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Trek 4 comments

Trek 4 comments

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Published by tortdog
Comments on how to maximize Trek 4 for Philmont.
Comments on how to maximize Trek 4 for Philmont.

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Published by: tortdog on Apr 29, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 This trek is very similar to the one we did in 2001. Back then it was Trek 11. Theyhave made a lot of changes since then.Day 1: Base Camp: Arrive early so you can get into Logistics ASAP. That’s wherethey assign buses – first come, first served – for the next day. An early bus meansless time in base camp (hot, boring) and more time on the trail, which is what you arehere for. You will sign up for trail ride at Clarks Fork here. You can hike back downfrom your campsite for the trail ride the last morning, but it makes for a VERY longlast day. I don’t recommend it. Check the water board in Logistics as well. Need toknow if the springs are flowing at Wild Horse and Schaeffers Pass. Don’t miss thenightly Sacrament meeting. Your boys will likely get to help out with the service andmay be given assignments for when they return on day 12.Day 2: Rayado River Camp: You hike <2 miles the first day so (assuming you get anearly bus) you will have plenty of time to play along the way. First section of hiketakes you down to Rayado creek. Stop at Zastrow! Do a cabin tour and check outthe kudu. The cabin used to be dedicated solely to Wood Badge. Look for a familiarface amongst the staff pictures in the small office room. Do “Land Navigation” akaorienteering program at Zastrow as well before moving on. Also - they offer a cobblerdessert at Zastrow. Before you leave, see if they will let you come back and getsome later that evening.Once you’ve set up camp and done the required ranger training, continue on downthe trail and cross the river to Abreu - spend some time in the cool of the cantinasipping root beer (the last "real food" you will see for a while). There are alsoshowers just off the trail between your camp and Abreu. You will pass them on yourleft as you head towards Abreu. NOTE: you may be able to visit Abreu the nextmorning on your way out, but the cantina is better during the heat of the day. I’mnot sure if it’s open in the morning.Day 3: Carson Meadows: Another short day with a bit of uphill. You will plenty of time for program this day. I’ve never done the SAR program, but have heard goodthings about it. DON’T sleep in. You need to practice getting out of camp quickly inthe AM. I’ve seen crews get up, break camp and leave in 30-45 minutes. Our bestwas ~1 hr. Some (disorganized) crews can take 2+ hours to get moving in the AM.Don’t let that happen to you. Get up, hike while it’s cool, and then play. You cansleep in when you get home.Day 4: Fish Camp: Ranger will leave you. Get up early so you have plenty of time toplay at Fish Camp. Find a nice (sunny) play with a view along the trail for breakfast. You will want to take a break after hiking for a while so why not eat breakfast thenwhen people are awake. It will also help you get out of camp much faster if peopleare not waiting on breakfast. NOTE: Before you leave base camp, check on what youneed to take with you to purchase fishing licenses at Fish Camp – they are requiredfor everyone and if I remember right you need your ID to get one. You can buy themat base camp, but then the clock start ticking.Day 5/6: Apache Springs: From Fish Camp it’s an easy, picturesque walk for a waysup the valley along the creek, then the trail turns sharply right and up. Watch for theturn off. It’s right after a stream crossing and easy to miss. I’ve missed it - twice. If you do miss it you will soon run out of trail and have to backtrack to find it. This isyour first real taste of switchbacks. Once you’re on top it’s a short hike into ApacheSprings. Plenty of time for program with a layover here. No showers but a sweatlodge. Not my cup of tea, but the boys really enjoyed it. Archery is fun. We alsospent time here playing ultimate in the meadow. See how long you last at this
altitude. First food resupply. Check the swap box for goodies and leave what youdon’t want (to carry). Get a good night’s rest so you can start early the next day.Day 7: Sunday - Wild Horse: After two days in one spot the boys should be ready tomove on. Start early (notice a recurring theme) so you have plenty of time forshowers at Phillips Junction (PJ). Pick up more food, and fuel as needed. Theyusually have fresh fruit as well. Then it’s onward and upward. You are going to a trailcamp with no program, so no need to arrive too early, but this is your longest day sofar – and your highest altitude, again so far. Take a break at Crooked Creek andcheck out their cabin on the way up. If springs aren’t flowing near your campsite youwill need to find water before you get to camp.Find a quiet place for a peaceful sacrament / testimony meeting. Someplace with aview would be especially nice. Take some time to reflect. Chaplain’s Aide shouldorganize the service.Day 8: Mount Phillips: Start early, eat breakfast up the hill on the trail. Funmountain man program at Clear Creek. Consider cooking supper at Clear Creek andthen eat lunch later that evening on top of Phillips so you don’t have to carry up asmuch water. You will still need to carry enough water to last you until the next daybecause there isn’t any on top. Check out the rock chairs on the west side of thesummit and watch the sunset from there. I have fond memories of a Sacramentmeeting and then a lengthy singalong as the sun set on top of Phillips. This early inthe year there may still be snow in the shade. It will probably be pretty cold at night.Hot chocolate/cider (from one of your breakfasts or “borrowed” from advisors coffee)before bed can help morale and provide warmth.Day 9: Cypher’s Mine: The trail coming down the East side of Phillips is not veryeasy to follow. There is a trail though. Use your map and you will find it. If you arefeeling frisky, go South and over Big Red on the way to Cyphers. There are lots of things to do at Cypher’s. Also wood fired showers. Do NOT miss the Stomp in theevening. It’s a high energy campfire program you will not find anywhere else. Wehiked over from Lamberts last time just to attend. You will be assigned a shelter tosleep in. No tents needed. Much easier, but a bit more exposed.Day 10: ‘Cito: An easy downhill hike along a stream. Very pleasant. Stop and dothe Hunting Lodge tour before turning North. Cimarroncito is one of the largest campson the ranch. Sign up for climbing as soon as you arrive. May want to climb in themorning to avoid getting rained out. Rainy day alternative is indoor climbing roomwhich is still fun. About the rainy day program option at the ranch. Don't miss theevening climbing wall competition. Keep your campsite ship-shape. They willinspect. Lots of other campers. Great showers - just make sure you check theschedule.NOTE: Crew 628 C2 (Spencer, Tyler and Dave Brady, Tyler Callens, et. al.) will be in‘Cito this night too. Look them up and swap lies with them. They can also tell youabout status of spring at Schaeffers Pass.Day 11: Ponderosa Park: Hike north to Ute Gulch to get your food, then turn souththrough Hidden Valley and down past Window Rock. Great view of Tooth Ridge andarea to the SE of Philmont. Need to be in Clarks Fork at appointed time for trail ride.Depending on the timing, you can hike up to your campsite and set up camp beforedescending to Clarks Fork for supper – or you can hike up afterwards. Confirm statusof spring at Schaeffers Pass before hiking up to campsite – so you know how muchwater to carry. Last night on the trail. Plan for a quite evening with time fortestimony meeting and reflection.

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