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Decalcifiying Pineal Gland

Decalcifiying Pineal Gland



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Published by sonden_2

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Published by: sonden_2 on Feb 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Since the gland/chakra posts began and the mention of calcification of the gland as the major cause of aging and hormone gland/malfunctionmany have been asking for anti-dotes and how to ensure against this. I'm still yet to type up the biological transmutation post (so belowis a combined brief). Also i will make brief mention here especiallyfor those whom love calcium and assume calcium is needed in large qtyto ensure against osteoperosis ... folks i can not stress any further .... i will dare say here ... calcium supplementation is not absorbedinto the bones and ends up floating around your body organs cloggingthem up ... so to does excess calcium food like MILK and CHEESE (these industries will do whatever to hang onto PROFITS/SALES) ..the biggest contributor to osteoperosis is body acid pH ... thewestern diet, sugar laden is very acidic ... throw in lots of meat ...and more acid ... and various other factors ... such as old age andhormone break down ..... why!!! because when GLANDS FAIL SO DOHORMONES.... remember some glands monitor body temperature and pH(acid/alkaline) and produce hormones to keep balanced ... the body is very intelligent as when it goes acid ... it begins toleech minerals from the bones as well as muscles (mainly calcium) inorder to neutralise the acid ... the fix for this amongst many thingsis to alkalise ... increase body pH to alkaline levels approx 6.8 -7.0. ...further to this no matter how much calcium you throw at the body it will not be absorbed without various hormones and especiallyVitamin D3 and MAGNESIUM ... REMEMBER : GLANDS ARE THE BIOLOGICAL INTERFACE TO CHAKRAS ... where body meets spirit .. however ... i'll mention the theme of biological transmutation here..... and those inclined can search google .... back in the 50's therewas a Frenchman by the name of Louis Kervran who was France's minister of Health (also a biologist) ... who by certain observation discoveredthat calcium was formed in the body not by calcium from food or supplementation but simply from SILICA (silicon) and the magic mineralMAGNESIUM ... he went on to discover that IRON was formed in the body by MANGANESE ... there are other transmutations but suffice to say ...especially for women needing IRON..... take MANGANESE ... and if youneed strong bones ... take SILICA .... as the body uses what it needs.... i.e. converts only what it needs .... now Dr. Kervran washumilated by his peers and made out to be crazy i think you get thedrift here ... it wasn't until much later certain a Japanese scientistas well as USA military believe it or not were able to SCIENTIFICALLY prove what he said ... no body could believe that the body couldtransmute elements, especially minerals from one form into another ...BUT IT DOES!! .... still to this day medical establishment havedifficulty believing this ....
here is an excellent article that gives a good overview of thisespecially half-way downwards ...http://www.wellbeingjournal.com/StrongBones.html ----------- Keeping your Glands Primed (anti-dote to calcification) there are several ingredients that can be mixed together; they are;and the below three can be taken together in a glass of water. EDTA (preference di-sodium EDTA) = removes some types of heavy metals but in particular de-calcifies glands.add 1/4 teaspoon to one-quart of water (1-litre) Borax (boron) = antidote to fluoride.a few dollars from super-market (i think in USA they call it 20MULE???or something like this??)add 4 x pinches to one-quart of water (1-litre). what is a pinch? ... just imagine you are adding a pinch of salt to your cooking pot ... Sodium Thiosulfate = antidote to CHLORINE, cyanide, arsenic, someheavy metals and de-calcification of glands in general.this is a little complicated but not that much  buy sodium thiosulfate crystals (a few dollars) ... can be purchasedfrom swimming pool chemical suppliers or fish aquariums (gold fish diewhen in chlorinated water) ... also hydroponic shops sell them ...once you have the crystals ... add 1/4 tablespoon to a glass of water (250 mls) ... now shake well and stir ... and if possible store thisin a glass bottle or plastic bottle and seal ... now with an eye dropper .... add 20-drops from this 250 mls solutionto the one-quart of water (1-litre). -------- the above three ingredients can be added to the same quart of water and drink this one-quart of water per day (perhaps rest/stop on weekends)----------- IODINE is also something to consider as western diets are verydeficient ... the gland requiring this is the throat chakra ...thyroid glands also is MAGNESIUM ....85% of people tested are deficient in MAGNESIUM.... this one ingredient is key for over 300+ enzyme reactions in thehuman body ... and here they are flogging calcium by the truck load.... without magnesium and some sunlight ... calcium will not even bindto bone!!!!! ... see http://www.mgwater.com
 ---------- now the ULTIMATE INGREDIENT for the complete health of glands isVitamin C in the form of sodium ascobate and if you can get itMAGNESIUM ASCORBATE genetically humans are one of very few animals who can not internally produce their own vitamin c... it has to be ingested .... even other mammals can produce their own Vit-C ... but not humans ... i don'twanto go into the reason/cause of all this as it can fill up books..... but suffice to say vitamin C is seriously required by the body..... from my own experience andothers ... DO NOT TAKE it in the formof ascorbic acid ... stick to sodium or magnesium ascorbate .... andif you can get it with bioflavinoids do so ... the reason to stay awayfrom ascorbic acid is simple ... due to ascorbic acid in large amountscan make the body very acidic ... and also give stomach /gastro pains.... and can even bring on flu .... many years ago some smart arsedoctors decided to test high dose vitamin C to see if it was reallyeffective ... the results they published to the media to theresounding joy of the big drug companies .... "High Dose Vit-C canmake you sick and bring on the cancer" ... these smart doctors weretesting with with high dose asorbic acid ... and they were not bothering to check peoples pH levels ... remember folks when the bodyis very acidic .... it can make a good breeding ground for cancer ... the human body is 70% water ... like a swimming pool the pH of water must be kept stable at 7.0 pH. now the quantity dosage i am talking about here is in the severalgrams per day .... those who chew on a 250 mg tablet a day are noteven scratching the surface ... the ideal qty is 70mg per Kg body weight i.e. 30mg per pound bodyweight .... eg. if you weight 75 Kg ... then 70mg x 75 = 5250 mg (or 5.2 grams) per day ... last but not least .... VITAMIN C IS FOUND CONCENTRATED IN THE GLANDSESPECIALLY IN THE BRAIN .... this is were it is absorbed and used ....TO MAKE/REGULATE HORMONES .... ------------- also goes without saying stay away from FAKE SUGAR ... especiallyASPARTAME .... i won't go into toxic effects as debatable ... but itell you what happens from a gland/hormonal level ... and many do not believe this .... ASPARTAME or any fake sugar .... makes you put on body weight / fat ... i'll keep it simple .... when you take sugar your brain sends a signal to your pancreas to release insulin into the blood ... insulin is needed to allow sugar to enter the cells ...

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