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27 Dresses Season 2

27 Dresses Season 2

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Published by Rui
The second seaon of the 27 dresses movie i have created, enjoy!
Plus this is the last season so enjoy!
The second seaon of the 27 dresses movie i have created, enjoy!
Plus this is the last season so enjoy!

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Published by: Rui on Feb 15, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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e`lc `l ~ec mrcacl~, Fmzcy oz ol t`{fmln ~mazol oz to~e ec{ m~ ec{ nczf ~mhfoldmk`s~ kmkocz, ^ecy acc~ to~e Gmlc mln d`~` ~ec m{~y, M~ ~ec m{~y `l >3
z~{cc~km{, Fmzcy ol~{`nsjcz Em{rcy ~` Gmlc( ks~~ecl Fmzcy zccz Em{rcy‟z asa Chmolc, Ecol~{`nsjcz ec{ ~` ec{ ks~ zec n`czl‟~ hofcec{, Gmlc( Fmzcy( ~mazol( Em{rcy mln mhh~ec c`hc ol ~ec jhsk m{c nmljold, Loj`hmm{z`l d`cz `rc{ ~` ~ec NG mln z~`z ~ecaszoj mln hmyz ~ec aczzmdc-
O~‟z `f- =2/=/=9 r7 5a jemllch7 MKJChmolc oz e`{{obocn ~` boln `s~ ~em~ ec{z`l oz d`old ~` kc m bm~ec{ mln z` ozEm{rcy, Chmolc mln Em{rcy hcmrc( mlnFmzcy {slz mb~c{ ~eca, Gmlc tml~z ~`eo~ Loj`hm ks~ ~ecl zec t`shn emrc l` g`k, ^mazol mln Gmlc boln Fmzcy j{yold`s~zonc mln Fmzcy em~cz Gmlc mlnd`cz e`ac mh`lc,
 Gmlc d`cz e`ac mln zo~z `l ~ec j`sjetecl ^czz mln lojf j`ac ol mln z~m{~fozzold, Gmlc oz ol kcn tecl zec tmfczs mln bolnz ~mazol m~ ~ec cln `b ec{kcn, Mln Fmzcy oz zo~~old ol ec{ jemo{,Fmzcy zmyz z`{{y mln cuhmolz ~em~Em{rcy oz `f to~e emrold m kmky, Gmlcdc~z {cmny b`{ t`{f, Gmlc }so~z ec{ g`km~ m{z`l‟z mln dorcz Loj`hm no{~yh``fz, Zec j`acz `s~ `b m{z`lzslcah`ycn mln ecmnz `bb ~` ~ec km{to~e ~mazol mln Fmzcy,
^mazol- R7 :a jemllch 7MKJ ;:/=/=9 Gmlc dc~z m g`k ol aj N`lmhn‟z mln ~mazolemz m zcj{c~( zec emz kccl hcb~ ;9 aohho`lky ec{ a`~ec{ mln Fmzcy mln Em{rcy d`~~` kmky jhmzzcz( hsz lojf mzfz ^czz ~`am{{y eoa-

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