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Yay i Finished My Term Paper!

Yay i Finished My Term Paper!

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Published by okatrobi_sen
This was my term paper for my english class in the tenth grade. i hope it comes in handy to someone. just tweak it up to your satisfaction.
This was my term paper for my english class in the tenth grade. i hope it comes in handy to someone. just tweak it up to your satisfaction.

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Published by: okatrobi_sen on Feb 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Becky LanhamPer. 3Kate Chopin and Alice Walker are two well know authors from the 20
century. These two women lived in two different times and they still had thesame view of men and women in society. Both of their works have received:recognitions, awards, and prizes for their ability to portray certain “fragile”topics.Alice Walker was born in Eaton Georgia as the eighth child of sharecroppers. Despite the economic difficulties of her family, she wasincredibly dedicated to her studies and graduated with degrees from bothSara Lawrence and Spellman College. Walker volunteered in the voterregistration drives of the 1960’s in Georgia, and went to work in the welfareDepartment of New York City after college. In 1967 Alice Walker married MelLeventhal, a Jewish civil rights lawyer. Even though they weren’t the firstlegally married inter-racial couple in Mississippi, they did receive harassmentand murderous threats from the Ku Klux Klan. Later the couple had adaughter named Rebecca in 1969, but divorced eight years later in 1977.Walker’s first book of poems came out in 1968 and her first novel in1970. Her early poems, novels, and short stories dealt with themes such as:rape, violence, isolation, troubled relationships, multi generationalperspectives, sexism, and racism. When
The Color Purple
came out in 1982,she became known to even more people than before. Her Pulitzer Prize and
the movie by Steven Spielberg brought both fame and controversy. She washarshly criticized for the negative portrayals of men in
The Color Purple.
In1989 and 1992, in the two books,
The Temple of my Familiar, and Possessingthe Secret of Joy 
, Walker took on the issue of female circumcision in Africawhich brought up a lot of controversy. Her works are known for theirportrayals of an African American woman’s life. She vividly shows thesexism, racism, and poverty that often make life a struggle. But she alsoportrays as a part of that life, the strengths of family, community, self worthand spirituality.Kate Chopin was born Kate O’Flaherty in ST. Louis, Missouri. After herfather’s death, she developed a close relationship with her mother and greatgrandmother. She also became an avid reader of fairy tales, poetry, andreligious allegories, as well as contemporary novels. In 1805, she returned toSacred Heart Academy. She graduated from the academy in 1868, but didnot achieve any particular distinction except as a major storyteller. In 1870,at the age of nineteen, she married Oscar Chopin and settled in NewOrleans. Chopin had all her children by the age of 28. Shortly afterwards,they moved to Oscar’s home in Louisiana because of his poor businessdecisions. They moved again in 1879 to Coulterville to manage several smallplantations and a general store. Even though things weren’t going well forKate at this time, these hard times were the ones that influenced her futurewriting. When Oscar Chopin died in 1882 of swamp fever, he left Kate withtwelve thousand dollars in debt. Her mother saw that she desperately
needed the help and told her and her children to come and live with her. They finally settled into life in ST. Louis, where finances were no longer aconcern for her. The following year, Chopin’s mother died. As a result of this,she became very depressed and began to write. She was very successful,but some of her writings like
The Awakening
, were too ahead of their timesand therefore not socially embraced. Due to the lack of acceptance,disappeared from the literary world for twelve years. She also ended updying from a cerebral hemorrhage in 1904.
The color purple
by Alice Walker is significantly different from
The Awakening
by Kate Chopin for a few reasons. One reason for theirdissimilarities is that
The Color Purple
was written almost a century after
The Awakening
was published. A second thing that is different about the twobooks is that in The Color Purple, African American women did not have theluxury of a decent education. In
The Awakening
, being a proper lady meantyou had to have a proper education. Another reason for their differences isthat Alice Walker is a black female writer, whereas Kate Chopin was white. Their heritage and eras that they lived in played a very big role on theirpersonality’s as well as the events that occurred in their stories.In the two books, there is one thing that both Celie and Edna share. They both don’t like their living situation and do whatever they can tochange it. “Life wasn’t easy for Celie, but she knew how to survive, needinglittle to get by. Then her husband’s lover, a flamboyant blues singer, barreled

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