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Accident Prone

Accident Prone



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Published by Ellie Hardy

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Published by: Ellie Hardy on Feb 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Accident Prone
 A Bella and Edward Story,Based after New Moon and before Eclipse
Life sucks,But I guess they say get used to it,I cant though,If you where me you would see why 
Chapter 1: RepeatingMy life is a person falling down a never ending hole; its a roller coaster which has no end and a CDon repeat. So, so boring, scary but boring. Nothing to do after being taken out of hospital from theJames accident and having the time of my life at the school disco. That was the time whenbutterflies just burst into my heart and I almost exploded because I felt so wonderful being inEdwards arms.Like I said life is scary, especially when you have the threat of a blood sucking vampire coming afteryou as you killed her love. Victoria will never forget this and she is going to haunt me, follow me andmake sure she finds the right moment to attack. Everything seems the same, my day to day life onrepeat or a CD stuck. Ok so someone fainted in a class they other day and someone else whackedtheir head on a post and passed out but now that feels nothing compared to the experiences withEdward.He asks me if Im scared, of course I would say no but deep down Im petrified. Life sucks. I have tolive my life in danger, not like normal people do where they get home in the evenings and go seetheir boyfriend whos waiting outside to take you on a date. No, no, he comes in from window andprepares you for possibly one of the most life threatening experiences ever. Then there is Alice whois also like him except she just wants to be human again. I have to be prepared for anything withAlice, especially the thing I hate the most...SHOPPING TRIPS!!!!! Ugh, shopping with Alice, my worst nightmare. She goes mad I swear.So it was the Sunday and Edward was waiting for me with the black Porsche. I grab a bag say bye toCharlie and go. The 2 of us in that car, I can feel free and safe. But what about Charlie... can he carefor himself when there is a vampire threatening to kill me and the Cullens?Calm down honey we have Alice, she will see what might happen, you need to relax just the soundof his voice makes me relax. His calm icy voice which sends shivers down my spine. The thing is hesays I need to calm down but its hard to calm down when you have your life on the line! When we
2eventually get to the top of the winding hill I see the amazing architecture of the Cullens house,they wide open windows and big open doors. I feel at home there. I feel at home with Charlie butmore relaxed here.I enter through the front door to see Alice waiting for me and expecting me, but she would knowwhen I am coming. Jasper is not far behind her, hiding around the corner and the rest of the familyare not far behind Jasper, in the kitchen.Ummm, something smells good Alice, what are they cookingOh Spaghetti Bolognese, your favouriteWait... hang on a second... what how did you... oh yes of course and let me guess you knew I washungry so you told them to get me spaghetti Bolognese, well thank youAlice smiled a sweet smile and led me and Edward through to the kitchen where the smell overpowered the room, wow the Cullens may never eat but boy can they cook!Hi everyone I shouted to all the Cullens and I got a nice reply as usual, which included several hisfrom every one apart from Rosalie and Jasper. Jasper murmured a small Hi and Rosalie saidnothing but snorted and turned away.Chapter 2: BurnsAs Esme turned back to her cooking she asked Emmett to take the hot frying pan, which was full of the hot Bolognese, to the table. Emmett turned and was slowly walking over to the table.
dward POV
Ugh Rosalie is so rude. Why can she not just except that Bella is now a member of the family! Imoved Bella and... Oh I was so stupid, why did I not see this coming? As Bella moved Emmett walkedinto the same path and...OH EMMETT I GONNA KILL YOU!!!!
ett POV
OH S***
Alice POV
Bella POV
OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! The pan turned and scolded my arm. As Emmett dropped it, it felldown my legs (why did I put on shorts today!!) and scolded my leg.
Alice POV
As the pan dropped and I saw it scrape down her leg. She collapsed into a heap on the floor andscreamed with pain. Carlisle ran around and by the looks of things was looking for his medical kits! I
 immediately knelt down by side her and calmed her down. She rested her head against me andslowly she calmed down.Oh Alice, why is it all way me? she said to me in a small whimpering voice. Carlisle ran over withice packs and cooling jell stuff. He added a small amount of pressure and the pain eased away. Bellaslowly started to feel confident and calm.What should I tell Charlie? Bella asked me in her fully (ish) recovered voice.Tell him exactly what happened but get Emmett to come with you too show how much of anaccident it was
Bella POV
For a minute I thought Alice was going mad but then I realised how it would all fit into place. Carlisleadded more pressure and my arm felt like it had been gasping for some air and relief. The pain of thepan as it touched me was like fire or hot steam for an engine. I could hear everyone gasp as I slowlyhit the floor and I could feel Alice run too me as I cried and screamed. The whole room went fromsmelling amazing too turning into a small dark pit which just conceited of pain and whenever youmoved you would be poked with a burning iron like what they use in black smiths. But I guesssomething happening like that is normal when I am with the Cullens.I got back up after Carlisle had finished and I walked with a limp, it felt like a sword had been piercedthrough my skin. I turned to Alice and she gasped, she looked paler than normal. She had seensomething...Alice what is it? Jasper asked in a particularly worried tone.Victoria shes heading here with a furious look on her face! Bella get out of here, RUN!!! Everyonelooked panicked and worried.
Alice POV
Wait but I can see something else.Guys shes not alone, Its Garrett...Chapter
: GarrettHe was coming, a young brutal man, and aged 17 and has been that way since 18
7. His power wasthe worst of them all. He can control our movements if he can get close. He could make you killyourself if youre not careful or torture yourself. We will have to move his path and split them up.Edward had read my mind and gave a small nod.Bella I love you and we are going to get rid of Garrett once and for all Edward told Bella in his calmvoice but I could tell he was worried sick!!What... wait whos Garrett, what can he do? Bella asked. I gave Carlisle a worried look and hereplied

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