliations between theCommunist Underground and the Criminal Underworld. The wayall kinds of rackets and illegal traffic and trade are used toundermine the National economy is exposed. The author explainshow the subversives encourage and then exploit juveniledelinquency.
Order your copy now. Price : $2.00.Order through your local Book Store but, if they cannot, or willnot, accommodate you then order direct from : —Publications Committee,Federation of Christian Laymen,C/O Willowdale Post Office, Ontario, Canada.
http://yamaguchy.netfirms.com/carr/pawns_index.html (3 of 3)5.4.2006 12:12:43

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