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Nokia Secrete Codes

Nokia Secrete Codes

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Published by Vinay Singh

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Published by: Vinay Singh on Feb 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nokia Secret Codes
March 14, 2007 - 05:32 — mannuOn the main screen type in:*#06# for checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).*#7780# reset to factory settings.*#67705646# This will clear the LCD display(operator logo).*#0000# To view software version.*#2820# Bluetooth device address.*#746025625# Sim clock allowed status.#pw+1234567890+1# Shows if sim have restrictions.*#92702689# - takes you to a secret menu where you may find some of the information below:1. Displays Serial Number.2. Displays the Month and Year of Manufacture3. Displays (if there) the date where the phone was purchased (MMYY)4. Displays the date of the last repair - if found (0000)5. Shows life timer of phone (time passes since last start)*#3370# - Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) activation. Increase signal strength, better signal reception. It also help if u want to use GPRS and the service is not responding or too slow. Phone battery will drain faster though.*#3370* - (EFR) deactivation. Phone will automatically restart. Increase battery life by30% because phone receives less signal from network.*#4720# - Half Rate Codec activation.*#4720* - Half Rate Codec deactivation. The phone will automatically restartIf you forgot wallet code for Nokia S60 phone, use this code reset: *#7370925538# Note, your data in the wallet will be erased. Phone will ask you the lock code. Defaultlock code is: 12345Press *#3925538# to delete the contents and code of wallet.Unlock service provider: Insert sim, turn phone on and press vol up(arrow keys) for 3seconds, should say pin code. Press C,then press * message should flash, press * againand 04*pin*pin*pin# \*#7328748263373738# resets security code.Default security code is 12345Change closed caller group (settings >security settings>user groups) to 00000 and ure phone will sound the message tone when you are near a radar speed trap. Setting it to 500will cause your phone 2 set off security alarms at shop exits, gr8 for practical jokes!(works with some of the Nokia phones.) Press and hold "0" on the main screen to openwap browser.
Nokia Codes Tips and Tricks
To check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Type-
*#06#Information you get from the IMEI-
TAC = Type approval code
FAC = Final assembly code
SNR = Serial number 
SP = Spare
To check the phones Software revision type-
*#0000#Information you get from the Software revision-V 05.3118-02-99NSE-3
1ST Line = Software revision
2ND Line = The date of the software release
3RD Line = Phone type
To enter the service menu type-
*#92702689# (*#WAR0ANTY#)
Serial number (IMEI)
Production date (MM/YY)
Purchase date (MM/YY) You can only enter the date once.
Date of last repair (0000=No repair)
Transfer user data to another Nokia phone via Infra-Red
Clock Stopping
To check weather your SIM Card supports clock stopping type-*#746025625# (*#SIM0CLOCK#)
Revealing the Headphone and Car-Kit menus
Please note that if you do these next tricks, the new menus can't be erasedwithout retoring the factory default settings. To do these tricks you need to short-circuit the pins on the bottom of the phone next to where you plug in you charger.
1. To activate the "Headset" menu, you need to short-circuit pins "3" and "4".After a short time the word "Headset" will be shown in the display. Menu 3-6 isnow enabled.2. To activate the "Car" menu, you need to short-circuit pins "4" and "5". After ashort time the word "Car" will be shown in the display. Menu 3-7 is now enabled.
This should work on all software versions of the 6110.1. Go to the Calendar (Menu-8)2. Make a note or reminder.3. Enter some text into the edit box.4. Hold "Clear" until the whole text is cleared, then press "Back".
5. Press "0". The main screen will now be showing but a space appears on thescreen. (you can't see it)6. Enter 4 digits (e.g. 1234).7. Use the down arrow to move the cursor to the left side of the numbers and thespace (Down arrow twice).8. Now enter 6 digits and press the call button.
Wait for a few seconds, the screen should start to flash and reboots. It shouldalsowork on other menus like the "Profiles" menu.
To activate EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) Enter the code-*3370#This improves call quality but decreases batterylife by about 5%To deactivate it, Enter the code-#3370#
If you short-circuit theleft middle and right pins on the bottom of the phone with allconnections touching each other, the Nokia software hangs! The profile"Headset" will be activated. Before you do this just activate the "AutomaticAnswer" in the headset profile and set the ringing volume to "Mute". Now you canuse your phone for checking out what people are talking about in a room. Justplace it under a table in a room and call it. The phone receives the call withoutringing and you can listen to what people are saying.
There is a hidden menu inside your Nokia phone. If you want to activate it, you'llhave to re-program some chips inside of your phone.1.Check your software version. You can only continue if you have v4.33,v4.73 or v5.24.2.Take apart the phone.3.De-solder the EEPROM (ATMEL AT 24C64).4.Read out the data with an EEPROM programmer and save it to a file(Backup).5.If you have v.33 or v4.73, change the address "03B8" from "00" to "FF".6.If you have v5.24 then change the address "0378" from "00" to "FF".7.Write the new data to the EEPROM and solder it back to the phone,8.Power on your phone and you should have "Netmonitor" enabled.The Network Monitor gives you the following information.
Carrier number 
MS RX Level in DBM
Received signal quality
MS TX power level

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