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A/N: i'm So Sorry It Took Me

A/N: i'm So Sorry It Took Me

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Published by misskitten
time for Bella to meet Tanya and Kate how is that going to go? I guess you'll have to read to find out now won't you?
time for Bella to meet Tanya and Kate how is that going to go? I guess you'll have to read to find out now won't you?

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Published by: misskitten on Feb 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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i'm so sorry it took me so long to update i've had this written for weeks I just never typed it upbecause I was busy reading other stories and getting my grades up so here it is finally I hope youlike it.
Chapter 6
“are we almost there.” I asked I was anxious to meet the Denali clan.“5 more minutes.” he told me with a chuckle.As soon as we pulled up two vampires I assumed to be Kate and Tanya, ran to the front door.Edward got out and opened my door for me. We walked to the door where Tanya and Kate waited handin hand.“Edward!” Tanya said as she hugged him. “it's so good to see you again.”“you too Tanya.” Edward said as he pulled out of her hug. “Kate,” he nodded at her. “it's beentoo long.”“yes it has, so what brings you here Edward?” Kate asked eying me with a smile.“i wanted to introduce you all to the newest member of our family.” Edward said beaming.“Tanya Kate this is my Bella.” Edward smiled at me.“it's nice to meet both of you.” I said. “I've heard so much about you.” I told them.“well we've heard nothing of you.” Kate said and giggled. “come on in you two before thehumans start to stare.” she said pointing to some humans who were walking down the road.I smiled and we all walked into their living room and sat down.“so Bella,” Tanya said turning to me. “how long have you known Edward?” she asked.“a year.” I told her.“oh,” she said seeming happy. “and how long have you been a vampire?” she asked.“two almost three weeks.” I told her and both she and Kate were shocked.“WEEKS!” Kate exclaimed.“you're a newborn.” Tanya asked.“yes.” I told them.“but you're so calm and reasonable.” Kate said.“I'm good around humans too.” I told them. “i was in a mall last week and wasn't even temptedto bite anyone. It bugs the hell out of Jasper.” I laughed at that.They were shocked. “how is that possible?” Kate asked.“she's special.” Edward said.“she certainly is.” Kate said with a knowing look. I looked at Tanya and saw that she lookedsad. I felt bad for her. She had loved Edward all these years and he shows up on her door step with me.That had to be an awful feeling. We talked the rest of the night. We learned that Carmen and Eleazar were visiting the Volturi. When it was too late for humans to be out Kate asked me to go hunting.“Bella would you like to come hunting with me?” Kate asked.“sure.” I said I was really starting to like Kate. Edward got up to follow me, he rarely lift myside anymore.“girls only Edward.” Kate told him without looking at him. Edward looked at me then at Kateand them at me again.“don't worry love,” I said hugging him. “I'll be back soon.” I gave him one quick kiss then Kateand I left.As soon as we were far enough away the questions started.“so you and Edward are pretty serious aren't you?” Kate asked.“yeah, we've been together for about a year now so you could say that.” I told her.“so you were together when you were human?” Kate asked.“yep” I said.
“he has unbelievable self-control.” she said to herself.“yes he dose.” I said.“so he changed you.” she asked.“no.” I said.“wait then who?” she asked.“it's a long story.” I told her.“we have time.” she said.“back in September Alice threw me a birthday party and I got a paper cut opening a present.Jasper attacked, Edward pushed me out of the way and I landed on a glass table.” I said“eww.” she said sympathetic.“two days later Edward told me he didn't love me anymore. Then he and all of the Cullens left.”I told her.“yeah. One day I fond out that if I did something stupid and dangerous I could she ahallucination of Edward. So I found some motorcycles and my friend fixed them up for me and we rodthem I saw Edward again and I liked that. Being with Jake made me feel better, more human. Then hestarted ignoring me. I kept asking him why he was ignoring me. Eventually I found out he was awerewolf.” I said.“werewolf?” she asked. “oh that's really bad.”“they actually make good friends for someone who just had their heart ripped out by avampire.” I defend. “one day I went over to Jake's to hang out and he was off hunting Victoria, thisvampire who was trying to kill me because Edward killed her mate. So I went to visit their old house Iwalked through it crying the whole way and fell asleep at one point. When I got back to my truck, Ithought I saw a vampire in my rear-view mirror when nothing was there I said 'there are no vampires inForks anymore.' the next day Aro showed up in my bedroom.” I told her.“oh no.” she said shocked.“Aro liked my shield, he found it interesting that neither his, Edwards, or Jane power effectedme. Because I knew too much they couldn't leave me human. They gave me a choice, die, or become avampire. I chose this Alice saw it happening and Edward found out. He told me he had lied, that heloved me, and had left to protect me.” I finished.“everything turned out OK then?” she asked.“yes.” I said. “everything is perfect. Now let's hunt, I miss him already.” I whined and shelaughed and then we hunted.
as soon as Kate and Bella had left Tanya's questions started.“So you finally found someone?” she asked.“yes.” I said“she's the reason you showed up here last year isn't she?” she asked.I nodded. “yes I was running from her, though that did little good in the long run.” I chuckledremembering.Tanya was silent for awhile. “you love her?” she asked.I suddenly felt awful for doing this to Tanya. “yes, I'm sorry Tanya I know this must be hard for you having Bella here.”“how much do you love her?” Tanya asked.“i couldn't live without her, believe me I've tried. It doesn't work, i have to be with her or else Imore or less curl up in a ball and sulk.” I told her truthfully remembering the time I had been separatedfrom Bella.“then I'm happy for you.” she told me.“thank-you Tanya, and if it gets to be to much just tell me we'll go.” I told her.“i don't think it will come to that. I'm glad you brought her here it was nice meeting her.” she

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