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Moksha Gita

Moksha Gita



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Published by guru_scribd

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Published by: guru_scribd on Feb 15, 2010
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Moksha Gita
Swami Sivananda
Commentary by
Swami Krishnananda
The Divine Life SocietySivananda Ashram, Rishikesh, India
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DedicatedtoLord Sri KrishnaPREFACE
1st December, 1949.Blessed aspirants,‘Moksha’ is freedom from births and deaths and the attainment of supreme Immortal Bliss. Moksha is the goal of life.Moksha Gita is the essence of Vedanta and all Upanishads. It is the“Song of Salvation”. It will throw much light on the spiritual path and helpyou all in the attainment of freedom and Immortality.May Lord bless you.Sivananda
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 This is “Moksha Gita” or the “Song of Liberation.” By practising itsteachings one gets liberated from all bondage and becomes Immortal.Moksha Gita is an exhaustive treatise of the highest wisdom of the AdvaitaVedanta. One cannot but be transformed into a higher spiritual state, afterreading this blessed Gita. A study of Moksha Gita alone is enough to guidea sincere aspirant in the path of Jnana-Yoga. It will clear all his doubts andraise him to the Truth of Self-Consciousness. Having studied, understoodand realised this highly spiritual philosophy, one does not stand in need of any other performance for Liberation. It will lead him to the highestmeditation on Brahman. The Knowledge of the method of attaining Mokshaexpounded here, shall bring suffering to an end and give a uniqueconsolation to the heart. It is the essence of all that is best, noble andsublime. Every seeker after Brahma-Jnana should study this book. It willdispel his ignorance and raise him to the higher Consciousness of theReality. This Gita is an exposition of the way to attain the State of theSupreme Satchidananda, the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss-Absolute! This isthe highest Brahma-Vidya!The First Chapter treats of the approach of the seeker after Liberation tothe Brahmanishtha Guru. The aspirant feels the pains of Samsara, theimperfections of worldly life, the misery of individual existence and runs forhelp to the Spiritual Preceptor who has transcended the consciousness of phenomenal life, and is established in Brahman. The Teacher instructs himon the highest Jnana, whereby one reaches Immortality and Supreme Bliss.The birthless and the deathless state of the Self is asserted.The nature of the Eternal Brahman is described in the Second Chapter.Brahman is the Reality that alone is. That is the object of quest of allreligions and philosophies. Brahman is Light, Power, Wisdom and Bliss thatis absolute. It is the Seat of Immortality. It is the Self of all. All thoughts andactions must be directed towards the realization of the One Brahman.The nature of the Divine Illusion, Maya, is explained in the ThirdChapter. Maya is the limiting Power or Shakti of Brahman, which hides theTruth of Brahman and projects the untruth of the world and the individual.Ishwara is a limitation through Maya. All passions, lusts and evil traits aredue to the belief in the existence of the world, which is really non-existent.

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