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Survival Items

Survival Items

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Published by Kyle Robbertze

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Published by: Kyle Robbertze on Feb 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SURVIVAL EQUIPMENT -WHAT TO STOCK UP ON IF YOU'RE SURVIVAL MINDED- AND WHY. SURVIVAL ITEMS - POST TEOTWAWKI SCENARIO This is the pure text version of this list.You may distribute it as is, under the agreement that it is not altered in anyway.You may not distribute this list for commercial or political reasons / gain.It may not be a part of a pay site.If you want to use this list for other reasons than personal enlightenment youmust have prior written consent from me.There are many lists of survival items that should be acquired floating around,but following one list not specifically designed for your situation and location,to the tee,can land you in a world of trouble.If you think something is missing or have a suggestionplease email me, address embedded in copyright notice.I welcome feedback about layout, spelling, fonts etc. Different scenarios call for different stuff.At the same time - depending too much on "gear" for survival can drasticallyreduce yourchances.Take GPS ( Global Positioning System - sat.nav.) for instance - it'sbecome popular inthe last few years, and some people depend solely on their Magellan fornavigation.What do they do when it breaks down or run out of batteries post TEOTWAWKI?Substituting hitech gear for skill and knowledge _will_ hurt you in a high riskpost TEOTWAWKI scenario.To take an example from my experience -I went for a one month stay in a lavvo (Sami tent similar to Native AmericanTeepee) ,in the north of Norway in 1996.It was springtime, so the nights were cold and it rained a bit.I bought a Camping Gaz butane stove for the trip - and since I had to travelnearly 1.400 miles to get to my campsite, I planned on buying the butane in thelast cityI visited before heading for the hills.I skillfully managed to FORGET to buy the butane.I found out when I was unpacking at the campsite, 40 miles from the nearest store.I did however know how to make a decent campfire, so heating and cooking was not aproblem.
 If I hadn't known how to do that I would have had to abort the adventureimmediately.There are however some items that will enhance your quality of lifeand increase you chances for survival.I, for one, feel that having a few "luxury" items in a bad situation, will makelife easier,especially psychologically, which is of vital importance to your survival.If life in a TEOTWAWKI situation is rotten due to lack of 'entertainment' and poorequipment,you'll not be in a good position to keep yourself and your family alive and well.To take an example - in the Bosnian civil war the soldiers were givenchocolates and biscuits before and during combat/campaigns.This was done toa - give them quick access to sugarsb - increase morale ( mostly this )and so increase their ability and will to fight.Having spent considerable amounts of time in isolated areas and warzonesI've found that a few things are important to keep me from becoming too fed up -having clean durable clothes, good boots, basic hygiene articles, tobacco,coffee and a little candy - greatly improves my morale.Since a post TEOTWAWKI situation requires that you go a long time withoutresupply,a cache of important items is vital, storing everything at the house is notprudent,armed looters / criminals will most likely have the run of the streets,and transporting your sh*t to your destination can be a real bitch.Cacheing is not sorcery, but it does require some thought and preparation.First - HOW LONG MUST SUPPLIES LAST ?You must know how long you want your supplies to last before you start buyingstuff.Second - find out how the climate is at the location you have chosen for yourcache.Third - check the rodent / wildlife situation.Fourth - find containers that will keep your supplies dry and safe -
if you are storing food, the containers need to be made of food grade plastics ormetalsalthough metals might give you trouble with long term storage( rust and general degeneration of containers )Some plastics can't handle frost and some can't handle exposure to sunlight.Give thought to the fact that rats and mice literally "eat plastics forbreakfast".I have been thinking of getting wood transportation crates, dress them internallywith wire meshand store my stuff in custom made three layer aluminum bags with silica gelinside.The bags I get from Protective Packaging Ltd.Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance- British SAS special forces " Seven P's " rule So before you start buying / acquiring items, decide what scenario you arepreparing forand take time to plan what and how much gear you need.Do the necessities first, and leave the "luxury" items for later.By luxury items, I mean items that we take for granted and enjoy everyday that arenot strictlynecessary e.g.. candy, coffee, tobacco etc.,but which will be next to impossibleto find / getafter things go haywire.Also - please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.I must take time to point out that my emergency plans are somewhat affectedby sharing a border with Russia, and living just below the polar circle,so I plan on having at least a years worth of supplies,banking on about five months of winter with snow and subzero temps.One last word of caution -don't try to buy everything you need at once -unless you're rich it'll hurt you economically and thereby lower your moraleand willingness to prepare.Quality is essential - test your equipment as soon as possible after purchaseOn to the itemsA small explanation to go with the lists -I put the item first - then amount needed - then my comments as to why etc.Clothing -

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