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Finding the Lost City of the Kalahari

Finding the Lost City of the Kalahari

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Published by hermantoerien1501
Herman Toerien's version of how the Lost City of the Kalahari was found
Herman Toerien's version of how the Lost City of the Kalahari was found

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Published by: hermantoerien1501 on Feb 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Finding the Lost City of the Kalahari
Herman Toerien
“There!” said Daan, pointing to ‘n cross he drew on a map, indicating wherehe believes the Lost City of the Kalahari lies buried under centuries old sanddunes.That was three months ago. The group gathered around his dining table werehand picked friends; friends he decided were the most suited for an expeditionof finding the Lost City. For more than two years he had been intensivelystudying all kinds of maps, he visited several places in the Kalahari such asMier, and spoke to old folks.He studied all kinds of satellite images as well, including infra red.He sometimes called one of us in or dropped in at our offices to assist him ininterpreting some of these maps. Being a geologist, I received many of hisvisits. Much of these were directed at trying to establish how far lime stone or dolomite formations stretched into the Kalahari.This, I realised, was because he believed that if a city indeed existed in thedesert, it would have needed an ample water supply. And the only way wassubterranean, such as the eye at Kuruman or in the Wonderwerk Caves.He also spent hours with Carien, a geomorphologist, mostly spending ours oncontour maps. Carien’s husband, Jakes, is a well known photographer.Ken and his wife, Sandy, are archaeologists, and have also receivednumerous calls and requests to follow up on leads he received from people hespoke to during visits to the Kalahari.Three months ago we, joined by my wife Marié and Daan’s wife, Magda, andCarien’s husband Jakes, our eyes were fixed on the map, fascinated as Daanexplained how he came to the conclusion of where the city was hidden. Marié,an established reporter, had her laptop open and was typing as thediscussions followed. She was to be the official narrator of the expedition.“But I thought what Farini saw was already found to be natural rockstructures,” I said at last. Daan looked at me, smiling: “I deliberately did nottake any of Farini’s reports on the matter into account. The folklore on the lostcity predates Farini probably by three centuries or more. I believe he onlyreacted on existing tales, and built a story to bolster his career. Also, he cameout with this story soon after the Zimbabwe ruins were found, and people hadmajor speculation on the origin.We again followed Daan’s explanation.“For a city to develop in the middle of a desert there must be a very goodreason. Probably something like gold or diamonds. I believe, in this case, itwas diamonds”, and he took out a satellite image and pointed to a spot. Irecall that I received a visit on the matter.“Nico confirmed that this round dot probably represents the surfacing of adiamond carrying pipe.”Those were not my precise words, but I let it be.
He returned to the map. “The diamond pipe was here,” and he pointed to thecross he drew on the map.“This line was where we believe the Molopo flowed in ancient times, withmuch more water flow than now. As you can see, it came very close to thecross.”“Also,” he said. This spot lies at the vast outpost of a lime stone massive,which links to this dolomite areas in which the Kuruman Eye is also found.”………………………………….“There,” said Daan as we rose to the crescent of a high dune, and were ableto look over the top at the spot where he believed the Lost City waited to beuncovered. That was only yesterday – and just over 24 hours later our liveshave changed for ever.His hand remained pointed, lost for words as he was shocked by what he sawhowever. There, about 400 meters away, was a beehive of human activity. Afaint drilling noise reached our ears.“Bliksems,” he said at last. “Beating me to the discovery I have worked solong for.”I also regained my breath from scrambling up the high dune: “Maybe not,Daan, I believe they are digging up diamonds in that diamond pipe of yours.Probably illegal. Maybe they have no notion of the Lost City right next to them.“What do we do now?” asked Daan at long last.“We go back to Mier and have them getting the police here to apprehend thepeople involved with this illegal operation. Then we return and look for theLost City.Reluctantly we turned around, and returned to the vehicles where the rest of the party were waiting.But we were to be surprised yet again. Four unknown men were keeping thefolks at the vehicles at gun point, clearly waiting for our return.“Welcome back,” said the apparent ring leader of the gunmen. “What bringsyou to this God forsaken hell hole?”“The lost city,” says Daan.“The what?!” The gun man looked very surprised.“I don’t think you were the first to find these diamonds,” I proceeded. “Webelieve the mysterious Lost City of the Kalahari is buried under those dunes.”“What ever,” said the bandit leader, apparently not the most intelligent gent tohave set foot in the Kalahari.We were bundled back in our two heavily laden 4 X 4’s, and some of thegunmen drove us to the drilling site.More folks were waiting for us at the drilling site. We, at gun point, had to givea more detailed account of what we were doing here.“You go and dig for that city,” the site boss told us. So there we were diggingat a spot Daan selected, with two gunmen keeping a close look. The blazingKalahari sun was our other companion. Later, with the sun dropping of to thewestern horizon, it became more bearable.Suddenly I struck rock. The others also heard the load clang, and camerunning in the loose sand to the spot where I had been digging. In theexcitement, we almost forgot about our predicament.It was a flat surface rock I found. We started clearing the surface, working tothe side of the dune as we realised that this was the shortest way of finding

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