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Module 3 - Melchisadec Metatron and Shekinah, Hermes T, Harmony and Balance V3F - Week 2

Module 3 - Melchisadec Metatron and Shekinah, Hermes T, Harmony and Balance V3F - Week 2

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Published by durrie

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Published by: durrie on Feb 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wk 2
Introducing Hermes Trismegistos and Alchemy of Soul
Hermes Trismegistos' name means Three Times (Thrice) Great for he is thepossessor of all three parts of Wisdom. He teaches the God-given Power of Will and Mind and the Sacred Law of Three, which occurs throughout religionand science (as in past, present future; Holy Trinities; mind, body, spirit;composition of man: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen). Wisdom has always beenwith us and will always be so; like the symbolic linked (Ouroboros) or entwined serpents (of Caduceus*) it has neither beginning nor end. Your desire for wisdom leads you down mystical paths to arcane knowledge. Asyou study this Module it is time to recall what you learned in past lives;Hermes Trismegistos asks you to ensure you work only with love for thehighest good and to harm none: always retain honesty of intent. You will re-acquire psychic skills, and may be drawn to any of the mysteries: crystals,oils, flowers, energy healing, learning the wisdom of ancient civilisations.Be aware that
as you study this Module
you are in a process of spiritualalchemy. In the same way lead was transmuted into gold by the ancientalchemists, Hermes Trismegistos confirms that you are healing/transmutingthe three parts (nine chakras) of self, re-discovering your own personalwisdom path. These are true riches, beyond measure, for if you continue onthe Way of Love and Light they lead to inner peace.
see Harmony Angel CardsPhoenix Suit, or Gold & Silver Guardian Angels set. It is synonymous with the Tree of Lifeand sometimes known as the Staff of Asclepius)
Hermes Trismegistos speaks on achieving harmony and balance
Mine is the fire that frees you from the physical and into the spiritual quest for I am the Thrice-Great Master of Masters, and mine is the Nine-Fold Master Key that unlocks the ancient Mysteries. I aid the seeker of Wisdom and ultimate Truth, though remember that the lips of Wisdom are closed except tothe ears/heart of Understanding. ( 
See also Thoth's crown in Heart & Soul Angel Cards)
 As we are part of the One (The All), All is likewise part of us.
Everything without (Macrocosm) may also be found within your higher heart (Macrocosm) and the reverse is also true.
What is in the world we inhabit (the Below) is an exact counterpart of what is in the world beyond (the Above) and the reverse is also true; this issymbolised by the Sacred Eden Tree.
Everything, including mind, body and spirit, is composed of energy and invibration at all times, the higher the vibration the closer it is to The All.Energy can never be destroyed, only be transmuted in form.
 Always there is action and reaction, a cause and an effect, for this is thenatural rhythm of life. To understand or realise the one is to understand and accept the other; Love is the Key.
In a duality world there is a pair of opposites that must be reconciled,including the masculine and feminine principle: two aspects that must beharmonised within. In this reconciliation is first balance - Wisdom - found.
When these two aspects are harmonised, the potential exists for Love toopen the pure, undefiled Angelic Light centre within. When this opensthen great Power is attained; the Way is found to Unity with All.
The Secret of Secrets: Wisdom is only gained by Power with Love.
Now read from the Emerald Tablets overleaf, and at the end closeyour eyes to receive the Caduceus Gateway Attunement.
by Thoth the Atlantean
Hermes Trismegistos
Translation by Doreal 
Three is the mystery, come from the great one. Hear, and Light on thee will dawn.In the primeval, dwell three unities. Other than these, none can exist. These are the equilibrium, source of creation: one God, one Truth, one point of freedom.Three come forth from the three of the balance: all life, all good, all power.Three are the qualities of God in his Light home: Infinite power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Love.Three are the powers given to the Masters: To transmute evil, assist good, use discrimination.Three are the things inevitable for God to perform: Manifest power, wisdom and love.Three are the powers creating all things: Divine Love possessed of perfect knowledge, Divine Wisdom knowing allpossible means, Divine Power possessed by the joint will of Divine Love and Wisdom.Three are the circles (states) of existence: The circle of Light where dwells nothing but God, and only God cantraverse it; the circle of Chaos where all things by nature arise from death; the Circle of awareness where allthings spring from life.All things animate are of three states of existence: chaos or death, liberty in humanity and felicity of Heaven.Three necessities control all things: beginning in the Great Deep, the circle of chaos, plenitude in Heaven.Three are the paths of the Soul: Man, Liberty, Light.Three are the hindrances: lack of endeavour to obtain knowledge; non-attachment to god; attachment to evil. Inman, the three are manifest. Three are the Kings of power within. Three are the chambers of the mysteries, foundyet not found in the body of man.Hear ye now of he who is liberated, freed from the bondage of life into Light. Knowing the source of all worldsshall be open. Aye, even the Gates of Arulu shall not be barred. Yet heed, O man, who wouldst enter heaven. If yebe not worthy, better it be to fall into the fire. Know ye the celestials pass through the pure flame. At everyrevolution of the heavens, they bathe in the fountains of Light.
The Caduceus symbol is used next - you can see this in theHarmony Angel Cards, Gold & Silver Guardians set (Book of Angels) and also the Angel Almanac.Grounding, balancing, harmonising with the Caduceus
The Caduceus/Staff of Asclepius symbolises the three of grounding, balanceand healing, the three of masculine, feminine, balance, the three angels Ariel,Gabriel and Raphael. The Staff itself (Sanscrit - sushumna) signifies Ariel'sEarth Wisdom, plus grounding of the physical self, joining with his Air Wisdom- Breath of Life and third eye spiritual connection. This is the meetingbetween physical and spiritual worlds yet also represents the human spine,i.e. manifesting this energy for self-healing and healing All. Entwining the staff are two (gold and silver) snakes of wisdom (Sanscrit - ida and pingala) for balance of both solar (Raphael/masculine) and lunar (Gabriel/feminine).Your personality (affecting all energy centres) blends masculine and feminineattributes (duality). The first priority of Caduceus healing is to be groundedand to balance these aspects for your ultimate highest good.
The snakes'crossing points over the Staff (spine)
represent 6 of the 7 main chakras(base: red through orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, to third eye andviolet)
and balance in these centres
.The Caduceus aids and indicates balance to that point where duality ends.From crown chakra there is only Unity (Oneness) and white Diamond, the rayof Seraphiel. Work firstly with the Caduceus/Tree of Life on the next pages(
see also Gold & Silver Guardian Angels Book of Angels
) as often as youneed to, to attain solar and lunar balance. To reach a new level, in theangelic numerological dance of six and five, you will receive colour healingmaterial to work with. This prepares you to move on to the vibration of theSacred Eden Tree itself and the 44:44 Angel Star Gate.
Step 1 Self-diagnosis - Caduceus as internal/external support
Invoke Raphael, Gabriel and Ariel to be with you.
Stand and make a Caduceus/Tree of Life shape, visualising your spineas the Staff planted in Earth and your crown in Air - Breath of Life, your arms above head, as the wings either side of you.
My will and intention is for my spine to reach from All Above downto the heart of Mother Earth, and from there to All Below.
Now draw down the solar and lunar energy spirals, using your ownspine and Ariel's connection to manifest gold and silver healingenergies of Sun and Moon to heal and balance polarities within Mother Earth. In gratitude Mother Earth will return this to aid your own healing
Visualise the two bright, shining rays (snakes of wisdom) starting tospiral back up your spine,
NB gold spirals left and silver right.
You mayfeel this, but even if you don't it's still happening!
The spiral snakes of wisdom cross each chakra centre in turn (they willcross six times). As they do so you can mentally say, starting frombase chakra:
Please heal and balance me - left and right, masculineand feminine, ida and pingala, sun and moon, silver and gold, Earthand Air, in Love and Light, Love and Light, Love and Light.
As you complete your request, the two rays link back to your third eyechakra, and when you have attained the right level of balance, you willstart to feel them move to crown.
The point here is each chakra needs to be healed to really achieve thisbalance, which brings us back to the Love Factor, about which youlearned in Module 2.
Use this Step 1 visualisation to determinewhich chakras you need to address and clear to reach your nextlevel of vibration; this will be the subject of Week 3 of this course.

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