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13350550 R Menard Claim of Right

13350550 R Menard Claim of Right

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Published by Damon99

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Published by: Damon99 on Feb 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DATE: ______________________ I,
, a Human Being in a Common Law jurisdiction, born in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
on the 25 day in the month of April in the year 1985 toLinda:Bavington and Joseph:Bavington have the ability and power to establish rights by use of aClaim of Right.I do hereby claim that among my rights are all of the following:1.I claim the right to an education.2.I claim the right to use the funds either in my bond (evidenced by the bond trackingnumber on the Birth Certificate issued to me by the government) or to use the fundsgenerated by the bond to either pay off any student loan if I do have one, or to paydirectly for my education if I do not have a loan.3.I claim the right to use the funds in the bond or revenue generated by those funds to payfor food and shelter and any other rights recognized by the United Nations.4.I claim the right to fire any one acting as a fiduciary over my bond if they fail toacknowledge all rights herein claimed.5.I claim the right to revoke or deny consent to be represented and in doing so free myself from all statutory obligations and restrictions, if doing so is, in my opinion, in my bestinterest.6.I claim the right to direct my fiduciary as to what to do with the revenue generated by my bond, provided the directives are a benefit to my society and me.7.I claim the right to order and direct my federal representatives to transfer directly to mefunds and moneys which they would normally transfer to my provincial representatives inthe absence of any directives, if doing so is, in my opinion, in my best interest.These Rights are hereby lawfully claimed and are established as Law thirty days hence.
Any and all concerned parties wishing to discuss or dispute these claims must send a Noticeof Dispute or Offer of Discussion within thirty days via Registered mail to the addressbelow.
Failure to do so means that all parties agree that these rights herein claimed are lawfullyestablished and will not be infringed, violated or abrogated in any way.All parties who have been served proper Notice of this claim and fail to discuss or dispute, andthen infringe, violate or abrogate said rights, directly or through their agents, employees or  proxies, agree they do so under FULL COMMERCIAL LIABILITY and further agree to pay tome upon my demand a sum certain of One Million Canadian Dollars for every infringement,violation or abrogation.This Claim of Right is made and served with the intent of bettering my society and myself and,without ill will, malice aforethought, frivolity or vexation.Claimant: ______________________________  Notary: ________________________________ 

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