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Breaking In

Breaking In



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Published by Sajid Patel

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Published by: Sajid Patel on Sep 03, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BREAKING INBy Sajid Patel(www.dreamzunlimited.co.uk)
“You’ve really lost your marbles, man!”“Lemme explain, Matt…”“Don’t!” I knew better that to stop him. I continued to pack my rucksack.“Gosh! I still can’t believe it – you’re gonna do it. You’ve gone bonkers, man! Do you hear  – total boozed-up bonkers! This ain’t no limbo land, goddammit! For Christ sakes, whycan’t you understand that?”“Matt, why can’t you understand?” I shot back. “She’s my dream – the dream that I’vealways dreamt of. She’s the fruit that I’ve so patiently waited for. I am telling ya – she’s thatsomeone whom I’ve searched for my whole life!”“Dammit! You’re only twenty! When did you go searching for her? You couldn’t even tieyour shoe laces till you were ten! And by the time you were fifteen…”“She’s my life, for Christ sakes – my soul, my muse, my music…my everything! I have todo it. I have to go there tonight – no matter what. It’s either tonight or never!”“I still say you are one crazy dude. Stoned crazy. Dope! And a big bummer too!”“Call me what you like, but all I know is that I love her. Madly love her – ever since I firstlaid my eyes on her. The cupids hadn’t hit me with mere arrows man – they fired an AK-47at me! Just kept shooting and shooting non-stop! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!“Probably were cannon balls that hit your goddamn head, by the looks of it,” he intervened.“Matt! Please…”“Ok! Do as you please, loverboy. It’s your butt on the line, not mine. But don’t comecrawling back to me and yelping that I didn’t warn you so. And yeah…besta luck! You’lldefinitely need that!”“Thanks, Matt. Fingers crossed too!”“You’ve got it, chum! By the way, out of genuine curiosity – how’re you gonna get into thatcooped-up place? The hellava thing’s guarded like Fort Knox!”I was expecting this question from him, eventually. I knew Matt too well enough for that.And also because the question had me going too.
How was I gonna get into the
godforsaken place? 
But today I had the answer. I fumbled into my jacket pocket and fishedout the skeleton key to the main gate of the campus buildings.“Just got it this morning. It did cost me quite few smackers, but I guess it’s worth everypenny of it,”Matt bid me farewell. He was sad, I could tell. He cared for me too much. And I was gladto have such a friend. But I was madly in love also. And nothing could have stopped mefrom going there tonight.
Not tonight anyway! 
God, don’t…please….Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! 
It’s all right now. Everything’s going to be just fine, dear. Relax. You’re in the hospitalnow.” I was aching to hear that voice. It was my Mom’s. Frail, frightened, caring Mom.My head ached terribly and my left leg felt numb. My hands were cold from the Plaster of Paris. I wanted to cry. Cry as I never cried before.I felt foolish. Stupid. The night had been long. Strange. Weird. But tonight, all I wantedwas to sleep on my mother’s lap and drift into a long, uninterrupted slumber.My swollen eyes woke up next day to find Matt sitting in the corner of the room, readingArchie’s and giggling occasionally.My body was aching from pain. “You’ve had a nasty fall, mate.” Matt grinned, comingcloser.“How’re you feeling now? Got everyone worried there for a moment. But, hey chum, I’m just glad you’re back!”I was glad too. Sad in a way, but definitely glad. I was back. Back where I belonged –among friends.“Matt, hug me, will ya?”He looked at me for a sec and squeezed me tight. “Anything you say, kid. Anything yousay.”My body ached from his hug. But I felt safe. I just wished eternity would pass us now.
“I just don’t want to talk about it!”“Don’t be a stuck-up moron. Get it all out, man. You’ll feel better.”
“Matt, please I just want to forget about it. I feel foolish enough already. I just can’t…”“Hey, buddy! It’s me you’re talking to. Your pal…your chum…your wingman! Give it to me –no matter how silly it is. It’s been over ten days since your accident, man! You’ve got tospeak about it sooner or later. And trust me, no matter how cute that nurse is - you just can’tstay in the room locked up for the rest of your life!"I played with the idea of turning round and look whom he was pointing at out out curiousity,but just didn't feel like it.“Now stick it out, I am dying to hear what happened. Well everyone else is too, so to speak.I know half it, but I just can't wait to to hear it in Technicolor straight from the horse’smouth!”I closed my eyes. The night came back to me. And I began my story…
I lay hidden in the bushes along with hungry mosquitoes near the entrance of the PG GirlsHostel that night, waiting patiently for the gates to close for the night. Locked and chained.A cold shiver vibrated through me as I stood looking at the huge gate.
The Gate of Doom.
The eeriness of the night started to play. A dog cried somewhere.
Another electricshiver shot through my spine. I wanted to run back home and hide under the blanket. But Iknew I couldn’t. I was a man on a mission!I took a deep breath and shuffled through my pocket for the key. The key glittered in themoonlight. I put the key in the lock. Nothing happened.
You’re just nervous, bird-brain! Relax. Take a deep breath and try again.
I tried again. But the key wouldn’t turn in thelock.Sweat flowed.
Dammit! Hundred bucks and the lousy thing won’t work! Christ sakes, this couldn’t behappening. God! Not tonight. Please don’t do this to me. I know I’ve been a big pain ineveryone’s behind, but puhleeeeeese help me out here, Lord! 
I looked up.The key still didn’t budge.
Now what? 
Minutes ticked by. My mind remained blank as I continued cursing the two-timing twig-headwho sold me the skeleton key.I knew I was left with no choice but to climb the darn wall! Huge prison walls.My first attempts were feeble and yielded no positive results owing to the large mid-sectionthat I had developed from my frequent indulgences with the junk food. But perseverancefinally got me up – only too late to realise that the wall was studded with glass pieces.Seconds later, along with many muffled screams I dropped on the other side of the wall –hands bleeding, shirt ragged and my favourite jeans torn. Not to mention the agitating pain.

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