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For QTP Scripts & Documents Visit:

For QTP Scripts & Documents Visit:

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Published by: api-23040079 on Feb 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For QTP Scripts & Documents Visit:www.gcreddy.com
QuickTest Professional

QuickTest Professional 10.00
Product ID: QTPRPID 10.00/0

Build: 513
For Software Testing Documents visit:ww.gcr eddy.net
For QTP Scripts & Documents Visit:www.gcreddy.com
I. Basic Features of QTP
II. Key Elements of QTP
III. QTP Testing Process
IV. Generating Tests
V. Enhancing Tests
VI. Debugging & Running Tests
VII. Actions
VIII. Functions
IX. Regular Expressions
X. Environment Variables
For Software Testing Documents visit:ww.gcr eddy.net
For QTP Scripts & Documents Visit:www.gcreddy.com
I) Basic features of QTP
oQTP Launched in 2002 (Nov). By Mercury Interactive. Later taken over by HP,
in 2007.
oQTP is an Object Based Testing Tool.
oQTP is for functional and Regression Testing.
It follows Keyword driven approach.
oIt supports Windows Operating Environment only.
oIt supports GUI based (Graphical user interface) and Web based Applications
Automation, does not support CUI (Command user interface) Applications.
It has multilingual support. (It supports English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc
languages with respect to license.)
oIt has adapted Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting edition for programming and
excel like spread sheet for Data driven testing.
oSQL (Structured query language) embedded or inserted with QTP, so we can
use SQL statements directly from QTP.
oIt can be integrated with other Tools like WinRunner and Quality Center.
oIt can be used for user interface (UI) test case automation and some limited
(Non UI) Test case automation like File system operations and Data base
It was derived from Astra QuickTest (mother tool of QTP).
oIt supports IE (Internet Explorer) only for recording tests, for execution it
supports other browsers like Mozilla and AOL, opera Etc apart from IE.
oQTP is a Desktop Application (I-Tier/Stand alone).
oQTP has two types of License,
1. Seat or Node locked License,
2. Concurrent or float license.
Seat license for one system and Concurrent License, we can use for any system but
one user at any time. If we want multiple concurrent licenses we can purchase.
oQTP has UNI code support.
For Software Testing Documents visit:ww.gcr eddy.net

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